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  1. Isn't fixed. Just checked. Still have this problem.
  2. How to fix this? (updated to 34.18 through SteamCMD) Fresh install through SteamCMD gives the same error By the end server just crashes.
  3. A year has passed, but we still can congratulate Enigma. Good job, man. YOU'RE AWESOME!
  4. They have no rights to do that.
  5. So, you're checking server logs using google? If you need my help, I can check server logs for rasism, bad language and other stuff. I played on your server this weekend with my friend (he's still playing and telling me cool stories about his adventures) We saw a lot of Russian players who had bad manners (also there were good people). And all we could was finding them and killing (but this is not effective. if they cheat)
  6. Hello. I'm here to make a ban request. There are two Russian cheaters on your server. The first one has nickname "Иванов", the second one - "Captain Nemo" (As I understand they are close friends, so he's a suspect too) (Look at last 4 messages by Иванов) He says "People, I will join the server using another save". Here's the second screenshot, where he says "People, I will save my character now" (by saving a character he means making backup of the save files) It's not fair at all. So, please, ban these guys. Regards
  7. Hey, I think I know what's the problem.. There is a very laggy place in the map - it is the center of West Point (http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8108014095936585,0.14097306193695452,348.4133915574964). When there are a lot of dead bodies there, this place freezes like hell. So, I think this chunks run soft reset out of memory, because I was playing PZ on my own server with friends, we killed lots of zombies in Muldraugh... And the soft reset was successful. (without errors)
  8. Today I was playing Project Zomboid on this server http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6849-247role-playeast-coastbuild25-its-too-dangerous-to-go-out-alone/ Then, I got connection lost. After that when I'm trying to connect any server, game says Connection Failed. Console gives error: java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://api.externalip.net/ip/at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(HttpURLConnection.java:1623)at java.net.URL.openStream(URL.java:1037)at zombie.network.GameClient.getIpAddress(GameClient.java:2793)at zombie.core.raknet.UdpEngine.decode(UdpEngine
  9. Try to give it more memory, or less. Edit the bat file. Give it 1024m, not 2048m.
  10. Yeah, very annoying bug. I died 2 times yesterday. (On the 2rd floor and on the 3rd floor of my tavern)
  11. You need to be more specific than "can you fix X and Y". Please explain what's wrong with them. Ideally in a bug report http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/ Done. You can check it here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-29-cant-gain-xp-for-sneaking-and-lightfooted-skills/
  12. lemmy101, RobertJohnson, can you fix "lightfooted" and "sneaking" skills, please? And what about craftable light sources in the 25th build?
  13. We must kill the outlaws! Two newbies were terrorizing our fortress today. The third wave was their last wave. They died in suffering: the first bastard died immediately, the second one - in 5-10 seconds from bleeding. Their nicknames are: Irod and DeLaFer. If you meet these guys, don't forget to smash their skulls.
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