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  1. Just saw this thread and it inspired me. Apologize if this mentioned before hehe. Ok so all your left over food such as rotten meats dropped around your safe house? you'll draw in a lot of zombies but the good news is that you get to drop a piece of meat and use it to distract surrounding zombies for x duration of time when you travel out (for those who just wanted to get from A to B without getting follow).
  2. Having the chance to trip and fall = ingenius.
  3. Flamboyant hoarding Ninja Fill every containers in a well-lit house without killing a single zombie.
  4. I lol'd because it happen to me in real life. After taking a break from the game for several months, the loud panic sound emited from my headset caused me to shivered with fright when my character spotted a hidden zombie. Glad I didn't have a weak heart.
  5. Parkour and Diet get my vote. Eat to many junk food should degrade your health overtime or develop cancer xD
  6. Hmm interesting yet very complex question. I say no for those enjoy hoarding their safe house with food and junks. I say yes to hoarders that doesn''t want to get bury alive by their food and junks. If you voted yes, the game will throw you a few missions to seal the deal. Missions such as finding a cure or a mission for extraction. Its your choice to do it or left it alone and continue to do your thing.
  7. I like your suggestion Kajin but for now, try using the sort feature to sort through things you want hehe.
  8. Knowing the formulas ruin the fun and defeat the purpose of "This is how you died" xD Friendly advice: don't wait for your plant to grow at your safe house. What you should do is plant it, water it and go on an advanture to explore, meet different undead and gathering supplies. Add a little exciement to your life by setting up a few traps.
  9. I'm excited but I wondering if getting a car up and running would cost an arm and a leg xD
  10. Other nice feature to have ! Anyone here play The Last Stand - Dead Zone? For that game, we got a handful of loot just by recycling a pile of trash hehe. One man's trash is another man's treasure
  11. Best suggestion ever ! This will make Pz so vibrant, zombies is basically wrap candy and yet danger lurks at every corners.
  12. Great idea ! Those critters list on the op was the missing puzzle as I level the forst to build a play ground. and meats.. hmmm
  13. some suggestions - stick to one car and let us see the smooth handling of the car. Same goes for the chopter and it smooth landing. - don't flash the video with repeat clips, it gave me a headache hehe - add bumper car feature that deal damage while dueling on top of a skyscraper.
  14. Panic penalty need to buff up because I keep seeing players able to pull and start shooting down a hords with ease on Youtube.
  15. Losing control over your character is the best way to fully utilize the panic feature and it doesn't need to last long. All it take is a few sec depending on your panic level. If you stay at the same spot where you're most panic, the duration will extend and the system will incoperate your idea of completely freezing the character. Both side win with your suggestions
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