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  1. I would really like you to add a challenge mode. Maybe use one of the multi-player maps to allow players to spawn in a looted busted out world. The feeling of arriving in town and people had been there before you. More dead zombies (crawlers?) Loot found in burned out bases. Buildings ransacked. It would make the usual play through completely different. No more running to a warehouse for an Axe. You'd be lucky to find a hammer on the first day. Good luck finding any kind of Backpack! Just my two-cents, Thanks for reading.
  2. Just a thought. What about the ability to Forage inside buildings? Say for instance someone was inside a previously looted warehouse and he foraged. It would be nice to find some nails or shotgun shells that may have been missed... I wouldn't expect this to work if the building had been fortified tho.
  3. This is all great news! However, depending on our choices at character creation... Will we be able to spawn with a specific item? (Fireman=Axe) or (Carpenter=Hammer)? Just wondering.
  4. I would be interested in a sandbox setting that allows the character to start in a randomly generated forest world with few cabins scattered across the entire map. Basically hardcore survival. Forage for food and materials for a weapon, killing zeds for clothing to create your walls... etc. I don't know how hard it would be to add the option but it would be nice. (I know what people will say, "Just go live in the woods and don't bother anybody"). What I'm saying is to remove the temptation. How long would you survive without The Large Warehouse (out of town)? Just say'n. Thanks for rea
  5. I like it. It seems like it would add a little more realism to the role-play servers which are pretty popular within the community.
  6. Pasta! I love the idea of Pasta. Mabe use flouer and water to make raw pasta and make sauce out of tomato's from your garden... The only thing about your idea would be that most of the ingridients above (Cheese, Butter, Milk) would go bad after a couple days. The Pasta should stay good forever.
  7. LOVE IT! Even if we can't drive the car it should be first stop for a tire iron when you start a new character. They look fantastic.
  8. I agree completely. Even an option to use a spade giving the option "bury corpse". (The corpse disappears leaving dirt and giving the player a worm).
  9. * The ability to "dig a small hole" with either a trowel or spade and put 50 units of gear inside. Perfect for hiding your good loot when leaving your base for extended periods. Honestly i'm suprised that I didn't see it mentioned earlier... You could even stash below a floor tile and/or give people a search ability... Just thought it was worth bringing up.
  10. So after playing PZ over the last two months or so i've come up with some suggestions that I think would make the game more diverse. Please comment on my suggestions below: 1. Dismantle Furniture: When I am construction an outpost somewhere far away one of the first things I do is build a "clunky" chair for my character to rest periodically. It would be nice if I could dismantle said chair when my base is complete to salvage nails/planks. Also rain barrels need to be moved sometimes... 2. Shelter: Something easy to put up that could shelter your character from the elements. As it st
  11. I like the idea of accidents when using tools. But, if you took it a step further (kill you before endgame)? What if you were chopping trees with the same axe that you used to kill zombies? Shouldn't there be a chance of infection if you cut yourself? Or infecting someone through pvp with a dirty weapon?
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