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  1. I checked their inventories, the items completely disappeared on death.
  2. I have killed 3-4 zombies with coveralls who had welding masks, and an airforce zombie who had a helmet, all of their headgears disappeared after dying.
  3. I attached it, though I'm not sure it will display anything because I did restart my game once and it did not display the error indicator, just that I can't equip anything. I did have UniqueZ installed, so that might have caused it, I will test it right now without it. Edit: Yeah, it works now without the mod installed, thanks for the heads up! console.txt
  4. I have an issue where I have items on me that I should be able to equip, but none of them are detected as equipable. Tried making a new character, also tried restarting steam, none of them seemed to do the trick. It also displays the red number in the bottom right corner (if I'm correct that should be the indicator that it encountered an error/bug), I have no idea how to search that back.
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