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  1. We can safely assume the game already has religious texts, the item called "Book". These generic books are either fiction or non-fiction that does not apply to you survival. Why should we bother distinguishing between a home decorating guide or the bible? Both might make you feel better or less bored but have no affect on your current situation. And as far as 'religious' as a trait, very unlikely. Without sounding too biased, anyone devotedly religious would not survive long as their blind morality would cause them to make fatal mistakes in the early stages of an outbreak. Religion has a bad track record with infectious pathogens.
  2. Stitch with Twine??? I hope you mean thread.... Perhaps if you're looking for a crude way to close a wound, cauterizing is much more sane then 1/4cm thick twine. Also, for those evil laughable wounds, saw + cauterize, and call me stumpy? I know the animations aren't there for it but we can dream
  3. So at over 1000 hours in PZ, I like many of you have met the greatest threat to the game, success. I have fast forwarded a SP character to 10 years, stopping time to eat and harvest etc. I have had multiplayer toons with a dozen skills at level 5. Sprinters, cold weather, short/long days, insane numbers, extremely rare loot, and rain, can all be overcome. Considering PZ is an "IRPG" this level of success should be impossible. Of course I understand why the game has shifted in this direction, and I'm not bitter about it at all. My major concern was how experienced players can succeed in eliminating success, and I've found it... NO HOPE It's a somewhat dated concept, that in light of this discussion, is worth a revisit. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4804-project-zomboid-no-hope-challenge/ For those of you, like me, that crave the fear and uncertainty you once felt this is where to find it. For even more challenge try it in a private MP setting and pump up the zombies. I know the devs are working hard to bring back the terror and I have complete faith that they will, but until then you have to make your own fear. P.S. My personal best in SP No Hope is 8 months 14 days.
  4. I'm curious if anyone has tried this map in MP yet. I know the map is currently in limbo and it would be a shame for it to stay that way. P.S. I sent you a pm with more info suimiboi
  5. You could try setting it to include the safety system, kind of a must have for for groups of players in order to reduce friendly fire. I'll try to login again today and check my console read out, but as far as I remember last night pvp was off. EDIT: Confirmed, PVP is on now, including safety... Not sure what was going on last night, might play in this server a bit more yet :cool: Thanks again for hosting RedDawn141
  6. It's the gradual evolution of all these types of servers, if you post your IP on the forum you get griefers and trolls... It's a shame because I love the challenge of not only surviving myself but also finding and helping players who are not going to survive solo, gives me something to work for. Sadly, broadcasting your location to new players is just troll bait without PvP. Don't get me wrong, I never KOS, but being able to threaten someone with a shotgun and five friends sure cuts down on the grief.
  7. Excellent server, and thanks for hosting, but unfortunately it is a griefers playground... Had a great time today RPing with some buddies, helped a bunch of new players get set up but it was all for not. Until we can ban IPs there is no point in a PVE server with a public IP, it's just too easy to grief... I would advise turning PVP on but it's not my server, but sadly it will gradually fall apart without it.
  8. Unable to connect as well, standard ID_CONNECTION_ATTEMPTED_FAILED error. Server must be down, but Keifleaf is pretty active so it wont be for long
  9. Server could probably use a soft reset, maybe up the zombies to high or insane. Also noticed a few cheaters this evening, I won't name and shame on a forum but if you want I can pm user names Thanks for hosting btw
  10. Was able to connect briefly, now getting hung up on the server list screen again.
  11. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5794-released-iwillbackupsavebranch-build-25-sp-mp/
  12. Ok, that would be the problem. Might want to mention that in OP :cool:
  14. Getting the same error, I'd give some suggestions but it sounds like you know what you're doing. Probably just another minor oversight
  15. Got an ID_CONNECTION_ATTEMPT_FAILED Been on a few servers today so it's not a client side issue, hopefully it's a minor issue for you I'm actively looking for a solid server so let me know if you want me to test it again for you
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