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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Feedback from 15 minutes in-game: I've never seen non damaged normal car Some normal cars don't have texture (except wheels), they were black Perfomance on my rig is pretty good, much better than on 21 Mechanic skill work pretty good Good work guys!
  2. Grave Harvest

    Thanks for reply! Really love your models. Wish some code guys clearify this moments.
  3. Grave Harvest

    In March to 1.0 you show a car with detailed interior and opened doors, what happened with this car? So will we see open hood/doors/trunks?
  4. Grave Harvest

    Really want to see some kind of car "erosion", when the cars will change they texture to more dusty and rusty (without stat degradation) after some time like a buildings at this moment
  5. Behold the Thursdoid

    Oh my god.. The era is gone. I loved this word, I knew it for years. It is shoking. Good night sweet prince.
  6. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Also I found a bag: radio transmissions stops on the day 7-8, don't remember correctly. The last one I've heard was about infection spread, walking dead and so one, but this is not the end, there should be more and more.
  7. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    So, I play the new build on a more powerful rig (amd a8-7410, and Radeon R5 graphics, 8 Gb ram) and the build run pretty faster. I didn't spot some serious lag, ~35 fps, first 3 days I play only on foot. Gas is very scarce, I found ~15 vehicles and all of them were empty. After some looting I found a half-empty gas can and decide to try the nearby wagon. When I start to drive the car I spot the huge FPS drop to 15 FPS and lower, it hard to drive the car with such lags. Gas presence is really bad for this moment, when the electricity go off we will not be able to took gasoline from the gas station, there is no gas in the cars. We run out of gas on the map for about 1-3 months in game and they become useless. I really hope for the IWBUMS 38, good work!
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Oh, sorry, I was confident that I wrote in vehicle thread, sorry Thanks for your reply, have a good weekend!
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    I talked about vehicle builds.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Just want to give some feedback: Those new builds works worse than even first vehicle test build. In initial release i have only stuttering when in car, but those stuttering affect the game a little, about every 3-4 minutes I have a lag for 2 secs and never experienced this when I travel by foot. With the latest build I have lags all the time I play, even on foot It is very strange. My specs 4gb ram, intel core i5, 2x2,3, ATI 2gb vram
  11. Vehicle question

    In latest mondoid I heard about "visual damage", so we gonna see deformed cars? Or just texture replacement on some body parts? If you at least make damage model look like as it is in GTA SA it would be great! Would appreciate the answers from the devs!
  12. Parking Lots (of zombies)

    Would we see non-cuted building in the future? It's really break immersion, when you drive down the road and see only halfs of a buildings without a proper roof.
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Gonna test new update this evening Are some visual representation of damage on cars in pipeline? Or we just gonna drive some invulnerable brick without any scratch till it's HP is off?
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    What if convert electric skill into mechanic skill and just give them abilities to repair cars/creating tools? I think it's logical that the mechanic could easily found a way to create a radio or make some easy electric work. If that would done those skills became much more valuable, because they don't seems so vital, for generator you can found a journal for example So that's my thoughts
  15. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I have old dinosaur with 4gb ram, intel i5 2core, 1gb video memory On survival I have a serious lags, sometimes laptop just shutdown due overheating, my guess that it was caused by hordes, because without huge hordes it run smoothly with average 20-25 fps, all models 3d On first week difficult a take a trip (after some looting for bags, tools, food that was loaded into trunk of a sedan) from Rosewood to McCoy in Mauldraugh. After that I head to West Point ant find a house in quiet place and start fortifications. This game lasts for about 45 minutes, fps was 20-30, sometimes game stuttering for 2-5 second. Building and barricading works as usual without bags, loot distribution was normal but I didn't find any watches for 1,5 hours. Update increase my fps just I little bit but it became more stable, sounds are awesome. Cars feels great, but turning angle is a little bit low, cars wrecks are very rare on the road and they are very loud. Hope it help:)