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  1. Veromaye

    Something in the Air

    Can't wait to see how my potato will explode with those effects. Great job guys! Keep it up.
  2. Veromaye

    Items that open images

    Umm, you mean like what? Like reading what's in the newspaper or the magazine? If that's what you mean, It would be very interesting. Way better than having wallets or credit cards for immersion lol.
  3. Veromaye

    Character Voice Lines

    I hope there's no problem about reviving old topics but. I think this is awesome. I can tell you that this is a thing and for example, Don't starve has it. The characters say something depending of the action, also when examining something ( tbh I love doing that lol ), or when they're going to be attacked by hounds or when they're attacking the monsters they say small lines like 'I'll smack you' but this obviously depends of the character. Of course, it doesn't have to be voiced so it brings zombies, it can be as you said, a thought. And also, the 'Q' line should have other options maybe?
  4. Yes, I mean if Pokemon games had it since gen 4, why wouldn't PZ :P? But seriously, that would be nice for ambient, specially if you're the kind of person who doesn't play with a watch.
  5. Veromaye

    Human-bite cloathing

    Ahhhh I was talking more about, if those clothing are also designed for that kind of parts. Hehe I actually enjoyed too much your explanation, thank you for taking your time to explain all that. I do also think that people misunderstand the strength of a zombie, of course it depends a lot of what kind of zombies or how are they build, their decomposition rate and how that affects them. But in general if some living-'non living' thing has no limit to use their body strength, also ignoring the pain it can be very dangerous, doesn't matter if they're slow, if you get cornered you're already dead. And as you said, it would be more disturbing the fact that you're facing a moving corpse itself, the smell, body fluids, bacteria etc are worse methods of adding fear to the situation.
  6. Veromaye

    Human-bite cloathing

    But what about neck, legs and other vulnerable parts?
  7. Veromaye

    Better looking storage areas/crates idea

    Looks great! I love using metal shelves to stock food because it's the one that looks "better" and organized lol. So I would love that kind of storage, also areas or buildings would not look that much repetitive
  8. Veromaye

    More Buildings and Mountains Release

    Felicidades por convertirte en padre! Tus trabajos se ven geniales aunque tristemente creo que si implementan esto mi PC le dirĂ­a bye bye a PZ XD.
  9. Veromaye

    Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    Yeah that's what I mean and it bugs me there still exists items like Toothpaste, toothbrush, even toilet paper? for no real purpose beside 'collecting because you got bored'. At least soap has a use now, but I still think is dumb your clothes get bloody but you don't? and that somehow doesn't impact to your mood or health.
  10. Veromaye

    Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    I've been always wondering this and the fact that the clothes get dirty but you don't? I mean being dirty is actually one potential way of getting sick. Also implementing higiene system would add some nice moods at least, or take depression - boredom away. I think they said no about this, but then why add toothpaste, toothbrush, etc to the game? just to add trash items? They're actually items that can add potential to the game for immersion. But that's just me. About the washers. Even if they don't implement them for washing. At least make them able to disassemble for parts. :/