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  1. Do you have the lucky trait? The lucky trait makes it so "rare" items have a 10% chance of spawning, It does this roll when you first open a container. I have found fresh food next to rotten food tons of times. Let's say you find a fruit stand a few weeks in, all the food in it is rotten. But, when you first look inside it you find one fresh. That is because the lucky trait just spawned one in. I think it does this based on what "Rare" items spawn in said container. So better food for shelves or fruit stands, Weapons for dressers, nightstands, or gun cases. And axes, guns, construction tools, for zombies. IF you don't have lucky then ya this is prob a bug.
  2. That is what i do. I use sandbox pretty much only, and i have a mod that makes it so you start with items relevant to your occupation. So if your a construction worker you will start with a hammer or if you are a security guard you will start with a baton and a flashlight. I know there are people that like to start with no items and lots of zombies but i have fun playing this way.
  3. One thing i do is try to make my way to a forest, make a flint knife then start making spears.
  4. OH ya, i get this bug when i go up and down the escalators in the mall in valley forge.
  5. I just left the pharmacy in the mall in valley forge last night with 500 cigs.
  6. So, do you have both parts of it in your inventory? When you try to pickup a couch or something that takes up two spots it drops in two parts. (Green couch 1/2, Green couch 2/2,) Sometimes if you try to pick up a couch or a shelf it will break and only drop one part. If you still can't place it try dropping part one on the ground near where you want it and keep part two in your inventory then try to place it.
  7. there was one clothing store in dixy that used to have like 1k ez every time I went. Don't know if that is still the case.
  8. Yes. This needs to be a thing!
  9. I made this same mistake before. Had the hammer in my backpack so it would not barricade. "Tools" must be in your inventory While "Ingredients" can be in your inventory, backpack or on the floor or in a container.
  10. Currently in game there is a challenge called "House In The Woods - Last Stand Accumulator" Which gives you points when you kill zombies and you can use those points to buy items, weapons and skills. I think is idea has been EXTREMELY overlooked. This could be rebranded as an arcade mode where you start on the kentucky map but XP gain is turned off and item spawns are turned off. With the only way to get items or skills is to buy them at certain locations. Want to level up a skill? Better find that bookstore in town. Want to get some body armor? Welp time to break into the police station. Need some food? Burgers are 15 points at your local spiffo restaurant. I think this mode needs to be looked at again. It could be a hidden jem. What it could do is, Right now containers have marks that say what can spawn in them. Crates in warehouses will have tools, Lockers in police station will have guns and ammo. Fridges in a cafe will have different food then fridges in supermarkets. So, lets say you walk into the police station and open a locker it spawns ( Box of 9mm, Pump Shotgun, Duffle bag.) You can buy as many of these items as you want then you can click loot all ( would be renamed to reroll) for a cost to shuffle the items. Now you can buy: (hunting knife, ham radio) If you don't like it you can reroll it, Now you get: ( box of shotgun shells, 9mm magazine, 32. revolver, box of .556,) Or the existing one could just be expanded on to include all skills all weapons more items and stuff like nails and thread, and lets you play on more maps. But i think this could be a super opportunity.
  11. Until they do add this to base game you should give this mod a try. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844075722 I have not tested it with the IWBUMS build, but it looks like it works on that build. It lets you do pushups and jumping jacks to raise your strength and fitness and also help you too gain or lose weight, the balance is that exercising cost a lot of food and water. And it is limited by the level of your strength or fitness (If your strength is level 1 you can only do 10 push ups at a time). You should give it a look.
  12. I had to go into the game files and make the rifles round fed instead of magazine fed to fix them.
  13. Ah ok. Makes sense. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  14. You should use necroforge to get keys. It has a tool called "Key Maker" You activate it then you click on the door you want to make a key for and it will spawn in your inventory.
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