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  1. It makes sense that food isn't warm 20 mintues later, but if your taking out several items all at once, especially without dexterous, the window to eat them before they lose their hot bonus is very very small. I've actually seen them lose their bonus midway through eating them. I guess in the case of the bait fish, if you don't want a penalty, you almost literally have to eat them directly from the heat source before doing anything else.
  2. So I just tested it with no mods on, all sandbox settings default. The fish looses its "better hot" bonus after 20 in game minutes. You have a little bit of time between taking it out of the oven and eating it, but that window is extremely short it seems. Edit: Putting it back in the oven to reheat it seems impossible. After I took it out of the oven it almost immediately lost its hot bonus.
  3. should be default, I didn't modify them at all in the sandbox. I should have mentioned earlier that I noticed this happening in multiplayer.
  4. The food cools off WAY too fast when taking it out of the oven. I watched it go from +2 happiness to -3 happiness within seconds of taking it out of the oven. It may be this particular food item, but it seems to be losing its Hot bonus way too fast.
  5. Moose65


    I see that vehicles are getting close to being released. The variety of vehicles is pretty impressive, but I'm really hoping for the possibility of an RV being included. Their a staple in almost any zombie genre, being a mobile home so to speak. What I'm hoping to see if/when they are implemented is something similar to how buildings work atm. An outside door (or maybe even the windows) allowing you access into the car, along with the standard vehicle entry there is currently. I would expect only a few tiles worth of space, but having access to a bed, power supply, light, and a tiny amount of storage space and counters to place small objects such as radios, mini-fridges, or very small tvs. They could even have sinks, but I imagine the water would get used up in them fairly quickly. Great job on the current vehicles, hopefully this is something that can be implemented soon. Customization is always good
  6. Curious, are water tiles going to be addressed soon. Haven't played the latest vehicle builds yet, but its going to be kinda silly if you simply "wreck" by colliding with them. Also, hoping that some ATV will be added to make it worthwhile to seek out vehicles for players who don't like living in the city (specifically things like four wheelers).
  7. Just curious, but does this apply to all items that you are able to remove? Currently you can go over max capacity when removing sheets, sheet ropes, batteries, etc.
  8. Please tell me this is going into the main game. If it does, you made winter survival that much more challenging since chefs can't stockpile tons and tons of rotten food to eat over the winter. Curious about the compost bins. Can they be exploited now to "preserve" rotten food if they leave the bin full of compost and store their rotten food in it? Or will the compost bin eventually delete the rotten food even if its full of compost?
  9. Zombie Virus on Skin =/= Zombie Virus in open, bleeding, wound. That has been the whole point of why I think bloody zombie clothes that are used as bandages by the player who is careless should have consequences.
  10. Which is fine for dealing with most bacteria and viruses. However, were not talking about the run of the mill virus here. Wearing bloody zombie clothes or using them as bandages should have consequences, unless your willing to use consumables such as bleach. It is used to remove blood from the floors and walls in-game, clothes should be no different. In-game, sterilizing bandages is mostly to keep you from getting a regular infection (which boiling water and alcohol is probably fine in most cases). The zombie virus shouldn't be so easy to deal with, otherwise there wouldn't be a ton of people going around biting each others faces off.
  11. Are you sure that isn't F? I'll admit I'm not super familiar with pressure cookers, but a quick google search shows them topping out at 250ºF, which is quite a bit different than 280ºC. Autoclaves don't even normally heat that high.
  12. The loots has always been that way though, as odd as it does seem. Just like how fridges aren't overflowing with food like they should be. Gameplay balance I suppose. Also, we don't know how resilient the zombie virus is, which is why boiling it may or may not be effective. There are viruses that can survive being boiled in water, which is why autoclaves are typically used to sterilize medical instruments. As a side note, Pressure cookers don't even reach 200ºC, so you defiantly won't be achieving that with a cooking pot and a fire. Probably safe to say that players can't properly sterilize bloody zombie clothes short of using bleach maybe.
  13. Personally, I believe "bloody" zombie clothes should be unsalvageable (at least for bandaging purposes without risking infecting yourself). Plus, it would make some locations slightly more desirable to loot, like the clothing store in Muldraugh.
  14. The discussion was about using bleach ONLY to clean bloody (zombie blood specifically) rags. For some reason you keep making it sound like bleach was suggested to clean ALL types of dirty rags. I'm just saying it would be more realistic for the player to potentially die if their careless enough to put zombie blood onto gushing wounds, much in the same way if they were to drink bleach or eat random forest berries. I find it silly that there is currently no consequences to put zombie blood covered rags on your wounds. Been awhile since I had medical microbiology, but I'm pretty sure there are some virus that can survive boiling water. Heck, bleach may not even be enough to kill a "zombie" virus. It should be a bad idea in general anyways to use a bloody zombie rag, and there should probably be consequences for it. It really isn't that hard to pick dirty/clean clothes off of them, and it would add more immersion to it as far as avoiding bites/scratches/zombie fluids.
  15. No offense, but did you even read my post? You literally just disagreed and agreed with me in the same post. Its not too many items. We already have multiple items that come from the same item already (raw food > cooked food > burnt food > rotten food etc). Common sense should tell you that if the zombies clothes are covered in blood, maybe, JUST MAYBE, you shouldn't use it for a bandage. Same thing with finding random berries in the forest. Probably not the best idea to eat them if you don't know what your doing, just like putting zombie blood all over your gushing scratch probably won't end in the best results. Its a bit immersion breaking to make a bandage out of a bloody zombie shirt and suffer no consequences. Its not hard to have 3 category of rags, bloody, dirty, and clean. Simply DON'T loot the bloody zombie clothes and your fine. I already avoid looting dirty/bloody clothing anyways, and I think it would add a nice layer to looting. Nobody is forcing you anyways to clean bloody rags, just continue looting your same old dirty and clean clothes. Also, I don't know why you think there would be an extra step if you were to, for whatever reason, decide to salvage bloody rags. Cleaning them with bleach + water would obviously result in clean rags, not dirty rags.
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