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  1. I'm having this same problem. I guess this means CentOS 7 cannot run PZ server? So if I want to setup a PZ server now and not have problems like this for awhile, I should be running Ubuntu's LTS 16.04 ?
  2. Yup, The War Z aka Infestation: Survivor Stories. Not sure if sarcasm. Or actual complaint It was supposed to be a joke, you know he's referring to PZ but I throw in War Z. Failed I guess, oh well
  3. zombo

    The Ancients

    This sounds really cool.
  4. Interesting read, looks much more dramatic than the usual crowdfunded failure, devs/employees suing each other, not sure what's going on exactly though, and people are still debating who's who and what's what.
  5. Yup, The War Z aka Infestation: Survivor Stories.
  6. What about building up resistance as time goes on and your body gets used to drinking less clean water?
  7. Reminds me of those ArmA mods, Altis/Stratis Life, but being a dedicated game could be much better. I really agree with this, basically what I always say when discussing the big MMOs.
  8. I've heard of the series, never got around to checking it out though. Thanks.
  9. It says gifting will not be affected. I think you need to be friends to send a gift rather than open a trade, so I guess if everyone friends Connal as the intermediary it'll be fine?
  10. zombo


    Wow. What impresses me most is how unique it is, at least it looks like nothing I can recall. I find myself getting a bit tired with how similar a lot of indie games are lately, this one immediately stands out to me.
  11. If it's true, I hope they would add a way to fix it. I can understand drafts from a poorly boarded up window, but add some caulking or something to seal gaps and you'd probably end up better than the original window, especially if it's one piece of wood like a single piece of plywood. The glass in windows, from the cheapest to the most fancy multiple pane gas filled blah blah, is basically the worst point of insulation in homes. With only a bit of effort any boarded up broken window should be superior to the original window in terms of retaining heat.
  12. For many people the one consistent problem for zombie survival games using modern 3d graphics, well the ones with large open worlds and lots of stuff, is not being able to manage a lot of zombies onscreen at one time. Without large hordes, the game can still be good for sure, but it really can't achieve the kind of feel and gameplay that say a Romero fan would want. However, if we could have it all, I would have course prefer a game that has that as well as modern 3d graphics. Anyway, this game does look pretty cool, but yes this genre is getting very crowded. Not so much the zombies part, but the general open world post-apocalypse/collapse building/survival/crafting thing. I don't really mind though, because while there will be some poor ones the good ones could be the games I have been wanting for ages, and now even big business is taking notice with things like H1Z1.
  13. Sorry to go back ON topic , but I thought it was kinda cool. It didn't provide the usual zombie story stuff, but it was a very unique take, at least as far as I know, and it made me want to watch the whole thing. Now someone is gonna come along and tell me it ripped off like a dozen other shows/novels/etc. . I should say though, that I do prefer more focus on what we usually associate with zombies, and I do prefer a post apocalypse setting. If this show had been a regular length series, then the dramatic elements probably wouldn't have been enough to keep me watching for lots of episodes.
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