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  1. Problem with radio broadcasts

    I saw an automatic broadcast on tripple-n about if I remember correctly. No LBMW broadcasts for 2-3 days, i keep it on. I also remember broadcast (it was about one year ago) from some radio studio SPOILERS ALLERT Remaining survivors in studio told that zeds already inside the building and talking about different stuff, i supposed that it was later than 10+ day
  2. Problem with radio broadcasts

    The last things was heard from general MacGru on NNR (I play in Russian, so its hard to remember his name in english) He told that someone is immune to virus, except bites, and he told that we should be strong, we are not forgotten, they come for us soon. Thats all. TV is also not working.
  3. Right now i survived 9 days in sandbox (all setting as a survival but infection turned off). From the seventh day receiving radio broadcasts was stopped, only szzt. But when time for broadcasts comes I receice dark szzt message. This is a bug? PS: stable 39 vehicle branch
  4. The Return of the Penisham

    I need some penisham guys, can you help me?
  5. How long do YOU survive?

    Around 3-6 month, want to live a year. Some zombie migration stuff (like one huge horde moving up-down some main roads) so you can attract it by loud noises or just bad luck. It shouldn't be targeted on player.
  6. Vehicle Breakdowns

    I really agree with a guy above, I also post a suggestion about it. Devs, please!
  7. Hotdoid

    Thanks for detailed description of problems with animations, this is what i missed. Good thursdoid!
  8. Vehicle engine break

    After reading post about generation explosion I've got an idea. What if we can have that system on cars? When engine durability is lower than 40% (for example), we can have a chance of engine break. After engine break you should exit your car and make some engine maitenance (without spare part). The lower state of engine-the longer it will take to repair. And if the engine condition is very low, you should have a chance of fatal break, after that you should repair it with high mechanic skill and with a fair amount of spare parts. I think that this system can generate some awesome moments. What do you think?

    Its a great idea! You can use shower, lakes, rivers or even water bucket (or bottle) to cool yourself
  10. Too Hot For TV

    Very nice post! Will cars become rusty with times? There are rusty textures already, maybe tied it with erosion speed?
  11. Weather Test

  12. Zedlights

    But why you never talk about reasons of delay? Personally I will feel myself more calmly if I will know what problems delay anims release and what you need to do for finishing the build. (I am not the one who need anims right here and right now, i dont give a shit about time, thats my favorite game and I will wait as long as you make this game, I just want to more clear development process, that you would share problems with us)
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Performance is great, but when i drive nearby zeds (more than 10) game became really laggy Do you think about more zeds optimization?
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    this is the fourth time I see a post that was published a couple of minutes ago Really nice
  15. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Congrats! Really good work! Do you plan to release today thursdoid? Or stable build launch is last news for today?