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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. Unfortunately, this characters time has come to an end. Got bitten on the head after my hard hat got knocked off. This one stings, its the first character I've had last over a month and he was set up real sweet with a great safehouse and strong skill advancement after 4 1/2 months of survival. RIP
  2. As an idea/ game mechanic, this is very interesting since it gives skill acquisition and growth an impermanence and vulnerability that creates real risk/reward decisions for the player, similar to how having permadeath makes the gameplay that much more riveting with the choices you make. It also simulates real life to a degree. The tough part is really working out the values that drive the loss/retention of memory so that it isn't too overwhelming and greatly hampers the fun of playing. Having a grace period before the memory/skill loss occurs is definitely a must. One of the fundamental questions to answer is can it actually make a player lose a skill level or does it stop once it depletes the current level? And how much skill memory do you lose a day after that grace period? Also, much like the old adage about riding a bike, gaining back that lost memory should happen much faster than when first acquiring the skill. Either through doing the activity or rereading a skill book of the level the character is at. For instance if you're halfway through lvl 7 carpentry, and then lose all the skill memory down to the start of lvl 7, once you start doing the activity again you gain back XP at 2 or 3x the original learning (including skill book multiplier) until you reach that same halfway point, where skill learning then goes back to normal levels (modified by skill book multiplier). Or perhaps as a way to make the memory loss something to manage but not overly time consuming, allow rereading a skill book of the appropriate level to fully return your skill to where it previously was, in this case halfway through lvl 7. Sleep deprivation could also accelerate memory loss as it does in real life.
  3. I started a sandbox game with containers respawning items every 3 months, and now that I've seen that its respawning way more items than I expected, its too much of a benefit and making the game a bit too easy. Is there anyway to turn off sandbox settings like this midgame? Either through in-game commands or perhaps game file editing?
  4. Vending machines accepting money would only work while there is electricity so generally for a small amount of time and likely before enough money items are found in game to make it worthwhile. I guess you could also wire one up to a battery, but the amount of work to do that doesn't seem worth the pay off in any situation. Definitely think it should require breaking the vending machine to get food items thus generating noise and increasing the players risk of zombie detection.
  5. lol dress so ugly that the zombies avoid you from embarrassment. Great defensive technique.
  6. Oh wow, very cool. Is this official testing or a mod?
  7. Not sure if you play with mouse+keyboard or controller, but if mouse+keyboard, what I do that almost always works: Hold down right mouse button so my character is in Aim/Sneak mode and aim directly at the door. While holding the RMB, hit the key you have assigned to open doors, then LMB immediately to use your weapon while also walking away from the door. The whole time your holding down your RMB or whatever you have assigned for Aim/Sneak mode. There is some practice here regarding distance from the door you are when you open it, timing of the mouse clicks, and comfort with using multiple keys/mouse buttons at once.
  8. Not a high priority, but of course, bikes could be painted just like walls to allow players to customize the way they look.
  9. I had a dream last night, definitely zombie inspired, that made me realize that while bicycles are probably the most important additional mode of transportation to add to the game, boats/kayaks/canoes would be a follow-up. There's obviously way more land than water in the game world hence bikes a priority, but there are enough ponds, streams, and rivers that being able to get out on a boat or handmade canoe/kayak would add depth to the game. Better fishing when in deeper bodies of water (see levels -1 and -2 below), some protection from zombies when in deeper water, and an additional way to get around the map. Boats could be manual powered (need to find not only the boat but oars...also backup long blunt weapon) or gas powered engine, and also they could be built from high level carpentry and metal working. The boats would require limited maintenance as well for things like the hull and the engine if applicable. At some point, might even be possible to craft floating pontoons for safe storage or even safehouses, if things like 50 gallon drums are added to the game. Once boats introduced, then I think you'd have to think about zombies and players entering water, not just being able to boat on it, so the map could have levels below 0/ground plane. 0 would remain shallow water (say up to the hip level where players and zombies can walk at slower speed and get wet below waist), -1 could be above head height where players swim (and get fully wet) and zombies can only slow and fatigue the player, and -2 where players swim freely and zombies are deep enough they can't interact with player but can only travel. At -1, zombies would have a limited sight and hearing area, and at -2 should have almost none (ie unless your directly above their tile.) For the player, being overexerted in -1 and -2 leads to slower movement and possible drowning if exhausted.
  10. Hah damn, well it'll keep me on my toes then as I continue to explore and scavenge.
  11. Does using a part of the body that is injured slow down healing? For instance, if you have a hand or arm injury and then spend the day chopping down trees or bashing zombie heads, does that activity slow down healing in the arm?
  12. Ahh ok, good to know. So for the respawning mechanic, do the zombies just get popped back into final location like magic, or do they always travel to their final location? If the former, then not sure if walls/barriers serve much purpose since they could just respawn into some random room somewhere within walls. If the latter, then walls/barriers would help and just require maintenance as damaged.
  13. I've finally gotten a character to survive 6 weeks and things seem to be going well w/ my base, skills, and supply runs. But something strange happened today and I'm not sure what's going on. I'm based out of Rosewood construction site, and a week ago (gametime) I started clearing out the fire station, police station, county court, and the small downtown area. In about 4 days I had cleared most everything up to the church in the main intersection of town so that when I drove or ran thru, I would only see the occasional single zombie wandering about. I took a day and a half off from this due to rainstorm and doing some base work and farming. Then today, about 6 or 7 gamedays after I started this effort, I hop in my car and start driving to my next area to clear when I see dozens of zombies in groups up to 5-6 littered thru the area that the day before had been essentially clear. This is a bit disconcerting so I pull over to a safe spot to have a look around, and that's when I see something really strange to me. Zoomed out as much as possible and with my field of view moved as far out as it goes, I see a line of 2-3 zombies shambling towards town. And then this line just continues, with some space (maybe 4-5 tiles) in between each zombie, that line becomes 9 to 10 zombies, all taking a straight line from the fields into town. Nothing particularly to attract them, they just seem on a mission to repopulate the town. And the distance they travel to do this is vast, it goes from the farthest west my view allowed almost to the farthest east my view allowed. So....is this how the game repopulates certain areas over time? The zombies essentially hoard their way back in from some unknown starting point? Without barriers is it even possible to keep an area clear of zombies over time? Does staying away from an area long enough cause a repopulation?
  14. Excellent little tip. I thought there must be a way to have reuse real curtains instead of the sheet look. I was originally thinking maybe required some Tailoring level.
  15. Ugh those damn zombie kleptomaniacs! Bikes could definitely be broken into many different parts, but there is a balance to strike between qty of different parts to maintain and find vs enjoyment. 3-4 parts seems best, since the vehicles already have so many and its a bit of chore/luck to keep them maintained. All the tools are already in the game you'd need to maintain the bikes which is helpful for easier implementation. I like the idea of the clothing your wearing helping with bike crash damage, esp in regards to helmets, jackets, etc.
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