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  1. New zoom mechanic already in build 41.26? Cant check it right now, sadly I’m at work(
  2. We can test Zoom build? Where I can find it?
  3. B33ware

    2020 vision

    Nice thursdoid this week, thanks! I just want to ask you, what happened with the animated car parts, like hood and doors? Didn’t see the news for a while, how it’s going?
  4. B33ware

    Celebrate Zed Times

    Oh, Bald... I have not seen you for a long time, my old friend It’s been a while, lots happened
  5. Will we be able to use furniture with correct animation? I haven’t chance to test it yet.
  6. Guys, a huge thanks to you. I was not able to play in previous builds, I have an error, this one is working great, FPS is better than was in stable branch, run it on potato PC.
  7. B33ware


    Third one is survival Spiffo of course Awesome
  8. Yes, it would match perfectly
  9. Tent mechanic always was a pain in my ass, because you can use it only for sleep with no spare time between entering and sleep I suggest to make some interactive with this, like: 1) you right-click tent 2) you see standard interact screen which contain: pack, get in 3) now we will have animation, so we can make an animation of entering, character get in and have a protection from rain +some heat bonus 4) after that we right-click the tent again and see action like sleep, get out This will give us a possibility to eat, rest, read books, heal, craft etc with protection and some safety Maybe even add container slot that appears when you get in tent and disappear when you pack it with items dropped on the ground Also you can make/found different types of sleeping bag with different sleep quality parameters Hope the devs look at this post and give some feedback! Thank you for the game!
  10. B33ware

    StreamZed III

    A long time ago there was a video in Thursdoid (or even Mondoid) that was captured from old shitty notebook, You show off how anims works on potato systems. Will this notebook run current version smoothly?
  11. B33ware


    Thanks for detailed description of problems with animations, this is what i missed. Good thursdoid!
  12. After reading post about generation explosion I've got an idea. What if we can have that system on cars? When engine durability is lower than 40% (for example), we can have a chance of engine break. After engine break you should exit your car and make some engine maitenance (without spare part). The lower state of engine-the longer it will take to repair. And if the engine condition is very low, you should have a chance of fatal break, after that you should repair it with high mechanic skill and with a fair amount of spare parts. I think that this system can generate some awesome moments. What do you think?
  13. Its a great idea! You can use shower, lakes, rivers or even water bucket (or bottle) to cool yourself
  14. B33ware

    Too Hot For TV

    Very nice post! Will cars become rusty with times? There are rusty textures already, maybe tied it with erosion speed?
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