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  1. Yeah savescumming is a huge problem in multiplayer. That being said legit people absolutely suicide with broken legs. I know because i used to do this unless the character was very high level, because i knew i could lvl up again in less than the 6 or so hrs i had to have a broken leg. Now i make sure i lvl up first aid, so i don't have to wait as long. Anyways, if you are not high level then there are for sure times it is wise to suicide.
  2. Panic is horrible in MP if you PVP. You do lose accuracy, and you do stuff MUCH slower, like reloading or first aid and it can be tricky to beta block in tense PVP battles.
  3. Thank you so much, this makes the game with mods so much better.
  4. Where do you have those 15% from?
  5. They will be added eventually, but I am working on getting the reload function working first. Fluffe nailed it I fixed it changing item 2xScope { Type = WeaponMod, DisplayName = Scope; 2x, Icon = 2xScope,to item 2xScope { Type = WeaponPart, DisplayName = Scope; 2x, Icon = 2xScope, That was from me experimenting on the new modding system... I forgot to change it back The sound in my mod was killed by the new update. They changed how the sound radius' are handled So should i report it in the bugs forum or is it something you are looking to fix?
  6. I don't know if this is the right place, but on the Redboid server I (and others) have noticed that other players can't hear other players shooting, unless they are really really close. For sure a bug, i just don't know if it is a base game thing.
  7. Clayman

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Great new update. Btw did you remove the bug with the Treadmill? You can use it for ever and it just spawns dirty bath towels, instead of using the clean ones. It's a huge exploit to give sprint.
  8. Thank you so much, the model loader is amazing! Looking forward to when it is working
  9. Clayman

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Yeah, seems like every dog on Redboid has vanished. On a person and on the ground, that i know of.
  10. Clayman


    The game is set in the 90s. Were there much CCTV back then too?
  11. Oh btw you are probably aware that some weapons can't be repaired for some reason. Like the FNP90
  12. Most of those issues will be fixed in the next update because I am fixing how multiple ammo types are addressed. As for the shotguns, the slugs do not have spread so you need to aim much better with them. Thanks! I am working really hard to get this next version out. I think everyone will love it once it is done. Sounds great Okay, just found it weird with the slugs, and i used another shotgun right after, and it did hit much better (with same amount of accuracy) I'm sure we will
  13. On the reboid server, when i changed the AR-15 to use 5.56 ammo, it didn't need ammo anymore. I counted at least 50 shots in a row, and you can't see how many bullets are currently in the gun. Big exploit. This is a few days ago, so my memory may be acting up. The Benelli shotgun didn't do any damage on a horde with slugs, when i fired around 20 shots with it with no panic, and lvl 3 accuracy. Great mod btw EDIT: Glock 17 is bugged, have got 20/17 bullets in it, and i can unload to infinity it seems.
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