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  1. LeetgamerBoi

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Just because a zombie would be able to faintly hear a car doesn't mean they should know where it is exactly. It shouldn't be some hard value like it is, rather, the closer a zombie is, the higher chance it'll be willing to investigate the general direction of the sound, and the more accurate the location it goes to is. Do this with gunshots too, as a zombie a block away shouldn't know the exact room where a shotgun is fired.
  2. LeetgamerBoi

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Yeah, It's downright unplayable on my rig, and it's not too shabby. It's a GTX 960 with an i3 4170, 8 gigs of DDR3 ram. The game's ran perfectly outside of this branch (Other than having 3D models set to all, which bewilders how the animations will work if the game can't handle all 3D models on many rigs, but that's besides the point) These vehicles look cool, they really do! But not being able to run the game properly sort of defeats the point of adding in cool stuff :/
  3. LeetgamerBoi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Do you think you could add some sort of craftable gun? One that uses the pre-existing ammunition Like some sort of crude pipe weapon or double-barreled shotgun/rifle/pistol? It kind of sucks being able to manufacture ammo but not guns, because once your guns break, well, it's back to bows and arrows. Or, perhaps a way to produce some of the actual baseline guns?
  4. LeetgamerBoi

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    Thing is, you can still do both. The character will aim at the cursor, and thus when you shoot, depending on your aiming skill will determine how likely it is for you to hit your mark. It enables us to also shoot various objects directly, want to stop a car? Shoot the tires or through the windshield. Want to kill someone very quickly? Shoot them in the neck/head, etc. Right now it's wholly random where you hit and that's stupid :/ Why should i have no control at all over what the character is shooting really? You control the character, so by extension, the thing your cursor is on should be the thing you're shooting at.
  5. LeetgamerBoi

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    Personally i feel it should just be "True" aiming. Where the bullet goes where you click. So you have to click on the heads of the zombies to shoot that part. Means you can shoot someone in the leg to slow em down, etc.
  6. LeetgamerBoi

    Live infected Sandbox option

    I feel it'd be pretty neat if you added a sandbox option that when toggled, made the zombies alive. As in, such as the likes of 28 days later and the like, they will have human-like health but be immune to pain. If you stab or shoot them, they will begin to bleed and you can wait them out until they bleed out, slowing and weakening as they do. It would really give the sandbox mode a true feel of authenticity, as instead of having sprinting corpses, you can properly emulate media in many ways and have that breakneck terror as madmen chase you and desperately try killing you. This could also open the doorway for alternate modes of game play as suddenly you don't have to keep beating one to kill it, one good slash and it's good as dead, but not instantly. I don't know much about the zombie code so i'm trying to keep this suggestion from being too off the wall :/ Thoughts?
  7. LeetgamerBoi


    I think it'd be neat if there was a helicopter that came around that has a chance of either dropping aid supplies such as food, water purification tablets, medical supplies, Ammo, etc. ... Or.... A bomb. flat on your head. Boom. Either or, on a dice roll. Lucky/ unlucky would effect it, but it'd be optional. Say, the army on the radio tells any survivors in the zone to go to (insert location) at (Insert time) and when you do, a chopper comes and the dice roll happens. It'd be random chance which on every game so i feel it would be pretty balanced to see if someone is willing to take the risk not knowing what the military had decided in foresight.
  8. LeetgamerBoi

    Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    Server is still not responding
  9. LeetgamerBoi

    map expansion?

    Actually, having access to tanks, bombs and high caliber weapons seems fairly reasonable when you realize there's like 80,000 zombies in one city alone and like one shotgun shell can bring half of them descending upon you. The only good thing i could see is if the military sprouts a brain and equips you with a suppressor.
  10. LeetgamerBoi

    map expansion?

    I wonder if the Active duty soldier professions means you'll actually start off as a soldier guarding the event line... eh, a man can dream.
  11. LeetgamerBoi

    map expansion?

    How will they do this though? The radio says in the start Louisville is not in the event zone, and that the army is blockaded in between you and there. Will there just be a line where they shoot at you and zombies until it collapses and is pushed further back?
  12. LeetgamerBoi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Well, the only issue i can see, is that when the game tries to reload the lua, or exit a save, it locks up and must be closed and reopened. That's all i see so far. In the IWBUMS thread very recently others have reproduced this issue.
  13. LeetgamerBoi

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Okay, first off, does this work with the current IWBUMS build? And also, Is there a way to turn off or severely limit MRE spawns? I used to find like 7 large pallets of the bitches and would never again have to search for food. Sucked all the survival aspect out of things and made me have to ignore them to have any challenge to source food.
  14. LeetgamerBoi

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Are the metal barricades for doors and windows in? I cant seem to find out how to make them
  15. LeetgamerBoi

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Hammers seemed to have their spawn rate WAY too high. I've found like 20 hammers and not an axe or a saw to speak of. Every house i've looted has had at least 1 hammer in it so far. Also kitchen knives seem to be really rare as well.