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  1. A recommendation I would personally like to see that I miss from Nolan's old survivor version was the ability to switch between you and the other survivors. It would help with inventory management and everything.
  2. Linux and Windows are the only platforms to date for download on that page
  3. Will a new version of a mac tilezed be released? The last I could find was from 2013
  4. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well. It would act as more of a gameplay helper with making firearms a useful tool in the game where as of right now pure chance until 5+ skill leaves them as ignored and left behind.
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