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  1. RVs

    I see that vehicles are getting close to being released. The variety of vehicles is pretty impressive, but I'm really hoping for the possibility of an RV being included. Their a staple in almost any zombie genre, being a mobile home so to speak. What I'm hoping to see if/when they are implemented is something similar to how buildings work atm. An outside door (or maybe even the windows) allowing you access into the car, along with the standard vehicle entry there is currently. I would expect only a few tiles worth of space, but having access to a bed, power supply, light, and a tiny amount of storage space and counters to place small objects such as radios, mini-fridges, or very small tvs. They could even have sinks, but I imagine the water would get used up in them fairly quickly. Great job on the current vehicles, hopefully this is something that can be implemented soon. Customization is always good
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Curious, are water tiles going to be addressed soon. Haven't played the latest vehicle builds yet, but its going to be kinda silly if you simply "wreck" by colliding with them. Also, hoping that some ATV will be added to make it worthwhile to seek out vehicles for players who don't like living in the city (specifically things like four wheelers).
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    Just curious, but does this apply to all items that you are able to remove? Currently you can go over max capacity when removing sheets, sheet ropes, batteries, etc.
  4. Character eats tea beverages

    When you drink a tea beverage it plays the eating sound effect.
  5. Picking up generators ignores your weight limit

    Picking up generators ignores your weight limit even if your already past max carrying capacity.
  6. Picking up corpses ignores your weight limit

    You can pick up a corpse even if your past your weight limit.
  7. Removing a sheet ignores your weight limit

    Removing a sheet will ignore your weight limit even if your past it, adding it to your inventory instead of dropping it on the ground.
  8. Removing a barricade ignores your weight limit

    Removing a barricade will add a plank to your inventory even if your past your weight limit instead of dropping it on the ground.
  9. Big Hiking Bags turn you into the Hulk

    Screenshot of character carrying way too much Basically, you load up on as many Big Hiking Bags as your heart desires (this can get even more absurd if you carry max weight in Big Hiking Bags with Organized). The character is ignoring any weight restrictions when bags are equipped to the primary, secondary, and/or back. Fill up the bags, unequip them, and reequip an empty bag. Carry off entire neighborhoods worth of loot.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    Please tell me this is going into the main game. If it does, you made winter survival that much more challenging since chefs can't stockpile tons and tons of rotten food to eat over the winter. Curious about the compost bins. Can they be exploited now to "preserve" rotten food if they leave the bin full of compost and store their rotten food in it? Or will the compost bin eventually delete the rotten food even if its full of compost?
  11. Fridges still making noise while not functional

    I assume the last fix was to make fridges not work when placed on roofs while the power/water is still on. As of 38.25, they still hum but do not function. Not sure if power/water isn't meant to work on the roof of buildings, but neither works.
  12. Able to stack objects 4 High

    Not 100% sure if this is a bug, but its a bit silly. I can stack crates 4 high, or put microwaves/radios/whatever on a 3 stack of crates. More than 4 objects is higher than the ceiling of a room, but they don't clip into view on the second floor.
  13. Raw Axes not breaking properly

    Noticed this bug is still around. About half of the time, instead of the axe breaking, you get an axe with 0 condition that can no longer be used as a weapon, yet isn't "broken".
  14. Refridgerators working without power?

    That's kinda player built structures won't flag them as indoors? What I did was build on top of the roof on the cabin by the lake in westpoint. The player built structure in question had a roof on it with the exception of 1 tile to allow for stairs to go up to the roof of the player built floor on top of the cabin. Fridge + TV are on top of the roof of the cabin. The roof above the roof is completely closed in -1 tile. So I guess what I'm asking is, do player built structures not count? or is the 1 open tile on my roof causing the problem then?
  15. [MP] Radios eating earbuds

    Hrm, not sure why that is the case. I'm using the Host game option from the main menu, so I haven't really tinkered much with any settings.