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  1. hyansith

    Favorite Foods to Cook

    Stir-fry. You can put just about anything into it. Although there's something entirely wholesome about starting the day with a bottle of whiskey.
  2. hyansith

    Horde Migration.

    I hope they fix this soon. I find single player boring also.
  3. hyansith

    Complete Loss of Dignity.

    Awesome.... this thread is still going.
  4. hyansith

    MP problems on Mac.

    So I load up PZ and go to Join Server. Punch in the details and select Join. It goes through the motions and I placed into the game world. F*cking awesome!!! PZ Multi-player!!! Except... I am able play for about 1 minute. Then the map stops loading and i become trapped in sector of the map. Now... this could easily be explained by saying I lost connection or my internet sucks or whatever. I could except that as a reasonable explanation except that I am able to play EVE online with 3 accounts while my gf streams video's at the same time. So i really don't think that it's my connection. Has anybody else had this problem on Mac? Is there any simple work around? Or is there just something obvious that i've overlooked? Thanks in advance.
  5. hyansith

    IWBUMS RELEASED - Build 25 v2 - With 3D MODELS!

    Is this launching on mac?
  6. hyansith

    Wheres your base?

    Cortman Medical is pretty good as a secondary safehouse because it's fairly near to town making it ideal as a stop-over for looting runs etc. The above post from PlasticandRage pretty much nails it though.
  7. hyansith

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    yes..... mac.... :/ Both EVE Online patch and Zomboid patch have not worked today which all directs me to one thing..... buy a PC.
  8. hyansith

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    On the bright side, my save game was successfully backed up this time.... so nothing lost nothing gained.
  9. hyansith

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    Can you go to %username%\zomboid and delete the contents of the folder (backing it up in case you have any valuable saves)? If this fails, after trying the game again, you should see a file called console.txt %username%\zomboid. Post its contents here, in between spoil tags: [spoil][/spoil]Will attempt this now, although i never did manage to fix whatever was wrong with backing up my saves.... Tried again, but don't see the console.txt file.... indeed the "Zomboid" folder is completely empty still...... :/
  10. hyansith

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    Need much more information, unless waiting is your thing. =) It updates via Steam but when i hit "play game" nothing happens. When i try to exit Steam however it tells me the Project Zomboid App needs to shut down first.... problem with this is that i can't see any Project zomboid app to shut down down so i have to force quit steam.... that's all the info i have i'm afraid..... :/
  11. hyansith

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    Woot!! I care not of the consequences.... give me Build 23!!!!!!! EDIT:- the consequences are that it ain't running..... guess i'll just go back to waiting.
  12. hyansith

    Trying to build second floor

    "So, as it stands, are we unable to build higher than ground level?" Exactly that. Building 2nd floor is currently bugged. Not sure about crates on top of other crates though.
  13. hyansith

    "Member Titles" - How do i change mine ?

    Lol...... careful what you wish for guys.... it just might happen....
  14. hyansith

    What do you call them?

    Zomboids... Pesky, Pesky Zomboids.
  15. hyansith

    "Member Titles" - How do i change mine ?

    Bah.... this thread as made me want a title.... must try harder.