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  1. I feel like most of my deaths will happen due to NPC's now.
  2. The kinetic energy from colliding with someones armored head would have been immense. Brain damage for sure probably.
  3. I think the hammer actually needs a slight damage increase I've worked with a hammer like this a few times in reality and it could do serious damage if you hit someone in the head with it let alone a zombie. In reality if you hit someone hard I think one or two hits could potentially cave in their skull at the site where it hits. There was a reason why hammers were a common used weapon in medieval times due to it not needing a long swing and it smashing through suits of armor which knights would wear and hitting them in the small eye sockets and as such someone could use it with a shield as well. I'd love to see a Stiletto in the game at some point as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairbairn%E2%80%93Sykes_fighting_knife
  4. The hammer has always been my weapon of choice since starting Zomboid. I try some other weapons like the baseball bat or a knife but nothing seems to work well enough with me as the hammer. Short swing time, knocksdown, can one hit kill and has a pretty good damage/durability ratio. I miss the days of the invincible butter knife though.... killing a zombie instantly by stabbing under the chin..but now it breaks in a few uses.
  5. I don't think there should be a beginners mode just have the "demo" and teach people from that. You'll die eventually in it BUT you will in the proper game too.
  6. They should make ammunition become more scarce in beginner and turn down the push mechanic and add a chance for the zombies to grab you should you attempt to push them.
  7. I want roaming zombie hordes to migrate because of the "Oh sh##" factor it causes. Like if anyone has played the first walking dead game and you're in the house near the sea and then a big roaming horde comes through ruining everything planned. I want the feeling of no where being safe and having to always watch myself.
  8. I wouldn't believe everything the government says. The fill the water with a deadly chemical known as flouride too but they claim that isn't bad.
  9. The stairs has killed me more than zombies. Old players will get the joke.
  10. I've been bitten/scratched by zombies about 10 times since starting the game in 2013 and have survived around 90% of the time. Usually become crippled for a while with illness but can then move again like normal.
  11. Isn't disabling infections from zombies removing the "zomboid" from project? As people say don't give up hope... I rarely get bitten and since 2013 I've been bitten/scratched around 10 times and 90% of the time I survive it..
  12. This thread needs to come back alive. Imagine if you was going to the loo when the zombie invasion started and its one of them subway type cubicles and you can't get out? That death would be horrible.
  13. RyukIsGod

    Dead State

    It's free roam you can go where you want... I own the game and you can open the map and go to another area via that.
  14. Still down? Stuck on connecting for ages.
  15. Making players get more resistance against bites makes the meta a bit pointless and the zombies a joke.
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