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  1. So no multiplayer..again?
  2. Hi, I have another bug to report. In custom sandbox settings I chose 'no infection' and eventually later in the game I got bit and still got infection symptoms and died within few hours.
  3. Awesome! Thanks! I'll give it a try tonight.
  4. You asked me on Steam to post a picture of my friend's health panel. First picture is of my character, I am now experiencing same bug, but from a scratch. Second one is from my friend's bite wound bug. I hope this helps. Also, yes, the issue we have is the same as the one described on Steam, I've been holding a dirty bandage on the wound on purpose to see if it will develop the infection - nope. Everything healed fine except the bleeding effect stayed.
  5. I am the admin but when I went to the admin settings there was no option to heal anybody. Now I have the same bug happening on my character as well but it's from a scratch, not a bite like my friends is. Is there a setting I am missing in admin panel?
  6. So if you manage to find a fix and put it in the next update will I need to start a new game or will it fix an issue on the current character?
  7. Yes, infection is turned off. But this is still not normal for such wound. And like I've said it no longer says 'bitten' which means that the bite itself healed, but it's simply a wound now that won't stop bleeding. We had such a bug before with my character, but in one of the previous builds, and it only passed once my character died and I had to create a new one. The devs said they've fixed this bug in newer builds but it's obviously not true since it's still happening
  8. My friend and I are playing on P2P server that I'm hosting (build 40.43). He has been bitten by a zombie and it has been 10 in-game days and the wound still hasn't healed. It doesn't say 'Bitten' anymore but the bleeding effect is still there and won't go away, the bandage on it goes dirty on regular basis, but even when he leaves it on for longer, he still doesn't develop infection there.
  9. EDIT: Found fix for this issue! My friend turned off 'Double size textures' option, we restarted the game and when we entered the server he could see snow on ground as well Hi, I am hosting a P2P server for my friend and I (version 40.43). When it snows we both see snow falling and trees being covered in it BUT only I can see the snow covering the ground, he can't. For him the ground looks normal. Could it be because of a certain setting, or is this a bug? He has tried disconnecting and connecting back again. We even tried restarting the server and turning Pos
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