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  1. Hey dude! No problem, and thank you. You don't need to start a new game, but vehicles will only spawn in areas you haven't been yet.
  2. Hey guys, I was thinking it'd be nice to be able to have the radio and TV play sound files. That way we could mod in voice overs, songs and whatever else comes to mind.
  3. Hey dudes! I uploaded a quick and dirty fix to steam that should get my mod working with this update.
  4. Hey man, check Fenris_Wolf's previous post in the thread.
  5. Hey man, I've actually got most of them done. Only need to do about 10 more. I have a kind of preview Workshop mod up that acts like an add-on to orgm you can subscribe to if you want to use the newest weapon models before they're officially integrated into orgm. the P90, vepr and sig are all in there. I'm glad you're liking the cars, dude! I had a pretty good time making them. It was a lot more productive than just making unfinished spaceships in games like Interstellar Rift or space engineers, which is what I normally do when I'm feeling creative, haha.
  6. Oh hey, I should probably update this. My main man Fenris_Wolf actually found a fix for that issue. I've got it implemented in the newer versions of the used cars mod. I don't think I have it in the smaller cars mod, but I'll try to update that tomorrow.
  7. Hey man, thanks! I wanna keep it as modular as possible, though. But I'll definitely post a link and recommend yours with it the steam description, my dude. Hey, thanks for reporting this. A handful of others have reported the same issue. I'm really sorry dude, but I'm at a loss. I'll keep trying to find a common factor, though. What are the other specs of your computer?
  8. Hey guys, I was poking around in the VehicleZoneDefinition.lua and it looks like the McCoy pickup isn't in there. I'm no coder, so I could be wrong, but it looks like the McCoy lines at 217 and 218 point to the normal PickUpVanLights and PickUpTruckLights vehicle instead of the PickUpVanMccoy and PickUpTruckMccoy.
  9. Hey man, Fenris pointed it out to me, too. It was some sloppy coding (see: copy and pasting) on my part, haha. Oops! I just uploaded a fix. Hopefully. Sorry about that! Hahaha, thanks man!
  10. Update 11/3 Hey guy! This is now working on the stable branch! Hey dudes, I finally got the compilation of my cars completed, plus a few extra. I've got all the masks working, although the damage textures are kinda half-assed. The script files are fine tuned (for the most part). But yeah, hope ya guys enjoy! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filed etails/?id=1510950729 I owe a HUGE thanks to Fenris_Wolf of ORGM Rechambered for helping with, well, all the lua files, haha. I'm as good as code illiterate, so without him, this wouldn't have gone anywhere. Car list:
  11. Hey dude, I'm home now. If you want help getting the texture right, I'm up for it. Did you wanna over discord so we don't hijack the thread?
  12. I got ya. Would you mind uploading the model file or at least taking a picture of what it looks like in blender?
  13. Hey dude, it looks like you might need to play with the UV in blender. You can also export it to get a template for your texture, too. Look up sone tutorials on uv in blender. If you need any help, feel free to pm me. I'm at work right now, but can show ya how when I get home. Good luck!
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