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  1. Hi everyone, I'm sorry for being a little busy the last weeks. I don't want to explain my whole life, but I had some serious health problems and stopped working for months. I had a lot of free time so I started to manage the server as the devs launched multiplayer. It means a lot to me because I had nothing to do during the day as all my friends were working. This server allowed me to get a goal, something to do. People were happy to find the very first open server of PZ, and that made me happy while I was sick. Now there are good and bad news. First, the good ones. I'm married now, that's why I was busy the last weeks : lots of things to plan and to do with my girlfriend-now-wife. The other good news is that I'm nearly cured and ready to get back to work. Which lead me to the bad news, as I'll get less and less time to manage the server, I decided to stop it. It is difficult for me to do that, because this server was more important than it seems in the last months, but I have to. So I wanted to say thanks to all players who came on my server, to the admins, to the PZ devs, and to the whole PZ community. I'll stay close to my computer, so you'll certainly read from me again or meet me on another PZ server one day. Thank you. Eliakoh.
  2. (except if you want to protect your character, no ? :3) Good news indeed ! I hope it will fill up again, without too many scripters to deal with ! Yep, you can still use a password to protect your username
  3. Good news everyone I just removed the whitelist. The exploit crashing the servers seems to be fixed. I'll update the OP. You don't need a password to join anymore.
  4. Updated whitelist. After the today's reset, we'll be going with 1 reset per week.
  5. Updated whitelist. Sometimes mail get lost i can confirm you're in
  6. Updated whitelist, everybody added until now. Can you PM me the usernames ? I can't find you, what exactly doesn't work ?
  7. Just in case you didn't get the mail, anyone who subscribed before the time of this post is enabled
  8. Sometimes it gets in the spam or junk folder. If you didn't receive anything after a few hours you may try to login. I added everybody who subscribed until now
  9. Hey guys, Sorry but i have to delay the reset to tomorrow. OP updated.
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