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  1. This I think would be a far easier option, but if there is actually zombie-armor then it might not be as easy. Would still like to see it so I can stop wasting so much time after killing 30-50 zeds, running around scrolling to the floor to see if they dropped anything so I can put it on a body.
  2. Having all that on and just climbing a fence would be pretty hard for most people not used to it. Kinda why I think it should be tied to your strength level. Give a base requirement and then the higher above that requirement you go, the easier it is.
  3. So I went looking and haven't been able to find anything for crafting wooden roofs, except for using wooden floors. There are metal roofs you can build, but no wooden roofs. Would it be hard to add in Wooden Roofs so that I can continue my dreams of making a wooden home with an actual roof and not just a wooden floor acting as the roof?
  4. Guess I could test it out near zeds...tend to want to avoid large groups of them unless I am ready to fight. lol
  5. Ahh ok. Thanks man.
  6. That I know about. Where do you go to adjust the size? Is it in the menu options or what?
  7. I know you are joking, but I am pretty sure that would be the worst way to try to get this added into the game. lol
  8. Didn't even know you could changed the size of the loot screen. My screen is big enough that it has never been a problem for me. Good to know.
  9. not a bad idea. Maybe tie it into your strength skill. The higher the skill the easier it is or longer you can peek. If it is too low you would either get a short peek or no peek at all.
  10. Problem with adding that flag is that anything you take from them would also have that flag, so if you put that on the ground it would risk disappearing. I think just making it so they stay on would be a good idea, or make them more noticeable when they are on the ground so it is easier to find when you do a cleanup.
  11. how in the world do you level nimble? I have jumped over tons of short obstacles and it barely moves. Is nimble like sprinting in how long it takes to level? Hope this question isn't out of line.
  12. Would another option be to add the ability to change the size of the loot screen in addition to allow you to adjust the opacity?
  13. Added bonus would be allowing you to play someone like Negan in a MP game.
  14. That would give it better balance as well, maybe allow it to be used at level 6 and cost 20 unusable metal to make one scrap, and then decrease the amount as you level up the skill?
  15. I did some forum searching on the suggestions part of the forums, and the list of suggested suggestions, and didn't find anything relating to unusable metal so I figured I would go ahead and ask the question and see what I get. So here is the question: Is it possible to make it so that you can melt down unusable metal into scrap metal? I know it is called unusable, but if you had scraps or small bit of metal, you would be able to melt it down into something usable. Maybe make it cost something like 15-20 unusable metal = 1 scrap metal, or something like that.
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