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  1. THat is because that is a cardboard box and not an ammo locker. Cardboard boxes have loot tables for stuff you would find in garages, even if its in a police station. Another example of this is, in the police station in Rosewood and WP there are filing cabinets the armory that just have paper or magazines in it.
  2. I had an idea like this a while ago, where you could use smoke grenades to call in airdrops from helicopters. Turning the heli event into a risk reward type thing.
  3. Hi. I got a question. If i wanted to make a trait like Axeman, but, make it for something like baseball bats, or handguns. How would I go about doing that? Is there anywhere i can see how axeman is coded. From that i can reverse engineer it to work for other weapons.
  4. Hi, So I use this mod as a requirement for a mod i made on steam, and one of the users found a bug where if you make a custom trait, using PFM. Then, try to save that trait in a loadout. The trait will not be be in the loadout when you load it, and you will have to re add the trait everytime you load the loadout.
  5. Funny you should say that. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2224626119 Currently its a bit buggy but they are working on remaking it for the newest build.
  6. I do feel like ammo is a bit unbalanced, I always get a ton of shotgun shells and rifle ammo but few of anything else. Like, I'll have 200 shotgun shells but only 20-30 rounds of revolver ammo.
  8. i too think the metal pipe needs some love. but i think instead of raising the ammo cap on the two rifles they should be able to be reloaded without a magazine like they used too. They are based off of real life guns and the real life variants do hold only 3 - 4 bullets. But, the real life versions don't need magazines.
  9. Ya this is a in-game mechanic. As the condition of an engine gets lower and lower, there is a growing chance that it will stall and spit out the key.
  10. Update: I updated the wrong files! I was updating it in the mod folder and not the workshop folder. This is what happens when you stop playing this game for like 3 months!
  11. I made a mod and its been up for a few months now on steam. I changed somethings on it and tried to update it. When I use the upload mod tool in project zomboid The description of my mod will change on steam but not the mod files. If I make any changes to the description it will update the description, but the changes I make to the files don't change, and the change logs are not appearing. Anyone know what I should do?
  12. Update: Nevermind I had two map mods that were overlapping. I fixed it!
  13. I just came back to the game after a few months off it, when i tried to start a new game i got this error. It told me to check the console.txt for info about the error but i don't know where to look in this thing to find the problem. Can anyone with some know how check this and tell me what the problem is? I am running mods.
  14. Do you have the lucky trait? The lucky trait makes it so "rare" items have a 10% chance of spawning, It does this roll when you first open a container. I have found fresh food next to rotten food tons of times. Let's say you find a fruit stand a few weeks in, all the food in it is rotten. But, when you first look inside it you find one fresh. That is because the lucky trait just spawned one in. I think it does this based on what "Rare" items spawn in said container. So better food for shelves or fruit stands, Weapons for dressers, nightstands, or gun cases. And axes, guns, construction tools, for zombies. IF you don't have lucky then ya this is prob a bug.
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