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  1. Ok so; 1) In order to get blood you would need to go to a hospital... after a zombie apocalypse where 99.99% of the town/city entire area is dead/zombified (I would say this is a bad idea) 2) If you didn't pre-think about this, you would be attempting to get blood while weak and frail... running into problem (A) when you're most vulnerable (Probably a very bad idea too) 3) You also need to beat the timer of power going out and the blood going bad 4) If you manage to get the blood, you need to have a way to store that blood yourself properly. You must also be able to identify if the blood has gone bad before using it.
  2. I vote that you can attempt it at any skill. Just hope your friend isn't behind you when you fire it accidentally trying to show off.
  3. Well, to be fair I would hope the army base in the middle of an outbreak wouldn't be loaded with supplies when they should have been the ones creating the initial Event Quarantine on the outskirts of Knox County between West Point and Louisville. That being said, I would expect some more military zombies and military vehicles/roadblocks inside of Knox County to account for the attempt to keep the situation under control in the early one or two days of the outbreak, with National Guard zeds walking around with the aforementioned M16's strapped to their frontside.
  4. Needing forks, plates and other things to eat is just needless micro managing for a gameplay mechanic that wouldn't be in any way enjoyable to play as. People eat the same foods on a daily basis all the time over the world. When you're dealing with surviving on a day to day basis, eating boiled/roasted potato every single day isn't as bad as you make it out to be when the alternative is starving. Boring food is also already in the game in regards to the (very underdeveloped) depression system. Eating dirty plates won't make you sick in real life. All it takes is one rag to clean off a plate or a pan via scraping some gunk off. Again, it's micro for a mechanic that doesn't need it.
  5. So, I've done a little reading and the one thing that keeps popping up in some radio/TV logs is Raleigh, North Carolina. They keep saying "they didn't learn anything from Raleigh", or the CDC official who commented that he was scape goat'd in regards to Raleigh (He also noted Raleigh only infected livestock, yet the radio host comments that multipl. I haven't been able to find anything regarding Raleigh in real life. People bring up Raleigh in parallel to this current outbreak, how the CDC wasn't prepared, how people died from incompetence, and how the virus/infection itself is seemingly of unknown origin. Now, the question in regards to Raleigh is if it's connected to the Knox Infection. There isn't any real evidence, but something to think about is the nature of the Knox Infection and if it's prone to mutate rapidly. If the "Second Wave", the airborne iteration of the Knox Infection is actually the Knox Infection, it could indicate that the current outbreak was indeed not the first, and simply another iteration of the infection that has mutated in some fashion. However, I'm not convinced the series of events we see and hear on the TV/Radio are 100% accurate. Around two weeks into the outbreak word spreads of people getting sick without direct fluid contact, which is basically the breaking point where things go completely haywire. 1) We don't have any evidence that the virus wasn't already airborne. We start the game three days after what we think was the start of the outbreak, and in three days the entire Knox Country is infected, which is pretty difficult to imagine from a virus that only spreads from direct contact. Now, not everyone is infected, people died and an unknown amount of people are refugees on camps bordering the Exclusion Zone. 2) Once the virus starts spreading past the Containment Zone, reaching Louisville and further reports of it jumping to international, everything becomes hearsay and unreliable at best. There is also the possibility that the "Second Wave" is not actually the Knox Infection, although there are some people who call into radio stations who comment on people who weren't infected from physical contact coming back to life. Now, with that all being said, I have my own personal theory; The Raleigh outbreak was some type of proto-"Knox Infection". This is what tipped the hat of the United States of some novel virus that was out in the open that they couldn't pin point the origin of, and could have possibly been mutating rapidly. This version of the infection did not reanimate, but I'm guessing in labs and general samples they found it to be highly adaptable and prone to mutations. Sometime later, a second(?) outbreak happens in Knox County. This outbreak actually starts days before the "official" outbreak becomes known via the Exclusion Zone. The Raleigh Infection is confirmed, and instead of repeating the same mistakes of the original Raleigh Infection event where the press was everywhere, the CDC wasn't prepared and general incompetence, they start off by cutting communication lines. During the initial days of the new Raleigh Infection outbreak in Knox County, it mutates into what is known as the Knox Infection, the current iteration that is able to reanimate those who are killed via the infection (Note that killing oneself before succumbing to the infection does not reanimate the host, this is an important distinction to make). Once the infection jumped and reanimated the infected, things quickly deteriorated, this is where the current known timelines starts. From there we go to when the infection breaks containment, and in my view there are three distinct possibilities 1) The "Second Wave" of the Knox Infection is not an actual airborne iteration of the Knox Infection. After containment broke the government formulated a plan to use highly contagious and lethal biological weapons that was dispersed over the Knox Event Line and Louisville. The illness that started infecting everyone and killing them was essentially a plan to deny the infection from gaining any further numbers by killing the at risk population with a different highly lethal virus. Both the Knox Infection and this unknown biological agent spread like wildfire as major population centers become infected with both. 2) The "Second Wave" is the outbreak of the original Raleigh virus that was airborne, infecting people in conjunction with the Knox Infection. Zombies are capable of holding both version of the virus, which explains why survivors who had no physical contact with zombies became sick 3) The Knox Infection did indeed go airborne, which is the worst outcome. I personally think #1 and #2 are what I would consider the most likely. Based on the initial reporting, the rapid response from the US government, the severed communications before the infection even deteriorated and the WHO stopping international flights from the US, there are major indications that the US/International community had some idea what this was before it got out of hand. WHO halting international flights to the US just a week after the Knox Event became public, and before containment was broken, is a major clue that those in charge (beyond their knowledge of the Knox Event) had some indication things could get far worse, before they did indeed become worse. The question I have at this point is how did the Knox Infection jump internationally when flights were shut down? That would indicate two possibilities, that the infection was already spreading before containment was even officially broken, which is a very real possibility. Or, Knox County wasn't ground zero, and the original infection which started the Knox Event happened elsewhere which had gone unreported till the global situation deteriorated from the unknown airborne strain.
  6. I'm confused why people keep talking about instant death mechanics in Apocalypse. I'm also confused in what you're trying to describe or criticize regarding the two modes. There is a pretty clear difference when your character in Apocalypse has fighting skills and/or sneaking skills vs those who do not. Is the game harder for people with specific traits that aid in things like stealth and combat? Well, yea but that's part of how the character creation works and those are options the player can choose to modify their own experience. It's very clear that there are a group of Zomboid players the devs do not want to leave behind in the dust with the new animation update. Zomboid has been too easy for years, people have grown complacent where combat became completely trivial and day to day survival, moment to moment combat had zero risk. To that end, with what the devs have envisioned for years in terms of what Zomboid should represent and play as starting to finally come to fruition in B41, people have been playing Zomboid for years with the game playing a specific way, which while not really what the devs had in mind for the final product, is what some players are comfortable and enjoy. Which is why the need for two distinct modes came to be, at least from my view. It's obvious they don't want Survivor to be seen as some "easy" mode when compared to Apocalypse, but it's more of what players were accustomed to before the animation overhaul. B41 is pretty much a whole new game, to some it's not fun because of just how brutal and realistic the combat mechanics are, and instead of telling them to pound sand the devs have decides to attempt to accommodate them. And from comments and overall discussions, Survivor will receive a constant flow of balance changes because Apocalypse as it stands is pretty close to what they wanted out of it. Apocalypse is the baseline, so to speak, Survivor is how to tweak the game with the new overhaul to retain the "feel" of pre B41.
  7. The fence situation could be fixed if they did a clean up job on the map and replaced the "permanent" fences with new, high quality carpentry/metal fences that can bend and break down over time. I always assumed this was something in the back burner, as having permanent fences that don't break down really doesn't make sense and does make specific zones in the world extremely safe to man, and easy to maintain. That way when you enter a place with a chain fence, the zombies will "attack" it to get to you instead of having the obviously unrealistic and rather unfair pathfinding of scoping out a window and somehow instantly knowing it's the fastest path to the player (through multiple windows no less in a non straight path that zombies clearly shouldn't be able to naturally navigate) The zombies already know how to simply attack player structures as the "fastest" way to get to the player, so having to make new AI logic for the current permanent structures seems like an overly complicated fix for an issue that, from my understanding and observations at least, could be done with a more brute force approach.
  8. In the character info, it doesn't look like it keeps track of your total time survived anymore. Is that intentional or a glitch?
  9. When? This has always been talked about, but lore wise your character is already immune to the "2nd Wave" (if the reports are correct in the game) Surviving bites breaks the lore, which has been pretty consistent since the games inception. It also cheapens the reality that all it takes is one mistake to get infected, bits are a cruel reality to that fact, which is why nearly everyone is infected.
  10. You know, after all this time I would have thought I had understood how the game generates and spawns loot, I guess this means it's done on the fly instead of on world generation?
  11. Will we need a new game to have the new soap spawns? I need soap
  12. With B41 being a nearly complete revamp of how the game is played in order to survive, the new weapons have me thinking. Things like shovels, gardening pikes and similar long range metal base-wooden length weapons are very easy to break in the game, some of them only lasting a few zombie encounters before snapping. This can be abstracted to the wooden base of the weapon breaking, obviously not the metal end of a shovel. Similarly, we now have weapons which are 100% metal. Things like metal pipes may not be easy to handle or do all that much damage, but the actual "durability" of using a metal pipe on a living person, let alone someone who is decaying, is nearly infinite. Something like a Pipe Wrench has been tested with the most insane of stress tests, these things in reality do not break under any normal usage, let alone in the circumstances of it being used as a blunt vs. human flesh and bone. Which comes to the current balance of weapon durability. Some of the weapons we have come to know and love, like the Spade (which is now a shovel) have been rightfully reworked to not be as effective over any significant length of time. However, since we are now treating weapons as they should be, should not the inverse be looked at in regards to weapons which realistically would never actually stop functioning or break in combat? This goes for metal ends of weapons like axes. The weakness and "durability" isn't in the head of an axe. The clear weakness is always the handle and the connection between the handle and the head of the axe. Instead of having an axe just "break" and be unusable, the aspect of repairing it or "fixing" it should be two fold. Low level carpentry can try and maintain a handle/head connection with the common tools we have like tape, glue and so forth. Higher level carpentry can craft new handles to attach axe heads. This means that broken heads from old axes, both one handed and two handed, can be repurposed later in the game when you gain the skills to craft proper handles. The weapon "effectiveness" is also impacted by the overall state of the axe head. It can chip, become dull during multiple combat encounters that requires cleaning between encounters up to resharpening the edge during downtime back at your base in order for it to keep being as effective as it should be.
  13. Yea, it seems the damage system needs a little tweaking in order to distinguish a cut on a neck from some branches... and losing a mouth-full of flesh and severing major arteries.
  14. There is a glitch with the total character weight when attaching things to your belt/back. When I hold an axe in both hands, my total weight is 14.3 When holding the axe in my hand and "attach" it to my back, it increases my total weight to over 15 units. However, the item is still in both hands, the only thing that changed was the axe is now on the hotbar and "equipped" to the back.
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