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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Curious, are water tiles going to be addressed soon. Haven't played the latest vehicle builds yet, but its going to be kinda silly if you simply "wreck" by colliding with them. Also, hoping that some ATV will be added to make it worthwhile to seek out vehicles for players who don't like living in the city (specifically things like four wheelers).
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    Just curious, but does this apply to all items that you are able to remove? Currently you can go over max capacity when removing sheets, sheet ropes, batteries, etc.
  3. Winter Survival

    Wasn't sunlight also a factor in a plant's health? Seems like I read something about that mechanic, or maybe i'm imagining it. It seemed strange that they weren't losing health with every window covered.
  4. Winter Survival

    So messing around a bit in sandbox........ I can see 1 tile of dirt = infinite worm farming is still in the game. Kinda disappointing, because if that's the case all you need is a trowel to survive forever. Also, holy crap why are plants so resilient when planted indoors? I haven't bothered to mess with them outside, but even when its freezing inside with NO sunlight available, they keep on trucking. This seems like an oversight, as I don't know too many plants that survive with zero sunlight on top of the fact that their ignoring freezing temps indoors. Winter survival needs some serious re-balancing :/
  5. Winter Survival

    Thought worms were disabled during the winter?
  6. Winter Survival

    Really? I thought the cold could kill them? You still have to have an uncovered window don't ya? I'm going to experiment with this in sandbox.
  7. Winter Survival

    While another topic entirely, water tiles in general are in a dire need of an overhaul. While I haven't messed with vehicles lately, I bet they'll just simply collide with those tiles instead of sinking into them. Also, it makes for some weird zombie behavior in general since they function as solid walls. So many opportunities could be added for survivors to recklessly drown (or potentially escape) via water tiles, as well as being ambushed while fishing by zombies lurking below the surface
  8. Winter Survival

    Yeah I completely understand that. Just seem strange you could earn XP when fishing is intentionally disabled :S
  9. Winter Survival

    Have you tried fishing in 6 months later (which by defaults starts you in winter)? I know I can spear fish on survival and catch tons, but I haven't been able to do the same on 6 months later, catching literally 0 fish.
  10. Winter Survival

    At some point they patched it to make fishing impossible. I spear fished for about a week straight with no catches. Whats strange is I was still getting fishing XP and had almost leveled it a block. Now, if Winter fishing is tied behind a certain skill level, then pardon my ignorance (and I would have built my character more appropriately), but it seems like its pretty much been disabled. Trapping would be nice, but right now your currently locked out of it if you can't find a saw and/or twine. I really feel like you should be able to make some crude traps from foraging, just like you can make crude fishing implements. There are plenty of foraging levels that could use some new items added to them, and I feel like vines and branches should be appropriate replacements for some of the trap making requirements.
  11. Winter Survival

    Perishables aren't an option on 6 months later, nor is preserving food. I don't mind a challenge, but 6 months later doesn't give you an option to settle down anywhere since you basically HAVE to move house to house. Also, I think your playing a mod since you can't grow peanuts in game, and while every crop can "potentially" be grown indoors, you'll still need a heat source during the winter. Now, if you made it past winter, you could possibly forage for a stupid amount of (currently, but probably not suppose to be) non-perishable goods. Right now its at the extreme end of there being no re-newable food sources during winter since apparently fishing was changed at some point.
  12. Winter Survival

    So I recently tried playing 6 months later after taking a break for awhile and I found out there is now no fishing at all during winter months? How are you suppose to actually survive then if there are no renewable food sources? I don't mind Light Eater actually being a useful perk now, but if you can't settle down in one area that takes some of the fun out of building or fortifying a place in a premium location. The only other thing I can think of is growing crops and keeping a 24/7 fire going, but that doesn't seem like a whole lot of fun. There's also foraging for non-perishables during the non-winter months, but that isn't an option during 6 months later when it drops you in the middle of winter. So, what I'm asking I guess is, is there no alternative to scavenging for canned goods to get through winter? With rotten food potentially being done away with, its seems like the only other recourse (assuming you don't start in winter) is to forage for what few non perishable food items there are. It seems like the game, atm, will make your lifespan be limited by a). how much non-perishables you can find or be b). forced to save up every little grape leave, violet, rosehip, frog (those beautiful immortal slimy buggers), and insect you can find. Insects of course being the last ditch effort since you'll spend a good part of early spring getting rid of the depression from them. Also, I would like to see trapping be a little more useful. I still feel like there needs to be a twine alternative that can be foraged to enable basic trapping (stick traps) for characters who choose a wilderness survival. I don't mind if food is going to be limited in winter, but we do need options, or at least more ways to preserve foods (canning is currently NOT a good option).
  13. Character eats tea beverages

    When you drink a tea beverage it plays the eating sound effect.
  14. Picking up generators ignores your weight limit

    Picking up generators ignores your weight limit even if your already past max carrying capacity.
  15. Picking up corpses ignores your weight limit

    You can pick up a corpse even if your past your weight limit.