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  1. No this can happen at the Crossroads Shopping Mall and at the Westpoint Gunshop. Oh and you can vault through it as well. Click the broken window to jump through it.
  2. Hey guys! I got another bug to be addressed. Previously in build 40, metal grates on windows prevented players and zombies from jumping through them. This prevented players from entering valuable places like the Westpoint gunshop, unless they had a sledgehammer handy. Now in build 41, it turns out not only zombies can vault through them, but also the player now as well. The window just needs to be smashed and the player and zombie can vault right through. In this video I document it all. In the meantime, keep up the good work! You guys are awesome!
  3. I got a minor one for you, today. I know Valley Station is one of the old forgotten places on the map, so I found a particular bathroom in the Academy, that does not look right. As a side note, this was all prespawned with the map, I did not move anything. Have a look: Where the Academy is located on the map. The bathroom in question: The bathroom zoomed out for location purposes.
  4. If you guys are interested, here is the video that showcases these two bugs in their entirety.
  5. Hey guys, I found two big bugs with the fishing. 1. If you time-lapse while fishing with a fishing rod or spear, when the instrument breaks, you are stuck in an odd animation. You can break this animation if you repair the fishing rod by applying new fishing line or by quitting and reloading the game. Nothing else breaks the animation, the character is stuck in place. 2. You can fish in the swimming pool in the hotel in Riverside. This is moreso an exploit, but I think its a tad too goofy that I can make a good living off of fishing in a swimming pool. Attached are screenshots of what I listed. Broken-fishing animation part 1 Broken-fishing animation part 2 If stuck in the timelapse-broken-fishing-animation you can equip other items and they will appear in the animation. All the fish I caught in a days work from the swimming pool.
  6. Hey all! I found another exploit that I know is not intended. If you keep hitting a barricade with a strength of a pan, you can effectively grind up the maintenance skill. A barricade at full strength can give up to 30xp for it until it breaks. I have the whole process documented in this video. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!
  7. Here I show everything that has to do with this glitch/exploit, I tried this in the newest build. Hopefully you guys can patch it soon!
  8. I wouldn't call this a bug, but I don't think this item turned out as intended. Not many people know about how powerful the smashed bottle can be. Should it? I recommend a heavy nerf. Give it the butter knife treatment.
  9. Hey yo! I found another wall behind a garage door. I saw that a bunch of them got fixed and removed in the .20 patch, hopefully this one will follow in the next!
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