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  1. As much as I hate to see the great protective composter become thumpable, it was a needed adjustment. Bit confused about the corpse rot progression and becoming fake dead. Is this applied to ALL corpses, even ones created by a player destroying a zombie? Or is this only corpses the gameworld generates?
  2. Axiomatic

    Milky Milky

    The animal system looks amazing! Hopefully animal sounds will be attracting zombies too and zombies will kill animals if they catch them.
  3. Axiomatic

    Holy Cow

    Holy cow indeed. The vastness of scope this update hints at is tremendous and really exciting.
  4. I know it must seem thankless to put out huge updates and then have a lot of criticism from the player base, but honestly love how this dev team takes it all in stride and continues revising/updating based on their own internal roadmap and the feedback they get from the community! Looking forward to testing out this new version and hearing the sound adjustments!
  5. Another issue with the new sound system, if there is a zombie thumping on something directly to character left (looking straight ahead by say a zombie at a door directly to left), it plays in both left AND right headphones. Granted the right headphone is lower volume but its also slightly delayed so I hear a loud thump on my left THEN immediately after a quieter thump on my right. This is confusing and unrealistic and will lead to a lot unnecessary player death.
  6. The heart shakes so much that you can actually miss clicking on it as it swing so far left/right. A UI element should not require that much precision, esp in a game where one misclick can spell your doom. Please reduce the amount of shake. It just needs to vibrate a little or scale up then back to normal a little. New sounds are really hit and miss. Some are great, some sound weird and not in relation to the old sound just weird on their own, some are much too quiet, some are much too loud, and others simply seem to be missing or don't differentiate enough. 1. Outdoor nature sounds, esp animals, have too much reverb/echo on them. There should literally be 0 unless you're inside a canyon or a tall alleyway. 2. Hitting a standing zombie with a car sounds like almost nothing at all has happened. Rolling over a body similarly is almost no different than the already too quiet hitting a standing zombie sound. 3. Killing blow to a prone zombie sounds almost no different than any other hit to a prone zombie. Players rely on the obvious sound that the zombie you're stomping or swinging on has received a killing blow, which while weird sounding in the old sound system, was at least very obvious so you knew you could switch your attention to something else. 4. Car engines just don't sound right. Hard to describe but they now sound buzzier, like an flying insect. 5. Jesus the jumpscare sound is turned up to volume 100 compared to other noises. Overall, another pass at mastering sound levels seems to be needed across the board....or give us more options under Sound tab to fine tune the levels.
  7. Ah your right, item weight and weight reduction are improved, but lowering capacity from 3 to 1 makes it pretty bad.
  8. Awesome, thanks devs! Its really helpful to be getting updates again and breathe some improvements into the game. Happy to see all the changes/updates though I don't fully understand the diabolical hate y'all have for fanny packs. They were already pretty bad weight/reduction ratio, and now even worse.
  9. Water is likely off. Right click on any sink and hover over Drink Water. If it doesn't say unlimited but #/20, then you know water is off. And then yes, you are using up the water left in those fixtures. Try to avoid cleaning things in your own safe house and do it out in the world. ANd keep a look out for water dispensers out in the world, they hold a great deal of water and comically weight only 5lbs when picked up.
  10. Axiomatic

    MP Status Update

    You all keep doing what you're doing. Quality is paramount. The mod community keeps the game fresh and happy to see that at least SP updates will be released while the huge MP overhaul gets ironed out and made amazing.
  11. For me, and I would assume for many people, the fun of the game comes from the risk and terror of the fight and flight to survive. That's why late game, if you survive that far, starts to become a bit stale. It all becomes a little too safe and you have the option to just play it as a base building/farming game. No real challenge. So my solution is to make the game much harder so that surviving to late game is quite unlikely, and while you are alive, there's more challenge, more fear, and more problems. Putting zombie type onto random so you never know if the zombie near you is shambler, fast shambler, or sprinter is one way to keep things exciting. And then play with house alarms and car alarms on thus making even zombies not attracted to you sources of second degree danger. If you're especially masochistic, play with the helicopter event as Sometimes. Since there isn't really a robust event system (like in Rimworld), this will absolutely remove any complacency which increases fun and interest.
  12. To me, it seems the PZ zombies, which are modeled off romero/twd canon, essentially do not decompose/break down via biological means. Being truly undead, whatever it is that allows this to happen makes them more or less impervious to other living organisms including bacteria, mold, insects, etc until the brain is destroyed and the body returns to a state of being dead. This allows biological processes to take over again and decomposition. This distance from biological mechanisms also explains why they don't necessarily need to feed to create energy to do things like move, make sounds, etc. Which means the only thing that should affect zombies are mechanical/chemical in nature. They can be physically damaged and destroyed. They can catch on fire and burn. They can be dissolved by acid, etc. This line of reasoning has always made me wonder about freezing temperatures. Given that zombies don't feel pain, the cold wouldn't affect them like a normal human, however since their bodies are also not producing any heat (again they don't need to eat for energy) then exposure to freezing temperatures should slow them down to the point they freeze, given enough time. If the temperatures are below freezing for several days, zombies should freeze and be unable to move, at least following this line of reasoning consistently. The question is how long does this take? and does freezing destroy the brain? and should this be implemented in PZ, perhaps as a sandbox setting?
  13. You can pick up almost every object in the game and move it to a new location if you want. Larger furniture pieces often break down into 2-4 smaller pieces that each need to be moved then recomgined.
  14. Needs to be some kind of loss to skills as well. Something like 1 learned skill level lost on all skills. So if your char with traits starts at say 2 long blunt, you wouldn't go below that, but if you had skill 5 when you died, you respawn with skill 4. I'd even go so far as to say you lose whatever skill books you have read. There's got to be serious penalty to dieing but not so much that you can't hop back into game with friends.
  15. In most zombie lore, once you're bitten, thats it. There's no coming back, you always die in a certain amount of time. So in that regard, I'm ok with it and it helps make the game very risk/reward based which is its strength. The one thing I think the game should add is the option to amputate if you get bitten on certain parts of the body. Lower arms, hands, lower legs could all be amputated within a certain amount of time from the bite to avoid death. You would need the right kind of weapon equiped (axes, cleaver, larger knives) and then lots of bandages to deal with the blood loss, or the ability to create a tourniquet. And then you'd need to spend a lot of time healing yourself, sleeping, eating, cleaning the wound, redressing it, etc. You'll also permanently lose that body part and would need to compensate. Carpentry and tailoring could create better and better leg/foot prosthetics for walk/run speed , or arm prosthetics that while not necessarily allowing you to use 2H weapons anymore, could be fitted with 1H melee weapons. The ability to amputate and various prosthetics could come from literature (like the How To Use a Generator).
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