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  1. If I remember correctly around the Steam release Lemmy bought the cheapest laptop he could find and it had an Intel 4000, and his goal was to ensure the game was always playable on it.
  2. I never said it wasn't practical, the game has been needing animations for various things for a long time now. But if they wanted to go full 3D 4k textures, with shaders and post processing FX one day, that would not.
  3. Unless they have a practical reason to push anything forward that would cut out some lower end users, I don't think it would be a good idea to push forward just because they can.
  4. I don't think we would need to go that far, the game has a charm to it from it's graphics, I don't think it should stray far from it.
  5. Were the 2X textures being used in the video? If so it still stood out to me, maybe the models aren't pixelated enough or lack detail. Or maybe the world needs more 3D appearing objects to balance everything out.
  6. Okay so, am I alone when I feel like the 3D models are distracting against the background of the game here? The animations are great, especially the combat related ones, but the contrast between the 3D models and the 2D background is an eye sore to me and it's all I can fixate one, and why even with my newer computer refuse to turn on the new models.
  7. I believe it increases the effectiveness of disinfecting and bandages. Shortens the time stitching may take or bandaging yourself up might take, somewhere along those lines. You can always check the code, I hear it's easy to find out.
  8. Pretty sure Helicopter is a definite no and would break the entire feel of the game to give you an easy means of escaping a zombie infested area. Not to mention vehicular motions are going to be weird enough, flight itself is just going to not fit in at all.
  9. Driving a tank is going to require some know how beyond a civilians knowledge.
  10. I don't think they could implement something that advanced, it's not that it can't be coded, it's that it couldn't be balanced around the gameplay.
  11. Kate and Baldspot? Yeah that's coming back eventually, hopefully in a hurry because I really liked the premise behind it back in 1.4
  12. Just roleplay it. Otherwise debuffing my character for seeing a "family" member is unfair.
  13. This sounds more like an annoyance than expansion in my opinion.
  14. I honestly wouldn't be opposed to some military items, obviously if it's setup around high risk high reward, but I don't think we should have random military trucks sitting around, just keep the rare loot centered around the military base. As for having Jeeps and what not, why can't we have jeeps? Were going to have cars, a military jeep at a military base should be acceptable.
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