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  1. So lets both follow them withot this " I'm not sure if you've ever seen a real crowbar ", ok? Well, so are many things in PZ. But as we like movie chliches about zombies, why shouldn't we like some about crowbars? It is already ingame item - but pretty useless - adding functionality to it wil do no harm. And smashing shitty doors with axes - surrounded by not-so-deaf zombieas is a sheer idiotism, so adding an alternative tool is a good idea, as I see it. I don't mean it must be silent of super-effective, but i would prefer to have a crowbar if I had to open a door.
  2. I have no lots of respect for you, why should I conceal it?
  3. I use balconies myself, thanks ) I still think that this setting together with carp=4 actually turns off the ability to build w-collectors and this is sad. I hope some enlightment will happen to RJ or whoever cares and there will be other ways to get water in Muldraugh.
  4. yes yes, sorry, my settings were extremely rare, I mean more rare than defaults I've edited above, my character was unlucky (but had lucky trait : ) ), during a testing run I gathered 2 bags from about 40 houses, I still think this is very insufficient. Carpentry=4 (no nails to rise skill except dismantling - haha, I love it! ), rare bags an Zs just come and eat your watercollector - its too cruel
  5. On NORMAL settings there are pretty many of them (It seems this was changed some time ago, they became less rare). I will try to test this more; I checked both kitchens and trashcans, maybe it was bad luck.. But I've found a lot of other stuff: shotguns, bats, tools, 3 s.hammers, food, everything but garbage bags. Edit: my wrong, NORMAl - I mean default survival setting, it is RARE in game afair Edit2: Made a testing run from here to here(checked all walled houses), 35-40 houses and all trashcans on my way: only 2 garbage bags. Lots of vinnegar, hammers, wine and other stuff in kitchens, planks and pens in trashcans. "Extremely rare" loot + "lucky" trait.
  6. I mean not Z-setting, but setting of loot: food-items-weapons. If they decrease the probability of all items some rare ones (like garbage bags) become extremely rare. I don't care about hammers or medicines, but garbage bags are themselves balancing things: they make living in Muldraugh possible. Rare loot already has big impact: no nails to train carpentry or to build a fortress, no shells to practice shooting and a others "second step" effects; lack of necessary (and not that rare and valuable IRL) garbage bags rises difficulty a lot, in fact it changes gameplay, making it less various.
  7. 167. Please fix Item distribution for frugal setting: make some items not so rare. There is no damn carbage bags at all! Very few nails. I guess those things IRL are not #1 items to be salvaged from abandoned houses. Some trash like pipes, metal, planks, clothes, garbage bags - noone cares about them, why make them rare? (I know the difference petween PZ and real life, but lack of garbage bags is spoiling the game). I tried the game on settings kinda 6months, Items(all) - poor, low Z count, tough Zs., smart Z navigation, Zs senses normal, female character with weak+pacifist.. - THATS the game I like. Maximus surviving, every fight is an event, need to barricade doors - because "they are coming for you Barbara ". The only thing that really uosets me is absolutely 0 carbage bags (with 3 sledgehammers on background - lucky trait).
  8. Mommy told me: never trust TIS promises.. But I believe in you RJ!
  9. Sometimes I have to agree with Rathlord. Two times.
  10. Maybe crowbar became a symbolic bulgral tool, but it is still higly effective. Thats what we have in PZ, exactly this: shitty door, no effort needed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFqTh8NTIqY Disassembling, not destroing. We ned those planks, so we tear them one from another so metal things are pulled out, leaving holes, without destroying the whole plank or cutting pieces from it. Enough for mindless Z's. And not this one from picture (I just liked the colours), more massive. Much better than nothing anyway. For me a crowbar is: I don't see big difference between this devise and the one on your pic. There are versions with both ends splitted for nails, the difference is mostly size, I guess. Oh share your wisdom what is a REAL crowbar,?
  11. GOGOblin


    You mean this? I meant this thing actually, but couldn't translate the word "шалаш" properly. Yes, this low and simple "roof" is what we need, not that cathedral on my first picture. I think implementing a big tepee or wigwam will be much bigger work. But could be nice too: a 2x2 structure to rest and keep stuff.
  12. Oh. terminology again.. I guess in case of hunger you'll be glad to have any kind of spade to get to food In Russia we call both devices or showels: "dagger shovel" to dig and "trowel shovel" to throw., we do not usually use those hybrid thing with sharp blade and bended handle. Took a look at google-pictures - i guess both words are used randomly. Spade is sharp and used to dig ground, shovel is wide and used mostly to throw sand-coal-whatever else , am I right? Wiki image for shovel confuses me again, ah screw it!
  13. The best way I see is single tap E for rope, holding E for fences. So, while on the wall of your fortress - just poke E repeatedly, but swiftly.
  14. Dried tears of this guy (rare stuff!):
  15. This could work fine(with some high level of skill) in PvP.. But Zs.. Z takes bullets like pills, they dives from second floor - like a boss - without damage (for now, I hope they will become crawlers). Besides this "ninja" skills are kinda out of genre of horror survival
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