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  1. Seeing this makes me wish I could still host. Always used IWBUMS and never would have had it any other way.
  2. your on the wrong version, you need to switch to a beta branch to play on my server. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/
  3. are you on the iwbums beta branch?
  4. I don't know if it works, but trying to switch between builds instead of uninstalling and reinstalling might work also, and it will definitely be much faster.
  5. Soft resets aren't officially back in, but there's ways to create your own .bat file to try it, it's mostly a memory issue in most cases where it doesn't work. If there are any issues with it where you guys would prefer a hard reset just let me know. And I restarted the server, hopefully everyone can connect now.
  6. Should be the hot fix 2, unless it didn't update correctly. If that was the case I don't think anyone would have been able to connect earlier today before I took it down for the reset.
  7. Did a soft reset, took for damned ever to finish. Hopefully it worked without any issues. Back up now. Edit : Oh and just a warning, turned up zombies, and made them stronger since I got some requests for it.
  8. Bringing down server in a minute for reset
  9. I'll do a reset in a few hours, figure like three hours from now.
  10. The way the modifier works with that setting 0-5 is that it could work up to 5 years. That doesn't mean it will it's still random just within the range you choose. Could be the full 5 years, could be one day then shut off.
  11. Okay, hopefully works now, and it will take a little while before it shows on the public list. They don't pop up immediately, it has to be active so long before it goes onto the list.
  12. Looks like it should be working, but no activity.... restarted it to see if that helps.
  13. The last server reset was two days ago, we usually last about a week so I wouldn't say a reset is over due. As for it being full, that's a first far as I know, I could open some slots, but that might lag things out a bit. And server crashed, it's back up now.
  14. server was restarted, should work now
  15. Corpse mod made the server go haywire, guess the new update didn't help verify that stuff. Server is back up.
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