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  1. Ok so; 1) In order to get blood you would need to go to a hospital... after a zombie apocalypse where 99.99% of the town/city entire area is dead/zombified (I would say this is a bad idea) 2) If you didn't pre-think about this, you would be attempting to get blood while weak and frail... running into problem (A) when you're most vulnerable (Probably a very bad idea too) 3) You also need to beat the timer of power going out and the blood going bad 4) If you manage to get the blood, you need to have a way to store that blood yourself properly. You must also be able to identify if the blood has gone bad before using it.
  2. Needing forks, plates and other things to eat is just needless micro managing for a gameplay mechanic that wouldn't be in any way enjoyable to play as. People eat the same foods on a daily basis all the time over the world. When you're dealing with surviving on a day to day basis, eating boiled/roasted potato every single day isn't as bad as you make it out to be when the alternative is starving. Boring food is also already in the game in regards to the (very underdeveloped) depression system. Eating dirty plates won't make you sick in real life. All it takes is one rag to clean off a plate or a pan via scraping some gunk off. Again, it's micro for a mechanic that doesn't need it.
  3. In the character info, it doesn't look like it keeps track of your total time survived anymore. Is that intentional or a glitch?
  4. When? This has always been talked about, but lore wise your character is already immune to the "2nd Wave" (if the reports are correct in the game) Surviving bites breaks the lore, which has been pretty consistent since the games inception. It also cheapens the reality that all it takes is one mistake to get infected, bits are a cruel reality to that fact, which is why nearly everyone is infected.
  5. You know, after all this time I would have thought I had understood how the game generates and spawns loot, I guess this means it's done on the fly instead of on world generation?
  6. Will we need a new game to have the new soap spawns? I need soap
  7. Yea, it seems the damage system needs a little tweaking in order to distinguish a cut on a neck from some branches... and losing a mouth-full of flesh and severing major arteries.
  8. There is a glitch with the total character weight when attaching things to your belt/back. When I hold an axe in both hands, my total weight is 14.3 When holding the axe in my hand and "attach" it to my back, it increases my total weight to over 15 units. However, the item is still in both hands, the only thing that changed was the axe is now on the hotbar and "equipped" to the back.
  9. The new hotbar is amazing, seeing items on my person adds so much immersion and increases QoL in terms of swapping weapons out The new fence transparency is also awesome! Small little details like this add up, it's nice to see what my character can see now!
  10. Oh damn, not sure how I missed that part!
  11. The insulation menu seems a bit too in-depth for the mechanic it's trying to implement. Is that a debug menu showing the values for each body part, or is that what the player will see and use? Cause I'm struggling to picture a person in real life taking inventory of three distinct parts of an arm and detecting perspiration, warmth, what each section is doing for shivering/sweating... and blood vessels? I love the idea, and for some things like insulation just in itself, it's good to know which clothing options are failing to properly keep you warm via what body parts lack it. But other sections, it seems extremely redundant and information overload to have so many specific body sections have all that information represented. Also, I don't think shivering/sweating should be on the same meter. If you have a fever you could easily be shivering and sweating at the same time and you can't represent that via a sliding bar. Everything else looks awesome, especially the hotbar that requires holsters/straps to access.
  12. I have a similar "concern" with the weapons, although I wouldn't really call it a concern and more of a comment. With the new animation system, I feel like there should be a little bit more visual feedback on the animations in regard to some type of "goldilock" zone, which I'm not even sure there is one? Goldilock zone as in, the distance where you're not too far away to outright miss or do reduced damage, but not so close that you're not getting enough momentum with a swing to do all the damage you could, or too close where you have to push away. I know with spears(and similar weapons) there is a range where you do a thrust attack(good), a range where you do a swing attack (bad), and where you're too close that you have to do a cross-check push. This is very distinguished because of how obvious each move is. With one handed, and some two handed swinging weapons, such zones don't feel as defined (and again, I'm assuming there are similar zones as I feel like some hits are doing little damage due to how close I am to the zombie). This is also compounding with the difficulty in swinging and trying to adjust yourself via moving backwards in distance with the zombie you just hit. So, I suppose I should just ask, am I imagining this "goldilock" zone with other melee weapons or is this a real thing that needs to be taken into account during combat?
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