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  1. Yeah.. about them NPC's... It's like being 10 years old and waiting for Christmas gifts. Take your time though, I want them as good as you can make them! I'm also curious about what game you talking about..
  2. As long as you keep it realistic and not "minecrafty" this could be awesome. Welding sounds great. I'm also happy you decided not to use ingots in the game. Now im just hoping you'll add railway engineer profession. Could be a mixture of construction worker and metalworking and maybe a little bit of electrician. + I could make a character based on myself
  3. I can imagine once you've survived a year with a bunch of survivors (NPC's, sorry for mentioning it, but I don't like MP) and trying to ration food among the starving group. Maybe the farming expert died or some other disaster happened and everyone's losing weight, the scavenge runs goes bad. I'd love to see my survivor group fight off starvation as well as zombies and social issues. What's good about TIS compared with other survival games is that you take realism 10 steps further than everyone else. Also that's why I must confess I am sceptic to metalworking, I hope you keep it realistic, but that's a whole different topic and I haven't been disappointed in anything you've done so far. Thanks a lot!
  4. Nice suggestions. I hope they add many ambient animations as well. Btw, you should post this in the "suggestions" part of the forum.
  5. Yeah you wanna hear the same sound every time you charge your weapon? I sure don't.. I can imagine a growing headache after a while.. Visual indicators would ruin the immersion of this game. I don't want bullet counters, health bars, mini maps or indicators for PZ. Fortports first suggestion is good as it is.
  6. This sounds like a really good idea actually! Sounds realistic.. Would be a cool feature!
  7. Sorry man, I don't know how I could miss that I guess I continued to read a few of the other suggestions and just plain forgot this. I completely agree with this.
  8. I agree it's easy to miss this part of the game, though I'd hate an indicator or a sound every time you get fully charged. I'd rather see a map of the controls, easy accessible, included with the tutorial in game. If there was to be an indicator in game, I'd prefer if it was just an extra animation (maybe the character brings the baseball bat slowly back, and stops when fully charged).
  9. This whole thread makes me seriously feel sick. It should have a warning label
  10. What??? You can use them to dry off from rain?? :I I've missed a lot the last half year, wow! Sucks they never get dry though. Dammit.. *desperate warscream* I WANNA GO HOME!!! (To play PZ). These updates lately are really damn awesome!
  11. I didn't even know there were wet towels but I ain't played the game for a long while. Been waiting for an update like the last one but now I'm on holiday and can't play :'(
  12. Yeah I guess we're very lucky that our devs for PZ do read the forums a lot but to be honest I think they allready have something like this planned... It kind of feels like an obvious thing to add, now after we discuss it.
  13. Haha yeah but seriously I think stuff like this could add to the whole feeling of the game. Maybe similar with "This war of mine". It has that feeling I'm imagining for PZ, if they added more personal things like these. It'd make the game a lot more amazing
  14. Yeah, Fortport I think you're spot on! Exactly how I imagine it too!! Makes me wanna ask the devs right away to please tell us, wether this is something they're working on or considering?
  15. I hate to be the "nay sayer" but I wouldn't want this in vanilla or "survival". I love classic zombies, but as a sandbox option sure why not
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