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  1. Also I did find 3 .556 mags and I own more katanas then I do .308 and .223 mags (As in I own one katana). Also all this was in West Point.
  2. I do rarely find gun magazines in gun stores and police stations but it is super rare. I mostly get them off zombies, I'm sitting on about twelve 9mm magazines from zombie bodies and I'm a little under one month in. Also for some reason magazines for both of the hunting rifles don't spawn.
  3. Well, slanted tiles only stop rain, they don't have a physical body to them and you can fall through them. There are slanted grass tiles that work the same way in the railyard bunkers.
  4. Oooh I love the look of those soup shelves. This is some nice stuff.
  5. Here is a few more. Libarian - Job: -5 Sneak: +1 Lightfooted: +2 Nimble: +1 (Book lover: lose boredom, stress and unhappiness when reading skill books and magazines.) Botanist - Job: -2 Forage: +2 (Unknown Name: Chance to gain a random forageable food item when walking over any grass or dirt tile. item scales with your forage skill (at level 2 you can get a barry, bluebarry, blackbarry, violets, grape leaves or a worm. With more unlocked at higher skill levels). PTSD: +6 Gunshots cause stacking panic and you gain an increased chance of having a nightmare at night. Packrat: -4 Items at or under 1 LB weight half as much. Bloodlust: -3 Slowly regenerate happiness when covered in blood. Opposite to Hemophobic. Masochist: -8 When injured negate all pain and gain a small amount of happiness. Delusions: +4 Experience hallucinations at random. gain anxiety and stress from these events. See ghost zombies through walls. Hear whispers and growls from nowhere, have fake zombies try to grab you from behind. and see fake hostile npcs. etc. (Ghost zombies used to be in the game in a SUPER early build). Alzheimer's: +10 Slowly lose xp in skills you don't use within 24 hours. And every hour after that, stopping when you use said skill and resetting the timer.
  6. These are all great ideas. You should share these ideas on the "More Traits" mod page. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1299328280&searchtext=more+traits Some of the traits you suggested like "Getaway Driver" are already added by that mod as "Expert driver - Cars drive faster, quieter and more efficiently" and "Crippled Leg" has a similar trait in "Amputee - you can't equip any item in your off hand". It also adds the trait "Martial Arts - shoves deal a small amount of damage scaling with small blunt skill". He maybe able to make some of your traits a reality.
  7. This mod adds the ability to forage for tabacco and make roll-ups using newspaper, as well as a bunch of other stuff like lockpicking, jarring meats ect, just scroll down and look at the links on the mod page to see what elce it does. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1931669063.
  8. So, to pickup and move objects when in game if you look on the left side of the screen you will see six icons. Primary weapon slot, secondary weapon slot, a cardboard box (inventory), a heart, (health menu), a hammer and ruler, (Crafting menu) and a desk/dresser (Move item menu). Click the desk icon and it will give you four options. Pickup. place, rotate, and dismantle. To pickup some objects like washing machines, or crates, you may need skills in electrical or carpentry, or you may need a tool like a hammer, screwdriver, or a crowbar. Some objects you can pickup and move with no skills or tools needed such as tables, chairs and some fridges. Some things like bookcases, large shelves, crates, and metal lockers have a chance to break based on how low/high your skill for that item is. Metalworking, carpentry, and electrical are typically the only skills used to pickup a object. You can also dismantle stuff for nails, planks, sheet metal and XP.
  9. If you mean being able to place stuff behind a half fence to stop zombies, that is a bug in the game. If you mean the menu on the left that is a mod, forgot to close it when i took the screen shots. It gives you more details on stuff like armor, insulation, tells you what numeric level your food, water, exhaustion is and tells you if the action you are doing is giving you xp and in what skill that xp is going too. Helpful if your testing to see how stuff works. Also lets you do a manual save so you don't have to leave and comeback to save.
  10. So, here is the idea. This mod would add a smoke grenade/signal flare that is a SUPER rare loot drop. With a slightly better chance of spawning on military zombies. You would place it like you can with radios and walkie-talkies. When you place it if you right-click it, you can activate it causing a plume of smoke to appear and a helicopter event to spawn, this would also make a supply crate spawn with 50 LBs of random supplies ( canned food, bottled water, military guns and ammo, and some meds). You could also add variants of the signal flare. ( A blue one would give you more water and food, a red one more ammo and melee weapons like a katana, a green one could have tools and farming equipment, and a gray one would have a balanced amount of everything.). Also, the crate would be destructible, making it so you can't just call it in then leave and come back later. This would make the helicopter a blessing and a curse. As well as make it have a bit more of an impact on gameplay. Supplies could also be dropped as a para-drop or a free-drop, para-dropped would take about 2-3 minutes to hit the ground but would land in one spot and be in perfect condition (the box containing the supplies would act like a player build object and be destructible.) Free-drops would hit the ground in less than 30 seconds but would be scattered forcing the player to run around to collect them. Also some of them could break on impact ( water bottles could have less water or be empty, cans could break open, boxes of ammo could break open and scatter the rounds, and guns and melee weapons could have less condition). Which ever the mod maker thinks would be better ( or the devs, wink wink nudge nudge).
  11. I remember that there was a mod that added a plane to the game. Was super cool but with vehicles I think they stopped supporting it.
  12. Personally, I find the Muldrough small warehouse/storage lot to be one of the best safehouses in the game. Using just two cars (or 10 log walls), you can block off one medium building, one small building and a ton of empty space for farming or building. You have a good chance of finding a generator in the storage lot. It puts you one block from the highway and is just two blocks from the middle of Muldrough. Link: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5252832497785395,0.3085699566799337,119.48721106523459
  13. At least melted ice cream no longer makes you sad.
  14. So, first off all credit for this find goes to these two people people. ErasmusCrowley for making it public. And AuthenticPeach for finding it. So, if you want a detailed explanation click on (ErasmusCrowley) for the full info. So for the short explanation Zombies can't climb over a half-fence if there is an object blocking the other side. This works for player-made half-fences and world fences. If you go to the storage lots in Muldrough, it is fully fenced in except for the entrance that has a half fence. If you enter the storage office you can find a long table and a filing case, both can be moved without tools. Then across the street are 2 small houses. both have 5 tables that can be moved without tools. You go back to the storage lot. Place everything on the inside of the half-fence and now zombies can't climb in. This also stops zombies from respawning or migrating into the base if the zone unloads. But the objects now count as player-made and can be destroyed! So be careful when shooting near them or you will destroy them! Now, to get into your base there are two ways. First, you can hop the full-fence to get back in but if you have a heavy load or are exhausted it won't work. Another way is if you go to the half-fence you can pick up the tables blocking it from the front, climb in, then just place it back down. All this can be done without tools and with zero carpentry skills.
  15. In build 41, characters already have hair growth. If you make a male character, make him with no beard. then wait a few days to a week. then they will grow a beard. Hair takes a bit longer but it will grow too.
  16. I have some great moments in Project Zomboid and i would love to hear if anyone has that one project zomboid moment that just makes you go: "That was epic". Modded and vanilla moments are all good here. Here is one of mine. I use a lot of mods with PZ but the 2 involved with this moment are the "Superb Survivors" and "eris_minimap". So, when I sleep I like to open the mini map so I can watch the hords gather and zombies travel in 4x speed. One night I hear a few gunshots. I look at my mini map and see like 50 red dots (Zombies) surround a house with a blue arrow (NPC Survivor). I watch as they all flood in one side of the house, hear a ton of gunshots in the distance. The arrow run into the back corner of the house. The zombies flood into that corner and surround the arrow. Then the arrow disappears from the map. And I just sit there going: "...OMG..." When I woke up I went to the house lured the zombies away to look inside and found all the windows broken. All the doors broken. Like 5 dead zombies in the kitchen. In the bathroom, I found a few dead zombies at the doorway, and a revolver laying on the ground next to a dead survivor. This is like my top moment in PZ. Post below if you guys have any memorable moments.
  17. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1414457780&searchtext=region+map This mod does exactly what you want, give it a look if you get the chance.
  18. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1934920186 Here is a mod that adds CDs and functioning CD players to the game. There are only 3 CDs but each has several custom music tracks on them. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1934751140 This one make it so you can play those handheld videogames you find in closets and dressers. You should be able to use these mods as a base to make your own, or send a message to the maker of these mods and maybe he will throw a few tips your way.
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639909479 Here is a link to a suppressors mod for build 41. It also has homemade suppressors. Also in build 41 I believe there are bayonets for shotguns and rifles.
  20. In real life the "Remington 700" most commonly has an internal magazine so does not use a magazine (Also you can special order it to be magazine fed). So I'm looking for a mod that makes the MSR700 round fed instead of using a magazine. Also because magazines for rifles are almost impossible to find and I want more options for rifles.
  21. In game currently there are 2 rifles, the "MSR700 Rifle", and the "MSR788 Rifle" having them both magazine fed make them a harder to use, due to the rifle magazines being SOOOO much more rare then the magazines for other guns in the game. For handguns if you can't find a magazine for a pistol, you got more options such as the revolver. Or you can use a shotgun that does not need a magazine. However with rifles you don't have that choice. I think the "MSR700" Should be made round fed and the "MSR788" should be kept as magazine fed. Also their real life counter parts. The "Remington 700" has a internal magazine and thus is round fed. And the "Remington 788" uses a box magazine thus is magazine fed. You could also add a weapon mod that makes the "700" magazine fed (Like how you can add scopes and straps). In real-life you can special order them to be magazine fed. And also you could add a speed loader to the revolver (Acts like a magazine). But I just think we need more options for the rifles.
  22. In unloaded zones, zombies can spawn in (or roam into) areas that are not blocked off. For example: A house has all doors and windows closed, zombies won't spawn inside it. House has a broken window? Then zombies can spawn inside it. If you build a log wall around an area, then when you leave the zone and come back zombies won't be in the area due too there being no way to just walk in to it. But say you got a house and the door is broken, so you use a car to block the door. If you leave the zone and come back a zombie may spawn in the house due to the car not counting as a obstructing object like a player make wall or door would.
  23. First character on the new update, played as a police officer in muldraugh. Found a car with gas and a backpack in my spawn house. Went to the police station and looted a key off a zombie and took 1 shotgun, 2 pistols, a m16. and 200+ rounds of assorted ammo. looted some food and drinks from the nearby gas station and started driving to rosewood. Found a cop zombie with a handgun on him and 2 other random zombies. Thought: "Just three zombies EZ." Got out of my car, pulled out my nightstick get stun locked by the three of them and died. Now any time I see more then one zombie I'm like: "Ok how am I going to do this..."
  24. The mod can, I don't know about the challenge. I think the latter is only for single player. I'm working on an addon for "coxishop" that will make a arcade mode for project zomboid. where you get one point per zombie kill and you spend those points on Weapons, Food, Nails, Meds, wooden planks, and books. stuff like that.
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