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  1. I have an idea for a mod, and have an idea of what game functionality I'll use to make it happen. Searching the internet hasn't helped, so before I start blindly digging though files my questions is: which game files have the code that runs zombie migration? Or zombie respawn if that's not a thing?
  2. Please merge back in the change that allows you to CTRL+Scroll in the loot window to change containers. That got killed this release.
  3. Oh and a quick note to please merge in the change from the other branch that lets you CTRL+scroll in the loot window to change containers
  4. Log attached, hope it helps! And just to give y'all a shout out, well done! This build has vastly improved performance around hordes. Before, the FPS drop from being near too many zombies (not even looking at them!) made the game completely unplayable. The bottleneck was in my hard drive's read/write speed, and I have an M2, so it's not like I'm playing on some crappy laptop. After opting in to the zoom branch I could actually walk near that same horde, and looking at performance monitor the hard drive was only using half its read/write capacity. Boom! console.zip
  5. Here's another log of it 20-12-19_20-19-51_DebugLog.txt
  6. I back my saves up, so I was able to cheat around this problem by reverting to my last backup. It does feel cheap that my character can't truly die, but the world's state is maintained properly. And it's a little dark since I keep torturing him by forcing him to die over and over in gruesome ways. Anyway you can find the files to back up in this folder: C:\Users\(Your User)\Zomboid\Saves\
  7. This happens to me, too. Most recent build 41, vanilla except for Superb Survivors. Here's a log where it happens - my character dies, I click continue, it creates a new character at the location of a previous save. Strangely, my corpse (or zombie) is still out in the world and has all my old gear except the keyring. But it's not truly a new character that gets created, its my previous character as they first spawned. The game still runs fine otherwise and I've been manually reverting my save anyway, so it's not stopping me from playing. 16-12-19_00-17-37_DebugLog.txt
  8. Also when I loaded the game by clicking Continue in the menu, it reverted to a previous save exactly how this guy describes it: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27164-reloading-at-a-previous-character-state/
  9. Playing in a custom sandbox with an insane population, I decided to try and go to Muldraugh with a fire truck. The resulting enormous horde that gathered rolled my car over multiple times, killing countless numbers of them, so many that the puddles effect was starting but with blood, and before i could die properly, the game crashed. Logs attached. Logs of Amazing Epic Rollover.zip
  10. Ahh you're right. I tested the same amount of time with him just standing around base doing nothing and he didn't get as tired. I suppose activity affecting tiredness is new and I just didn't notice it in the notes. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  11. First of all, I love this game! You all have done an excellent job and can be proud of what you've accomplished. I like this game so much I even registered for a random forum to help report bugs! Now the bug: I play on custom sandbox mode in the latest IWBUMS beta, and changing the day length to something other than the default of 1 hour does not change how fast you get tired. For example, I play with a day length of 2 hours. I'll have my dude wake up at 0550 to start the day, and by 1800 he'll have the Ridiculously Tired moodle and be basically useless. On the default timescale this takes twice as long. I did pick the Hearty Appetite and High Thirst traits but it doesn't mention that affecting tiredness. Hopefully an easy fix yeah?
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