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  1. I recommend importing the vanilla water bottle or soda can and use that to orientate it correctly. Make sure the can is at the main origin point.
  2. Debug Menu is a great tool, created by the developers, that advanced modders use to efficiently test their mods. Regular players can also use this utility to learn and study the behavior of the game. This guide will display and articulate how to enable -debug mode and spawn items for Project Zomboid. Note: this method will only work for Steam users. Step 1) Click on Properties. Step 2) Type in "-debug". Step 3) Launch and Start the game with your mod enabled. Step 4) Spawn the Item via the Item List. Note: Chances are, you may come across this screen.
  3. Hello and Welcome! Here you will find a concise and comprehensive guide and tutorial of making 3D models for Project Zomboid. Currently, this will mainly pertain to custom Clothing creation but may include weapon creation in the future. This will present how to create models from scratch with Blender and bringing them into the game. I would like to emphasize that with the right optimization, you can bring any model into Zomboid. Step 1) Installation and setup Step 2) Model creation Step 3) Skinned model or not? If not, Export your model and go onto the next step. Step 4) Creating the clothing item scripts Step 5) Testing your Model Step 6) Extra things to do with 3D models Regarding 3D Car models Thanks a ton to the people that taught and assisted me along the way to learn Blender for Zomboid - DETOX, Maxwell218, PawLow, and Shark!
  4. First one is the back walls to the Fossoil Gas Stations act light a light switch when you click them. Second one is the Fossoil sign can be indefinitely picked up, creating clones of it. I made a quick video showcasing them:
  5. Do you have any mods enabled? Were you playing on Custom Sandbox?
  6. Ok so my question is, If I aim, what do I use as a point of reference of attack in that 15 degree arc? Would it be the cursor, the circle at the bottom, or somewhere in between? Thanks.
  7. Video shows everything. Players can miss a zombie when they are right in front of one, Push-stomp kill, Delayed drag-down animation, Missing Mechanics Book + Magazine 3D textures
  8. I know that other people reported this a while back, but we need a 2020 post about it. You can take an infinite amount of dirt from one tile of dirt. Also, you can not pick up and remove the dirt tile once it is placed down. For instance, I can take 1 dirt tile and put place it on the roof of my base to start a roof farm, then I can take 20+ more dirt from that 1 dirt tile to complete it. One way I can see a fix for this is maybe you can only take dirt from a dirt tile that only has grass on top of it?
  9. Yes, I want Apocalypse Mode on Kingsmouth. I always play apocalypse mode on the normal map. I think multihit is way too easy, especially the multihit shove. Therefore I do not try as hard on my Kingsmouth runs. I often get out of situations that I would have died if it was on apocalypse setting. All the other settings are good on the challenge, I just want a variant of it where multihit is disabled. :D
  10. I got a video made showcasing each item in detail here, if you are interested. The video is made kindheartedly!
  11. We got quite a few bugs to cover so lets jump into it! Crossroads Mall: Lone, obscure cabinet in Western edge hallway on first floor. Double Chairs in the second floor storage area. Also, the room is divided into 3 areas that blackens out other sections when crossing into one. There is a row of missing roof tiles alongside the wall here on the western side of the mall. This is the smallest of the 3 accessible by a door. Falling from this height will result in a fracture. Ceramic fishing! Whoop Whoop! The Academy tiny bathroom. I posted about this about a month ago, btw. At least remove that trashcan or rework this into a regular utility closet. XD IDK what happened to this house. There is like half a room that spawned on top of it with wooden floor tiles, so zombies can theoretically spawn on top of it, which it did for me. This house is located next to the house that has the sandy path leading to the trio of trailer houses. Here at the farmhouse with the playground outside near the graveyard, we have two cabinets stacked on top of each other. The white one should not be here. Also, one more thing. Nerf the Valley Station storage lots. It is completely surrounded by tall fences. Clearing it out makes it the ultimate base where zombies can never reach you. I suggest altering the fence layout like the used car lot in Riverside or like the storage lots in central Muldraugh. Or you could just remove that fence covering the driveway. :D
  12. Please make it so that I can destroy the interior wall segment without destroying the exterior wall segment at the same time. I do not have the resources or skills to rebuild that outer portion of wall. This only applies to corner wall segments.
  13. Yeah I didn't get the results I wanted right off the bat. The character bled out xD.
  14. When the drag-down animation starts, all you have to do is quit the game, sign back in to your save, hit shift on the loading screen and pray that your character wasn't bitten. The video below shows everything.
  15. This happened in the storage lots in west Riverside, near the bar. There was another police car on the other side of the wall.
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