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  1. Plenty of ways to get rid of boredom inside: read a book, magazine, watch a tv show, I think the radio reduced boredom too. Or go for a drive, fight one zombie, etc
  2. No specific locations for any items. You need to look in certain types of containers/places to find certain types of items. For magazine, look in bookcases in homes, display cases in certain types of stores like gas stations, pharmacies, etc, mailboxes sometimes have magazines, and also look in bookstores or libraries.
  3. Don't burn socks. Rip them apart for the minor tailoring gains and potential thread. Shoes I just toss away on the ground. Or Delete in the garabge.
  4. Thunderstorms do get zombies agitated and moving around more than usual migration.
  5. Needs to be actual Rope, not sheet rope.
  6. PZ has a ton of depth and features, is constantly being updated, and will soon get the biggest public update its had in years. The game, while officially in "early access", might as well be a full released game at this point with the amount of content, playability, and polish that it currently has.
  7. That's a very narrow view of the game and based on how you want to play. Killing instead of sneaking around is not always possible or advisable, and it takes a lot more time than just sneaking around. That much fighting also burns way more calories and you go through weapons faster. If you play with sprinters on, sneaking is an absolute must. Bottom line, the harder you make the game, the more sneaking becomes an asset.
  8. Sounds like someone got used to an older version of the game that had some bugs and made some aspects of the game too easy, and now they can't adapt and learn how to survive a harder game. Sneaking system, while missing a few key features like being able to sneak behind say vehicles, works great and does become much more effective as you level up the skill. Don't expect a sneak level 1-3 to do very much on its own, you need to combine it with understanding how to break line of sight/sound, having to get some combat in, etc. Higher sneak levels actually DO have a noticeable impact to gameplay.
  9. I play a lot of PZ with loot on rare and have yet to experience anything like you describe. 32 houses and thats all you found? Cmon. Unless you playing in a modded area that hasn't been updated properly to the new loot tables, and then the problem is the mod not the game.
  10. Those skills are not worth grinding. Just play and they'll slowly creep up.
  11. And if they haven't been made quieter, I would highly recommend they be made louder so a player can at least get an audible cue before its way to late to do anything.
  12. I've been playing for months with zombie type on random for the extra fear factor and risk of sprinters. But with maybe the last 41.61 or .62 build, sprinters especially seem very quiet, even with headphones on I don't hear them until they are right on top of me if I'm not seeing them. Before hand, I could usually hear footsteps when they were several tiles away and have time to turn to react. Now its like their growls/moans and foot steps don't become auditory until like 2-3 tiles away which gives no time to turn. This might have something to do with the noisework updates and certain zombie sound volumes being lowered or 'just footstep sounds being lowered. Would really appreciate if dev's would consider either tweaking the volume levels or making sprinters make more noise. Perhaps even adding a zombie sound for when they get alerted, like a specific type of growl, similar to the visual animation of them turning their head towards a sound then pursing the sound.
  13. Manually controlling one's zoom levels and panning is, for me, a core part of playing the game and constantaly needing to adjust your situational awareness given different situation. With mouse wheel for zoom, it becomes fast second nature zooming in and out as enter/leave buildings, or enter/leave combat etc. The panning is the closest approximation the game has for how you would have to always be looking around if you were in the situation. With right click combat mode and cursor moving, this also gets to be fairly second nature and fast. Having the game partially automate this would lead to as many problems as it creates, and I would find especially troublesome when it does things I don't actually want it to do.
  14. I know it must seem thankless to put out huge updates and then have a lot of criticism from the player base, but honestly love how this dev team takes it all in stride and continues revising/updating based on their own internal roadmap and the feedback they get from the community! Looking forward to testing out this new version and hearing the sound adjustments!
  15. Another issue with the new sound system, if there is a zombie thumping on something directly to character left (looking straight ahead by say a zombie at a door directly to left), it plays in both left AND right headphones. Granted the right headphone is lower volume but its also slightly delayed so I hear a loud thump on my left THEN immediately after a quieter thump on my right. This is confusing and unrealistic and will lead to a lot unnecessary player death.
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