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  1. Veyron

    Super Survivors!

    But they can still escape the hordes, I saw a NPC getting bit, attacked and surrounded by zombies, and he/she can still sprinting right on middle the hordes and even getting out?? That just dosn't make sence, player will be slow down if they are bit or attacked by zombies, they wont getting ability to run, I tried, is not work, but the NPC can, right now, I can always seen a NPC been followed by bunch zombies right behind him/her, and he/she just running like crazy, screwing around with zombies, did they ever getting exhaustion?
  2. Veyron

    Super Survivors!

    There's something I want to talk about it, is that NPC sometimes doing something beyond the player, for example, I always seen the NPC getting chase by the zombie hordes, and they can somehow walking straight into the hordes, and come out safety, and they can even doing that when attacked by the zombies, if the player is attacked by the zombies, they will getting speed penalty, whichs moveing slower that usually, the NPC, somehow, dosn't have the same problem, they can always getting out the hordes surround anytime, and they can even doing that with sprints, that's really blows my mind, right now, I can always seen a bunch NPC that led a whole hordes going what ever they please, also they sometimes stand still after climb over fence or something. I mean, come on! Why does the npc getting such favour?
  3. Veyron

    Super Survivors!

    I want to know, why there's no counts about how many survivors you killed? I can see a lot zombies I killed, but none of those survivors? is this gonna happen on future version?