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Found 15 results

  1. I would like to suggest the idea of being able to make a feature in witch the generator's power area can be extended. This shall be Done by adding copper wires, connected to the generator, right on the ground, and have that strip of wire go indefinetly, or atleast far (like 80 ,or less, tiles from the thing ). Due to the fact that the wire would eb exposed and dangerous to use, the player must put the wire throu a metal/lead pipe, so as to protect it from the elements, or add a toraly new item witch to wrap around the cable. By all this, it is implyed that there must also be a electric panell on the other end of the cable, that would kinda act like the generator, but without the fuel consumption (cous the generator does that).
  2. I think when you hook up a generator you should be able to see wires coming from it to the building you connected it to. This would allow the player to quickly tell whether a generator was connected or not. Plus it'd be a nice detailed touch. The wires would be as long as the distance you connected the generator from the building. As soon as you finish connecting them the wires appear and as soon as you disconnect they disappear.
  3. I tried disabling the mods, but it did nothing, it's just stuck like this
  4. Version? 41.68 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Multi • Host or dedicated? Hosted • Mods? No • Reproduction steps: Connect two popsicle fridges and a couple of lights. See attached image. Generator total fuel consumption is way higher than the sum of the listed appliances. Have been monitoring over more than one in-game week and the generator actually consumes the higher total amount. I tried uploading a screenshot or inserting from URL but the indie stone forums hang and then after a while return an error so I uploaded the screenshot of the consumption here: https://phishtank.de/~evilphish/generator.png
  5. Hi brilliant devs and community, What do you think of making generators more "real" in sense of their adjust-ability ? The most of the real ones have power level switches where you can choose if you want it to generate eg. 100W,200W, 300W or 2000W etc... depending on the setting it would consume the right amount of fuel. Also, it would be great to have a "info" option on electrical home appliances like freezers, fridges, ovens etc. to see the tech specs and power consumption. You could set some fixed values for lights. I know that currently the generator consumes fuel according to the amount of devices connected but that a bit unrealistic.
  6. When generator was taken frome the ground, log record does not occur. It occurs when the generator is installed, when it is destroyed by a sledgehammer, or when the generator is moved into a container. But the action of taking the generator from the ground goes unnoticed. If you install the generator on the ground, then an entry appears in the log If you break the generator with a sledgehammer, then an entry appears in the log If you put the generator in a container and pick it up back, the following entries will appear in the log But nothing will be written to the log if you take the generator from the ground.
  7. Little idea : display room light I read many post on electricity with interresting idea, many are on objects, some talk about connection. i start this page to give my opinion and try to centralize "network" idea ex : I think an other solution, for realism with simplicity : Each square and wall could be declared energizable if a wire is posed on it. Pose or pick a wire with screwdriver + tool of surface (hammer for wood, trowel for dirt, blowtorch for metal). Auto generation for houses : wires from each wall with switch, square with electric object and garage to a mandatory point (ie close to front door). 2 energizable square (with wires) are connected by one of the four edge. An electric object is connected if placed on a energizable square or wall A variable for each square and wall : Watt = -1 : no-energizable (no wire) 0 : energizable (wired) 1-9 : static variable, like central powered (infinite) or court circuit 10+ : Watt on wire (wired and power) If Watt change, check if one of the four edge is energizable , then share to close square Watt. Powering : Powering object add to Watt (on square) like generator ( ie +3000) and change state to switched on. If Watt = 0 switch off Mandatory point Watt = 1-9 Consumer : TV, radio, etc... If < Watt of square, switch on and decrease Watt If > Watt of square, stay off and Watt = 0 if Watt = 0 switch off For generator = 3000, oven = 2800, tv= 500 Switch on tv : Watt = 2500 If add oven Watt = 0 Everything switch off hided wire system, viewable at electricity skill 4 with show/hide layer option. court circuit can destroy object. this system allow good possibilities in futur. more : Active an other layer at lvl 8, big wire, high tension network between houses/shop (mandatory point) and "power plant" who become infinite (Watt1-9) Switchboard on mandatory point of house : If Watt1-9 on big wire then (on house) Watt = consumption else Watt = 0 If Watt decrease, then add to Watt (switch on tv) If Watt increase, then decrease to Watt (switch off object) Menu on switchboard like radio/tv : switch off and consumption displayed. "Real switch", display room light, allow to control remotely object (ie motor, contactor) differents color for wire to cross without connection switch + detector to automatise What is your opinion or idea ?
  8. Is it possible to connect a generator to a gas station to pump gas after power goes out? Would be helpful with cars.
  9. TL/DR : Get new electrical cable in game (14/2 gage), be able to make makeshift electrical post, connect generator from a safe distance. I was reading some posts in steam discussion and I thought that this would be a good idea : having some electrical cable and being able to connect a generator far from one's base. Right now, you need to connect generator close to your base or at least where you keep your food. This has two major drawbacks : (1) noise attrack zombies, (2) risk of explosion (when condition is low). Seems to me in a zombie appocalipse, as soon I'd notice a zombie lurking near my generator I'd move it as far as is reasonable from my base. If possible I'd put it on a now dead electrical tower and run a rope bridge or some such to it so I can reach it safely without crossing zombies... but that's just me. I was thinking along the lines of making some electical posts (like lamp post, but with cable attached to it). Would require pretty much the same thing as a lamp post, but the lamp (and rope?) would be replaced by electrical cable and 1-2 extra (bent) nails to hold the cable in place. The cable required would definitely not be the one in game, it's too small and weight next to nothing. I'm talking about standard 14/2 cable that could be found mostly at hardware store and in garages. According to the info I found, it's about half a pound (232 grams) per meter including the spindle. That's to simplify things (because they have maximum recommended intensity and minimal operating temperature). If we wanted more realism and keep on track with the scavenging part of the game, we could chop down old electrical post to get log and higher grade of cable. Now, to keep it simple, I'd suggest that you'd need one post every few squares (5?) that would effectively extend the range of the generator of 5 in both direction of that post. Any thoughts?
  10. I usually having a hard time to get enough gas before electricity shut down, so why not getting it this way by farming some maize and able to make ethanol fuel? (required a lab station maybe, also able to make meds in the future with a new chemist carreer)
  11. Anyone else think the actual generator gimic is REDICULOUS and useless? Collecting gas from gas station pump seem good. But why we cannot power those pump after electricity shutdown? And why there's no pump gas value to prevent infinite collecting ect? Now the only way to play and use a generator is to rush scarvenging gas can at the begening and trying to find and collect generator just to fill them and refill our gas can! This is ridiculous!!! Generator are suposed to give us some options and provide new gameplay. now they being useless endgame because there is no way to collect more gas from unpowered gas station. I feel like dev are developing potentialy cool features but ending up ruined them and providing poor gameplay... what the point of working on generator if they are barely usefull in game. Please work on concrete stuff and give us more option and gameplay instead of releashing "bummer and broken" stuff! What do you guys think of the situation? We should give them presure to fix this assap, because now the thing is just a frustrating waste of time and "half" useless build 32.
  12. Dear developers. When will you add animals? Please add the ability to merge gas from gas station when you have already connected the generator (with fuel).
  13. Intro To The Idea: My friend and I were talking today when out of nowhere he came up with an amazing suggestion for Project Zomboid. I am sending it out to y'all for him as he isn't the greatest zomboid fan (having only 5 hours in). His idea was the possibility of finding back-up generators scattered throughout muldraugh. If TIS (The Indie Stone) does end up adding negative zed levels, ie basements, then there will have to be something occupying these spaces other than a garbage can or a couple of spare nails. Imagine you have spent several weeks on a new character, preparing for the oncoming winter months of starvation, when suddenly the power goes out. You don't worry about it as you have stocked up on canned goods. Just moments later you hear a low humming coming from a near-by home. Running in to find the noise, you see a staircase downward, at the bottom: a backup generator. You rush to turn it off but know the zed have heard and are already on their way... This would add so much to the game as it would influence the player to loot nearby houses as some people (like myself) don't do that in fear of an alarm sounding. These generators wouldn't be too common but not too rare, just over the frequency of alarms. The player staying in a nearby home would be tempted to raid and check for a backup generator just to make sure hoardes wouldn't flood their area once the power went out. The Backup Generator Details: To prevent the misuse of said Generators, they will only be able to be turned off. Due to the utter gamey-ness of so many players, this will be beneficial towards the game. It wouldn't be able to be moved as it would have been welded or attached quite snuggly into the house with a Co2 filter. They would; however, be able to be siphoned from to fill up your own gas tanks. Other than that they will do nothing else. This may seem like a bummer but combined with the rest of the game it is quite potential. Conclusion: I would love to see what y'all think and hope to see this along with many other things added to the official game. Thank you for reading this and comment below on what you think.
  14. I read in the mondoid, that generators would be indoors. It's deadly to operate a generator indoors. If you want to simulate carbon monoxide poisoning, though, that would be cool. otherwise, put it outside away from open/broken windows. connect the generator with an extension cord of some sort, or just for simplicity, select the generator outside, select an option to plug it into a house... If you did add carbon monoxide, it would be cool to have to open garage doors when cars are running or else have to install an air exhaust system in the room... I bet a fire station might already have something like that installed... add sliding fire station poles too I guess... PLEASE don't run generators in doors. PLEASE don't run cars in doors. The bonuses of the generator being outside include: You won't die in your sleep! You won't fall asleep and die! -carbon monoxide, the silent killer
  15. Maybe one mod can add a sort of generator and a lead system. Which works with gas. And so to have electricity again. Or at least the duration of the Gas. I know. This will make noise... So we can put a little away from our base and connect the cables. Maybe it's a little complicated to make and use. Perhaps Can need more items. But I think it's a good idea and that maybe in the future can work. Well... that's all. And if my english is bad, Sorry. But i don't speak much english. Greetings.
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