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  1. It is not suicide. It sounds shitty but what is everyone expecting? The hole ide is bonkers. You might as well give up all rights to own games at this point I'm sure with time game devs are going to have to implement cloud saving that works for cloud gaming. Ha ha! The games are going to be talored to work for cloud gaming you will se! And I'm 100% sure there will be cloud gaming exclusives. For greed or real good reasons. Only legit reason for cloud gaming would be to stop cheating in games like CS:GO. Or any multiplayer shooter. Still going to be possible to run aimbot from just screen data. But wall hacks and any kind of game tampering would be gone. Only exposed attack surface is the mouse and video stream. Or rigging matches or paying for a "cheat service" by the publisher of the game Heck making this games would be easier as the game clients and server could possibly run without need for lag compensation. Meaning that there could be games where 30 players split screen the game more or less. No lag compensation server wise. Only lag would be the players input. So fun to think E-sport games going from 1ms of hardware lag to variable 10-100ms in competitive depending on how far away your from the server. Ha ha ha ha! LAN is still king! They are going to lose lag compensation to gain raw lag XD
  2. Unless I'm totally wrong. You can't. At Least not directly. Only thing anyone can do besides the dev's rule of PZ, well is boils down to praise and talk about the game. Even with money what can you do? And even if you also had programming knowledge that magically makes you able to help the game. What dose it matter? You have to step up and join development. Or at best mod PZ??? Really sad that this game dose not get baked. All the ingredients and tools needed to bake the cake have been around. Maybe not to make the game perfect but surely to at least make it feel like future rice game. Farmer Joe got the wheat. The old miller made it into flower. Kind sweetheart went and milked the cow. (can keep giving metaphors) But that was years ago. Now the milk has spoiled. Power gone out. (get it?) And really the bakers of the cake just did not bake the cake. Game is sadly just not created. There is not very much diffrent from the game today as it was years ago. What cars? That's it yea? What this game had become if only it was at this stage of development years ago. It feels like the early days of the game yet we are years in by now. With improvement added that looks and feels like they should have been there already. Animations and all the improvments are such a big boost but there is so much to be done after that. That is a sad thought. I'm not sure if there still had been anymore PZ unless cars/animation teams stept in and did something. (not sure ho did the cars) Since the new map "Knox Country" The game look as it stalled into dev hell. And unless 41 animation happen would there be anyone around to care about PZ? Cars was grate and all but what dose it change really. Being able to move to more of the same? So best way to help I think at least is just staying positive and parse the people that keep the "project" going. Not sure if there is anyone to blame. Not trying to do that. Just saying that the work on the new fire system is the stuff that need motivation help. It is something this game lacks Keep making this game into what it deserves to become! But I really thing PZ needs help. But there is no way to do it I'm a afraid. :c
  3. I'm sorry if I'm a bit rude but the hardware needed to run ProjectZomboid at 1080p 30fps is not a big ask. I'm aware that buying a PC instead of having food on the table is out of the question. But I mean if subscribing to some kind of online hardware streaming service is feasible for you every month then buying a mid range laptop is simply better. I mean be grateful if you have the network speed to sustain cloud gaming dude. Or do you pay some ridiculous money for data? Then how is it feasible to cloud game? I mean you are quite well of if your network cost/speed is that grate you know. I'm even now when I having extra super duper fiber with no data cap or speed cap, still run YouTube in 240-720p because I have respect for what network access cost for some ppl. 2 years ago I was a strict 144p pleb as I PAID for every GB of data. It was 144p or no food.... And last summer when I worked from a camper I also paid for data and was back to 144p.... I'm a grumpy extra salty attack helicopter. But I have to say that laptops today are one of the few things that have leaps and bounds improved over the years. Cheap, light, powerful, portable. Can not say my laptop was super cheap "Lenovo Legion Y540" but dam considering what I got I'm so happy spending 12000kr (SWE) 1200 Euro ish, when it was on a discount. This is what I think is a high end laptop. As going further is expensive and there is just no point for a portable Swiss knife PC. That is not cheap but I use it for video rendering, 3d modeling, gaming, surfing everything really. So it is quite cheap compared to if I build a desktop. Windows 10 key, Gaming monitor, GPU, CPU, Motherboard, Gaming keyboard (it adds up fast) Now how long can I use some gaming on the cloud for that money? Idk really. Going with "geforce shit" 4 Euro/month I'm going to need to stay with my Lenovo for 25years before upgrading But if I had to pay for every GB of data it is going to be quite fast before the laptop paid for itself. And a laptop can do film editing, internet surfing, data storage old school games (name it) You can do so much more and you need something to run this cloud gaming stuff on anyways. So your going to need a laptop or something however you look at it. I'm not sure what specs is needed to run ProjectZomboid. But it is not some AAA game like GTA5 or whatever. A laptop that can run Minecraft Java decently is going to run PZ. I mean that is not a gaming machine. That's just a modern laptop you know I'm just trying to say that low to mid range laptop should run ProjectZomboid if some get away running the game on Intel HD 4000 800 Euro vs being internet reliant? Or worse have a expensive phone and cloud game on it? I'm just getting furious just to think people buy a expensive phone and use it for gaming as that is "cheap". Phones are getting worse and worse for every year that passes. Almost to the point that I'm going to quit having phone number SIM card in mine. No one needs to call me. Literally no one should need 24/7 access to me but my family. And I rather use some network thing to speak with my family. Discord replaces expensive phone bill! HeeeeelYEA! (only need mobile data to text family between WiFi spots = low data usage = cheap monthly cost)
  4. The cars are OP. If you make them OP. Or think cars are not good at killing humAns. The OP factor is that they are so quite. Any Z that hear a engine running in what looks like a empty city will go all in and group up on you. But with even the loud noise cars you can sneak by most Z. But hey.... The car upgrade image. (nice model) is just not going to do anything but harm. Well the windscreen is a good ide. (quite high skill level need for that kind of metal work) it is just not enough. Imagen a Z flying into that thing and it is going to dent in. Side windows are very fine. Good visibility and protection for someone just trying to claw there way in. Like the wheel plates are hindering the front wheel from turning to begin with XD I like to turn my way from having to hit anything thank you very much! The back wheel plate do nothing but making it impossible to change tire or fix a Z getting stuck. Front armor is blocking the hood. So if you brake something good luck repairing the car. The plate blocking Z from getting under the front is also questionable as the car is still going to run over the Z on the ground. Having a cowcatcher welded to the frame to take the brunt force is a good ide. Not like headlights are worth a dam. But the radiator really needs help to stop Z from crashing into it. Do not know where your from. But in Scandinavian we have Moose and animals that sadly are hit by cars. Cars win. Trucks do not care.(lorry) Even a Moose have a fight against the windscreen. Now yea 1993 cars had less protective windscreens. But they sure is going to withstand the second impact of hitting a human in most cases. And give or take the in game system in place it is accurate. A bit to strong but nothing to complain about. IF it is destroyed yes there should be a real risk of Z getting into the car and bite ya! And what fool is saying that cars do not handle hitting Z's? Yea the radiator is going out quite fast together with the lights and windscreen. I trust this 1993 cars over today's crap plastic and electric mess hitting Z's over and over. They are still metal vs things that are standing on 2 shoes. Having a lorry in the game and your set for life. They are grate head crushers. Do not ask me why I know that. Story I was told is not pleasant. Vehicles are not fun and games. They are dangerous. Z are going to go under or over the the cars. And since allot of the time they fly up and ricochet the slanted roof of the car they are not slowing the car down that much. Not allot of Z is going to go under the car when driving towards Z's. They fall over the front and then slide to the side and hit the ground. (or over the roof if going fast) The clearance of a average car is just not there to allow driving over a Z without making contact with the cars under body. But most Z are not going there. Unless you have a Z fall to the ground and then drove over. If that is the case slow downs are quite dramatic and damage also. But not 10 Zombies and you are stuck with a broken car. If nothing else with speed the under-body of the car might just slide over the Z. doing the most possible damage to drive train, exhaust and fuel tank. The suspension being hit yea will fast wear and steering will not be happy. But I can fully promise you that it will take quite a few hits before the suspension fails. More likely the fuel tank or some fuel line will brake first. Something that is just not going to withstand the impact of the Z. I rather let the wheels take the hits as not trying to hit the wheel I know vital weak things are taking the damage. Wheels and suspension is NOT weak. Due to the lack of clearance the car will have to pass over the Z and by that lose speed and it is going to take damage over time doing that. But not THAT much so you can not still make it to your destination with a fresh car. Day after day doing this? No. Then do not do it! Be careful with the car and do not abuse the system? Even if you was able to put on extra metal on the front of the car the under body will not last. So do not run into Z???? OK? It is just a game. So improvements might be needed. But to say strait up that cars are OP is wrong. (outside of the noise) They are just not taking enough damage and people are also abusing them to kill hoards.
  5. Naughty. Plz git gud. Zombie do not bite! Go and get materials like anyone else.
  6. With GoG you just copy the game folder of a 41.29 version and store it away for safe keeping. Replacing the "broken" version with this one and just not update the game. So you can keep every version if you like. Even with Steam* you can do this with a bit of launch settings changed. *I do not own the Steam version so only heard about it. DRM for ya! Steam and Galaxy only checks one folder when updating the game. So launching the game from a outher folder wiht the game inside of it and boom! You have 41.29 running as long as DRM is not in your way. Never to be broken by some auto updater. But going back and download a old version? Na not without help from the devs. Or someone like me with the GoG version that can just give you it on a USB drive. We have not had the update yet so can still download the 41.29. Just not right to spread it around like that. A bit like pirating Only thing you have to do might be removing some folders outside of the game install itself / backup them. This are things that the game creates ones you launch the game for the first time. Or if the file is missing it should be recreated if it is programmed right. So removing files outside of the game install itself just revert it back to default. Normal to find files like this in you Document folder. Got to learn where this are stored and so on depending on game or program. Different versions out right change stuff that can make the game crash. = clean install happy install. PC knowledge needed. You basicly can only have one version installed thanks to the files being spread around like that. But you have the "core" of all your lovely versions to clean install over the current one. Quite simple if you ones learn how to do it. But the best thing is for the dev guys and girls sort this out Why I love DRM free software. I have a few versions of "My Summer Car" saved thanks to the dev of that game having NO DRM on it. As far as I can tell anyways. It is a Steam only game
  7. That was fast Good job. Was going to help. You need the Galaxy program from GoG. Like steam more or less. You can not download it on the web. Kinda sad but hey beta worth it! But the game is very mutch bug nest. So be nice new player.
  8. Well. Driving down a nice long road with very little steering needed then yes. But in Pz your doing 90 degree turns. Driving with the knee is just not enough. And heck in this game with engine loudness crankt to a realistic "loud" engine sound attracting every Z + the gunshots, (as why who'd you need to reload a gun otherwise?) well your doing some extreeeeeem maneuvering to dodge Z's. So no you need 2 hands or at least 1 at all times. It was quite strange driving in the city for the first time. Dodging Z like a mad man for hours to then drive a car, just to be doing the same thing but at high speeds Reloading a rife for a example is just not going to happen when having to do anything with the wheel. You need 2 hands for all reloading. Period. But it is a game so just let it slide? Just do not reload when driving and role play. Playing Mafia 3 right now and I refuse to carry a rifle magically in my pocket. Or "upgrade" my pockets to hold more ammo then just 3 clips. I have to run to my car or pick up a gun on the floor first. (the game is not designed to work like that )
  9. He he. My third hand shift 14 gears and retarder at the same time. My third foot handel the clutch. My 4th hand deal with light and horn All hands on deck if a hand is needed to speak in "hand" towards outher drivers But yea reloading should be standing still. Or remove A D key.
  10. Try exit build/buy mode (Sims jk) Now that sucks. If it is not some mod doing it.
  11. Ow. And why i was bringing up Diabetes has nothing to do with USA or anything. Just that when body functions stops working sight is one of the first to go. Tierd, tirst, hungry and the small problem of brain damage really makes the senses go down the toilet. You might have the eyes but not the mental capasity to prosses the information. Or taking shortcuts as a way to free up time and energi. But hearing something that can be food or having something infront of you close by will still be something you react to. But far off in the distance you have to stand out to be noticed. And even then it might fail to be registerd. Why driving is dangerus tired or sik.
  12. Yes that is what I faild to bring up. Z are like ants. But makes more sound. They can not make out a z from a human crossing the street. Even sneaking crossing the road looks more out of place vs walking normally. But running or close enuf to see that healty human walking is on the outherhand obvius food for them. I mean poor sight just mean that they can not make out details like if someone is a z or not. Why is the Z never agrod towards a z down the street?
  13. Well even with "poor " sight the Z have quite good view range. And most of the time it is like the Z have better sight then the player. Not like the Z have to fight 2.5D walls and stuff. If "poor" was normal I might thing it is fair. (and "poor" had even lower view range) . But right now it is hard just running away as when you brake sight around the corner the next Z spot you and it is a never ending death. Never able to find a dam safe bed. I mean this are Zombies. Living dead. Diabetes lose sight and need glasses. Most adults need glasses (Z most likely drop them quite fast) Not sleeping eating or drinking water will decrease a humans ability to see stuff. Being not able to open doors should also mean that recognizing a human vs a Z from a distance be a impossible task. I mean yea even a almost dead brain can make out that allot of movement or noise is food. But something at a distance looking like a outer Z? Na.
  14. It is quite some view distance now. Is it a bug or what? I mean this deadz should not be able to spot the different of a Z or human from this distances. Running on the outer hand should make Z go after you as they react to sounds/smell/movement out of the normal. It feels like something is funky even with 41.27.
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