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  1. I did a try with a glass shard and tired/hungry. I was still faster then the Z. But just barely. And really even then I was able to juke them. They just do not seem to work well grouped closely together. A lone Z got me in the end. Somehow biting me a tile away :/ Still able to get away from what should be death and no return. And I was actively trying to get killed mind you. Going around in circles. But the obese one I ran before that tired/hungry/injured just died XD Might have been just a tad to slow. Was still able to jog so if not trying to die I was able to get away.
  2. Oh? So it actually is not a feature but a lack of one? Jokes aside I was confused how I was getting stomped on by the Z just a few months ago. And now I was making fun of them. Then everything is fine! Going to look for a patch note and see if that ruin my gamer skills. Slow field was removed? Whatever makes it work I guess? As long as it is fair but brutal. Yes. First time I saw them in a 41 branch update video it's been a haunting nightmare to think of them. No way I will spook myself with sprinters Z's. I just think life would be to short having to deal wi
  3. Like ones you stop running or even jogging the game becomes easy enough as it is. And by the looks of things there is not even a reason to jog when they get close to you as seen from my example here. Round them up where you like them and then make a sprint from them. Since you can group them so easily with the tight turns they never will be a treat unless FPS tank. Before I had to make such wire turns that they where a problem and had to sprint and get tired. But no more! Just walk calmly and smell the roses! I never let the Z get this close before. Since I was sure that was a pure
  4. Hi, I was testing out what Zombie toughness I was going to set in my next sandbox game. (they are to easy to kill I think) Well I relisted something I have heard that 41 supposedly had put a end to. And that is the axe murder train of pre 41. Or rather how you was able to mow down easily groups of Zambies hazel free. EAzy. And I know a few updates ago stuff was added to address it even future. But your still safe around the Z's. That is just not right! This is Apocalypse mode in version 41.50.1 GoG. Only cheating in items for demonstration. Have done a better job at killing Z
  5. Only good way to transport water is inside of water coolers though. Like Otherwise you need so many cooking pots to fill up a van with water. And you get what 2 barrels of water out of it? If even that? It would be epic if the water cooler itself weight was 5. But the bottles where a separate thing. Or we where able to transport water barrels? Empty cooking pots and buckets carry what 10-15 units of water? This 5 unit in weight thing carry 250 units of water! But it is the only good transportable water Wessel in the game. So is the cooking pots just plain bad or do ever
  6. You will suffer the conseq uences!!!!!! XD
  7. Frozen eggs? I mean them eggs must have turned into egg stir. I was afraid of putting them into the freezer since I was not going to ruin my delicious EGGS. They explode if raw in a freezer. Or if left forgotten in a car.... No but this kind of follows all the other frozen items. You can not make a soup out of frozen carrots for example. Or frozen meat etc etc. And really only way to store eggs in a freezer anyways is to boil them first and most likely without the shells on. In real life anyways. Got 5 cartons of EGGS. Might just extend the life of them and put them in a pop
  8. Yea towing burnt cars are very buggy and dangerous. I had a few days back (lazy) a scary one happen. In this picture the cars where at rest. The burnt down car was on top of my car. It happened when I was reversing a upside down car laying on it's roof in that intersection next to Muldraugh Logging. I was reversing and the burnt down car was hooked up from the rear being dragged backwards (reversed) The burnt down car first response from me trying to pull it off the road was to try and flip back onto it's non existing wheels. And by some Physic funkiness ended up
  9. Turbo50

    Tier 4 Xmas

    It would be enough to at least get a mention of it being pushed to GoG here on the forum. Having to boot up GoG client just to check every day. And I'm not a fan of the client to being with. If not for PZ I would not use it. Worms bug with a hunting trap is worth a mention but not GoG :c I rather have a stand alone way to get the game to being with. But jeez Steam is not end all of PC gaming. Happy Christmas! At least we can be sure our windows stay intact. For now.
  10. Turbo50

    Tier 4 Xmas

    "Zombie noises coming from the GoG back window of the safe house" Arrrg. Been here since Monday "21s" waiting for 41.49 being release. Arrg. "Zombie noises and the bashing up agents the window" GoG being the 2th class (only other way to experience PZ) "Zombie noises" I had loved to support a version of the game being sold directly by Indie Stone. "Looking at Steam store with my 90s flip phone" "Arrg" Rather buy a expensive Spiffo then give Valve or GoG more money. "planks being put up on the window" Ow.. Balls.
  11. The cars are OP. If you make them OP. Or think cars are not good at killing humAns. The OP factor is that they are so quite. Any Z that hear a engine running in what looks like a empty city will go all in and group up on you. But with even the loud noise cars you can sneak by most Z. But hey.... The car upgrade image. (nice model) is just not going to do anything but harm. Well the windscreen is a good ide. (quite high skill level need for that kind of metal work) it is just not enough. Imagen a Z flying into that thing and it is going to dent in. Side windows are
  12. Naughty. Plz git gud. Zombie do not bite! Go and get materials like anyone else.
  13. With GoG you just copy the game folder of a 41.29 version and store it away for safe keeping. Replacing the "broken" version with this one and just not update the game. So you can keep every version if you like. Even with Steam* you can do this with a bit of launch settings changed. *I do not own the Steam version so only heard about it. DRM for ya! Steam and Galaxy only checks one folder when updating the game. So launching the game from a outher folder wiht the game inside of it and boom! You have 41.29 running as long as DRM is not in your way. Never to be broken by some auto updater.
  14. That was fast 👏 Good job. Was going to help. You need the Galaxy program from GoG. Like steam more or less. You can not download it on the web. Kinda sad but hey beta worth it! But the game is very mutch bug nest. So be nice new player.
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