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  1. The bug is present for a while already, even before the loot rebalancing happened. Currently the upper cupboards in trailers, at least the ones in Muldraugh's trailer park, drop mostly nails – I think they use generic loot table instead of the one regular cupboards do.
  2. I decided to make a list of items that currently can not be picked, but technically should be possible to do. Seeing as virtually anything can be picked now, given enough skill and having required tools, I decided to put it in the bug reports as possible omissions instead of suggestion, even if technically it could probably apply to suggestion. I'll post separate I'll try to post each item, screenshot and example PZMap location based on the most recent public testing build (as the time of writing 40.3 weather test build) and give a suggested name for it, since I think the tiles do
  3. I finally get to assembling items that should be disassemblable but currently are not. See also "List of world tiles that can't be picked up" for items that are not movable. Some of the items I already stated in this reply from a thread originally started by@Geras back in reply to his findings. I'll try to update this thread from time to time: All non-movable items listed here and that are not disassemblable (list in this thread) Purple Rattan Chair: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10914x9994 Purple Rattan Couch: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10912x9995
  4. Signs and drawings that are visible on windows, such as For Lease, 24 hours, All U Can Eat or BA, KE, RY signs in Muldraugh, stay there (and can't be picked) when the window is smashed, including when the glass is removed. You can go through them if you want, too.
  5. In the latest version I have a problem with disappearing Welding Masks. I had three, so thought it's more than I will ever need. However, one of them was nowhere to be found at one point. OK, I thought – probably it was knocked off by a zombie in a scuffle and I didn't notice it. But the second one I took disappeared like 20 minutes (real world time) after while being worn, and I was just walking around dismantling stuff, when suddenly it was gone. I didn't lose it or remove it, and it's nowhere to be found. Same problem was present in other beta versions with the Lighter
  6. When I attack with a closed umbrella equipped in both hands, there is a significant (1-2 second) lag in the "death" sound after I kill a zombie. So the zombie dies, after 1-2 seconds, the "death" sound plays. I am playing on the latest beta version, IWBUMS 41.44.
  7. This only happens when the radio is in a bag/container I have on. When I unpack the radio from the bag, the "place item" option shows up again. I am playing on the latest beta version, IWBUMS 41.44.
  8. What it says on the tin. When I click on "Set Alarm" on a clock that is inside a container, the clock does get transferred to my inventory but the pop-up for setting the alarm doesn't show up. I am playing on the latest beta version, IWBUMS 41.45.
  9. When the new fog (whether High or Medium detail) is enabled, and I am inside a building – it seems that outside is covered in a thick rolling fog. When I go out of the building, there is no fog, but everything is desaturated, but clearly visible. It seems that the new fog itself is not rendered at all. Legacy fog works OK, but I see black borders between fog cells (this was always the case in v41 since I switched to beta a few months ago. I'm playing the Steam version on MacBook (Pro early 2015, if that matters) with macOS Catalina.
  10. It seems there's not much left of those anymore, as most (all?) of the objects that can be picked got its name. It seems all that's left are a fence and a few toilet doors that are not pickable, here's the list of those that I spotted in Muldraugh, feel free to add if you know of more: Fence: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10843x9084 Outhouse Door: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10834x8938 Blue Toilet Door: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10607x9384 Brown Toilet Stall Door: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10612x10557 Blue Toilet Stall Door: https:
  11. I think I reported it already, but apparently not. It seems that currently "Damage to Player from Hit by a Car" isn't set for any modes. Is it sometimes that prevents that option to be set by default? I think there's no animation and the only way to experience it right now is Remote Play yet, but I still think it's not set accidentially since the time it was added – the alarms are set at least now, though in most presets are on Extremely Rare (it's Rare on One Week Later, though I'm not sure if that preset is used currently), so I honestly never experience car alarms either.
  12. Unfair deaths in the game the worst, one of the most dreaded ones is falling off when building, especially when you don't know where you can stand. Latest improvements in auto-generating floors beneath slanted tiles is improvement but it's not reliable, and with the isometric view it's often not so hard to accidentally let of your finger from one of the direction keys, even more with controllers and possible slowdowns due to FPS drops or lags (currently in remote play but down the line multiplayer too). Anyway, in Minecraft, when you crouch, you don't fall down the ledges – so you
  13. Currently, it is possible to spawn movables in debug item list, but only the ones that are defined in script files, such as Antique Stove or Mattress. Would it be possible to add an option to spawn more movables without adding them to the script files? Or populate the script file with all the up to date movable items – it would be much easier to debug issues and bugs with movables in debug mode and could potentially be useful in fixing worlds or later in multiplayer.
  14. EDIT: This is still occuring in the newest IWBUMS version. The bug has been corroborated by other users as of October 2020 AD. I am submitting further information. Good evening. I am experiencing an odd situation on a custom Map. Now, one might say to oneself, "this is a Mod issue, take it there", but it isn't. The original author of the Map has confirmed the same bug in a game on his map without Mods. In the pictures attached, you will see the issue. In these specific classes of shelving furniture, the game is incapable of spawning anythi
  15. When you place a Sandbag Wall or Graven Bag Wall, the sillouette is shown with a wooden floor with them – however, when you place them, just the bag (without the wall) is being placed. Ideally, the sillouette should not be shown with the floor to avoid confusion.
  16. I think all these items should be able to rip apart/cut with scissors for resources, but they are currently not – I bet there's more, maybe I'll try a debug to see a complete list, but for now I'll list those that I find Bandanas Baseball Cap Belt Beret Bikini Boots Clip-on Tie Fedora Flip-flops Fingerless Gloves Kentucky Baseball Cap Military Boots High Visibility Vest Holster Shoes Sneakers Socks Swim Trunks I know there are continuous improvements to the clothes that a
  17. While there seems to be some kind of protection about it when each item give XP only once for installing and uninstalling it in a car, it seems that after you switch cars it is no longer the case and eventually you can go back to the original one again. Combine that with the fact that unlike other parts, light bulbs, radios and batteries can't lose any of the durability when installing and light bulbs are plentiful (you can disassemble radios, TVs or take them out from lamps or other cars – 4/each car), you can grind mechanic experience pretty easily. I know it's not ye
  18. Placing a stone on the ground causes fog/the world to mostly disappear, items such as counters, sinks, fridges, tilled spots in a certain area east of the dropped stone. everything is still functional in the invisible zone. mods we're being used i'll put a list here: 300 points trait, additional hair colors, craft helper mod (v1.1.2) for PZ 36.4, Freespawn, Hydrocraft, Kingsmouth (just standalone world without the challenge part), pillows random spawns and pillows random spawns by location. (got too lazy to type these) survivorradio and finally eris_minimap. here is a link to a video featuring
  19. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.33184541534583367,0.28283740661007234,537.4418766048999 There is a floating part of a house, where my character is and where the top most window is.
  20. Zombies will not attack barricades on the opposite side of the window they are (aka, if they have to reach through the window to get to them) Tested this a few times and it was repeatable, and even reversible, where zombies cannot attack barricades on the inside of the house when they are on the outside. (Only mod enabled was a cheat menu to spawn in zombies to test it. Tested it with "attack player constructs" both on and off. This works with all barricades types, as far as I know. Tested with planks and metal bars, could not attract them onto the metal sheet, however.
  21. I put my Character to do squats, then I had to pause the game for a moment and when I resumed the game, my character was squatting indefinitely. I had to go in and out of the game to get him to stop squatting.
  22. I've read about the folks have experienced losing shit upon reload of the game, experienced it for the first time myself last night and again just now. Last night parts of my world were reset to their default. I had set up a base at the clothing store between muldraugh and westpoint with pretty much the entire building gutted and rebuilt to how I wanted it. It seems when the tiles were reset to default it was only within a limited distance from my character, because not all of the tiles in there were reset, just surrounding my character, probably about 10 square radius. Also a lot
  23. I have had a few massive hitches while playing, but usually the game snaps out of it and I can continue on. No rubberbanding involved. Just had a massive hitch that the game didn't recover from. Could still hear ambient noises, ALT+F4'd to get out of it and save my character in the event shit was going on behind the frozen screen. Here's the error from console:
  24. I found 2 game mechanics which are really expoitable and im sure they are not intended. First is, that you can get rid of your Stress- and the Depressed-Moodle, by smoking 1 Cigarette and instantly canceling the Action. The Cigarette doesent get consumed, but your Anxiousness is gone. In a high pressure Situation, where u are surrounded by zombies it gives you so much more time to gain more accuracy within 1 second or even less. You can also repeat this as often as you want to get rid of your unhappiess, if you have picked the Smoker-Trait. This exploid
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