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  1. Count to 100 - Zombie style

    In an attempt to breathe new life (undeath) into this thread.
  2. V for Victor (and Vehicles)

    Great Mondoid. Grats all around, but especially to RJ. Is this your first? Everything in your world has just changed, and it is an amazing thing. And Victor is adorable.
  3. Be Able To Rest Without Needing Furniture

    I usually carry a saw, hammer, nails and an axe everywhere I go, and build chairs at strategic locations, maybe with a fire pit.
  4. I would have to agree with Demonic Kat. There is already enough trash, and clutter. I mainly play MP and this would just bog down and trash servers even more.
  5. Koregans-Server-Mod

    The new build seems to run smooth as silk. This is a MUST HAVE on any rp server.
  6. Project Ideas... My hometown sucks....

    In answer to your questions... Large Cities : These in THEORY could be done, but looking at the amount of work that appears to have gone into even a small community like the New Denver map I imagine it would be a mountain for one person to tackle. There is a height limit of 8 levels also at the moment so true to life skyscrapers are out of the question. (Whch blows my first suggestion to you, I SOOOO want an Atlanta map...) As large maps go, I personally LOVE them. However it is possible to do a very large map with no huge cities. Now for the suggestion : Savannah, Georgia. It is a large area but not over urbanized, with not a single skyscraper. Nice layout, the terrain is flat so you dont have to fool around with the headache of changing a hilly terrain to a flat one on your map, theres a river, plenty of parks and wilderness, and a army/air force base right in the middle of it. Would be happy to serve as an info source for you, I lived there for 14 years. Hell, since I am starting classes in programming soon I'd be happy to help do some of the grunt work in making it happen too. EDIT: Forgot to mention being a historical city there are plenty of images available online, as well as plenty of opportunities for unique models, if thats your thing.
  7. Use Tents as Shelter for Rain

    I'd settle for a parka. Someones gotta be working on a parka right?
  8. toys and fun

    Could at least give it a limited number of uses, kinda like a book, you use the yoyo once, maybe twice, and then youre done.
  9. Project Zomboid Multiplayer?!

    Yes, but you have to make sure the framework you hang multiplayer upon is sturdy They completely understand the draw. It will come to pass. Patience, young padawan.