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  1. Hey Pandorea, I play through steam so it's up to date I think. Build is 3417012, version 40.43. Playing last night I started the server and tested vehicles without the second controller/player and all was well. Cars moved for me and I saw no signs of any problem. Had the second player log in with the controller (split screen) and the issue resurfaced immediately. Same thing, engine revs, squealing tires but no movement. Second player had no such problem.
  2. When playing a split screen game (local only) with 2 controllers (Xbox 360) the host can't move cars. I'm the host, I can get in and start it, and can tell it to move (rpm needle does change), but the only feedback I get is the squealing of tires. Not that familiar with vehicles yet, but it almost seems like a handbrake is always active? The second controller is able to operate vehicles as expected. The same vehicle will not function for first controller/the host. I've seen a few posts about this, but no solutions. Adding it here for visibility and hoping a solution is found/suggested.
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