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  1. You have can opener in your inventory? beef is the only one that do not demand can opener to open it. Rest of cans demand you to have can opener in your inventory. Well i check in my game after update it work fine. Do you use mods?
  2. Ok i was thinking about it a lite. And i know creating new mechanics can make time and be a lot time consuming. So maybe just use already existing mechanics and just add more optins? For example why not make more crops? Ther are already in game things like onion and corn, so why not add optin to use seed of them and grown from start? We can make our own spear! Thats great ! But why not add posibility to make our own basbal bat? If we have level 10 of carpentry too easy? Ok so maybe add some tool that is needed like chisel? Tailoring is a great thing i really enjoy it a lot. But whay not go lite furter? If we reach high enoug level of tailoring and for example metal working we culd combine those to and actuly creat our own armor?
  3. Hey is ther a way to somehow edit "bad day" challenge in sandbox options? I love idea but i wuld love to switch of zombie respown (for me game become pointless if zombis respawn) and change some loot for example ?
  4. Its a just sugestion, and way for me to pull out my frustration with game. I spend over 3 000 hours in PZ and i wuld like to think i know thing or two about it. And i really dont like general direction to witch game is gowing. From start build 41 i see how makers try to make game more "harder" and harder at start, so they deley point when player reach save point when he know he actuly can surive. What do i mean? Compare build 40 loot at max settings and build 41. Its ridiculous how lite food you can found in survivors house even with max loot setings. Tru is simply when player reach save point ther is not much to do. So makers try to deley time we need to reach point when we can surive and reach safety. Ofcourse we all want nps, but after plaing with npcs mod i start to undestood how "pain in the ass" is to add them working properly with evry version. Exercise ! I can not stop be happy we have them now in the game. It give me some reason to play in late game. It was always my thing. Start as 0 and slowly reise to zombie killing maschine and ultimate surivor. I think its a step in right direction, but for me its not enough. Ok, ok i complane a lot, so what i wuld like? Maybe some constructive sugestions? - It wuld be a heaven if we get more things to do in late game content - More loot at max setings ( if i put loot on max i want walk in the park looking for trash bags. Damm i have my self right now at home over 40 of them) Why after serching 50 homes with fridge i found only 3 buter at normal loot setings?! At max is not much beter. Ok why i want all that loot? Well im a loot hore and i like to make pei. -weapons and moust importen Axes durabilitys. If i want to build big base (i mean in my courent play used over 400 wood logs) i had to use 12 wooden axes with 6 level of weapon maintenance. I doo undestood game need to be balance, and weapon break easly (even if i hate it) but coman if u se axe as tool i wuld expect it will hold longer cuting trees. I dint even yeat build a walls for my stronghold just a maine building, and after looting mckoy and 6 other warehouses i know i dont have enough to cut as many trees as i like. I like idea axe get "used" after cuting trees, but it wuld be great if i can make more hit with it on trees then a zombie. -Let me be self-sufficient. Ok i know asking for cows and milk wuld be too much, but maybe at least let me make my own mustard, Mayonnaise, and ketchup? If i spend all sumer looting like creazy, i wuld like to make my own things in base while working on my strength and condition during winter. -In general more crops and more recipes. -Add some way to train your skills in base. I mean like a training puppets. Ofcourse they wuld give much lex exp then actuly fight with zombies but it wuld be always something to do in long winter day. - In general more things to craft! I cant bolive i say it, i was hating idea of crafting in past, but yes more options wuld be simply nice. Just plz if you let me play as i like with so many options in sandboxl et it be, and dont take that away. If i want set loot on super high let me have super high loot. ( later i will have to build my own warehouse just to have a place to store it! :D:D:D:D:D ) but its something i wuld like. And plz people if you have some ideas what we culd do in late game at home or out side, beside killing zombies and looting plz add them.
  5. Well yes im using mods, but save is new(7 days old) its whay im asking any one els have this problem
  6. You dont undetood me. Problem is i have unusable wood from destroy cage trap, when it allways was wire.
  7. I have a problem with Cage Trap. Untill now when steal trap was destroyd (with no reson, even if ther was no baite.) ther was remaine like wire, that let me to rebuild trap. Now when cage trap is destroy as remaines i found only unusable wood. As result i dont have renewable source of rabits any more. I cant comfirm this for 100 % becouse i use mods with my hunter character, do anyone els have this problem?
  8. This is not only about firefighter or a fitness instructor. I test it in my maine play with character starting with 0 fitnes and few tests with 5 or 9 condition as unemployed and lumber jack as well. Ther is no way to max EXERCISE "REGULARITY bar. I try it with push ups , using dumbbell and barbells. No mater do i spend whole week or few days ther is no way to push EXERCISE bar above "Y" in REGULARITY. Its posible its actually max , but in that case REGULARITY bar have a glith and cant be full on max.
  9. Nativel Exacly ! Thank you !
  10. I mean if i will reach even 60 % of Exercise Regularity then instantly leav game to maine menu and load saved game "Regularity bar" drop to defoult. Edit: It dose not mater how much progres you made, evry single time you reload game as firefighter or Fitnes instructor "Regularity bar" drop to defoult. Even if you had half of that bar full. Game dont save that progres for firefighter or Fitnes instructor. Dont bolive me? Just make your self character and make your self 3 sesions 3 h of push ups as firefighter.Then relode game you will see any progres is lost. It will take you 5 min in real time.
  11. Like in topic Regularity of Exercise is bug if we play as firefighter. If i start new game as firefighter i already have some points in progres of Regularity. Problem is if i leav game and load it again any progres in Regularity is lost.Besaide that even if i Exercise for a week non stop (in game time) cant max Regularity bar. As result cant use Exercise as firefighter. Edit: Fitnes instructor have the same problem
  12. Well im playing only sandbox at singleplayer. I gain xp to fitness. Only problem is when i want to push tree. I use that to farm xp for fitness and strenght. With strenght it work fine but i dont get any at all for fitness. Well i add link to youtube video to show what i mean.
  13. Well since last update evry new game i start with mods or out of modes i dont get any xp in fitness for pushin tree. Is that normal? When i load old saves using mods on easyer fitness and strength xp it still work. But not in new game no mater will i use mod or not. Only i have that problem?
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