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  1. #2 sounds great! There has to be reduced awareness all-around to make it fair for the survivors though. I'm not sure how to model the fact that you have no brain power and are just drawn to movement, sound, (and smell?). Maybe if your whole screen is almost black and only the places where there's movement light up. Then it's up to you to blunder around and bang on random walls to try to locate the survivors.
  2. I like those boosts but maybe they can be merged with Park Ranger?
  3. Water mixed with bleach (the hypochlorite based one without added fragrances) IS clean water. Just let it stand for a while, aerate it by transferring from container to container, or boil it if you're in a hurry to remove the bleach after it's done disinfecting the water. OP is correct, you should be able to reuse the bottles but maybe have that skull icon just like water collected in rain barrels.
  4. Death is beautiful(er).
  5. Starting PZ again. I hope I don't die....

  6. I can't reply to your status. Weird.

    1. Footmuffin


      For the longest time, it would just read as "null" for me instead of generating a new post update! it must be another spooky internet-box mystery...

  7. What if your username is "and 999 other people liked this" so when you like a forum post, it looks like it's a popular one?

  8. :o why was my favorite topic locked?
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    2. Asparagus


      Wait... it's not locked <__<

      Is it?


      *x-files theme plays*

    3. lucy the axe

      lucy the axe

      It says "This topic is locked" for me. :(

    4. Asparagus


      *checked yesterday*

      Yesp O__O

  9. Noob: asks for help. "Pro": do this totally dangerous thing which has high risk, high return that you probably won't be able to pull off because you're a noob, but hey, look at me! I'm such a boss!

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