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  1. Ah ok. Makes sense. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  2. You should use necroforge to get keys. It has a tool called "Key Maker" You activate it then you click on the door you want to make a key for and it will spawn in your inventory.
  3. So i started a new game today, found a annotated map and when i opened it it looks like this. It is stretched outside the screen so i can't adjust it. Anyway to reset the size.
  4. On the PZ wiki it states that Fast Learner gives you +30% to all XP gained, Pacifist says it gives you -25% XP gained to weapon skills. But someone said Fast Learner works like this, if you get 10 XP and you have a 100% bonus you get 20 XP. Then Fast learner comes in and you get 30% onto that 20 XP giving you a total 26 XP gained. Does Pacifist work the same?
  5. Give this mod a try: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1949965133&searchtext=sleep I let's you sleep anywhere. At Least until the devs add it to the game.
  6. I joined roughly During build 31 when professions were updated and before steam workshop. I heard some people talking about how they join in old, OLD builds but, how old is "OLD"? Now is the time to find out! I am super interested in knowing when everyone joined And if you don't know exactly then just make your best guess. This poll is not for exact numbers or anything like that. I just want to know stuff like. "Ohh there are people from the bob and kate build!" or "Lot of people from the Professions build like me!". Also maybe a bit of bragging rights. To vote you need to pick an option in all 3 polls to submit so i added an blank option in each poll if your build was not in that poll. Disclaimer all builds names and info are taken from here: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Version_history
  7. First person. 3D, (Being able to turn the camera around so you can see the world form 4 sides instead of just one.) Swimming. Persistent/Evolving meta events. (Like Day one, you go bye a store and see it is locked. Day 7 You see the door broken and look inside and see everything is looted with dead bodies inside. Or you walk down a road and see nothing but week 3 you see a car crashed into a light pole with a dead body in the driver's seat and loot in the trunk.) Models for animals.
  8. I had this happen one time as i was dying. I quited, reloaded and my Character was naked over his own dead body at full HP with all the same skills. I sprinted away looped back and looted my dead clone for all my gear.
  9. @Dr_Cox1911 I tried my mod with the version on steam and it does not work. You need the github version for it to work. When the version on steam updates i will test it and if it works I'll add it as a dependency.
  10. Just released my first full mod! Get a job! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2040632854 Thanks again for making profession framework. Had a lot of fun making my mod and I made sure to credit you! If you want I can friend you on steam and credit you as a co-creator. Now I just got to learn how to make traits.
  11. I just found it like literally 5 seconds ago LOL! Thanks.
  12. I'm new to modding and I just made my first mod. But I can't find out how to upload it to the steam workshop. Can anyone point me to a guide or tutorial on how to do it? Thanks.
  13. Nope you are right. I just tested it and the limit is 100. I only used it fore a few points a few times so I never noticed.
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