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  1. Don't know if it got reported again since mine from 41.19 but the meat cleaver still cannot be attached to the belt.
  2. Pretty sure that box is telling you how many errors just happend i got it before when the shotgun was bugged near the start of the beta.
  3. Sounds like the same bug that was on auto parts early on and it was apparently hitting bulbs to and just went unnoticed till now.
  4. If that was done be better to give them some bonus to fitness and strength instead to show that their military PT training is still there.
  5. That has prob killed me more time than the zombies have starting to think the deadliest thing in this game is a lead foot and trees.
  6. Can anyone confirm if there getting any fitness xp in this build? Been watching all my xp gains as i play i can get everything including strength gaining xp but have yet to see fitness move even a fraction of a point of xp.
  7. As the title says atleast in one house (ss below of its interior) you can get the context menu to allow you to wash yourself with it but no animation nor progress bar shows up that you are infact doing it ( nor do you move to it to begin it) the sink beside it however is fine.
  8. Realistic since Pharmacies they sell ( and a select few STILL do) sell those. Hell i remember back in 93 they still allowed in some doctor waiting rooms for people to smoke >.<.
  9. A request for the next update. I just started fishing in my current game and quickly noticed that all the footwear and socks I keep catching are bone dry is there any chance that these items spawn properly waterlogged ? Side note I just hit esc while fishing and am now stuck in the fishing animation.
  10. I'm asking here before i go and report it as a possible bug but has anyone tried driving the van with the speed demon trait and had it where its going at full rpm but the sound of it besides sounding like a hoover thats about to catch fire is on a very short loop so its repeating over and over fairly fast?
  11. Cut the clip a hair short since when i moved toward the stairs to go back down they got unhooked be as in the video they seem to be pressing against the walls slowing their movement speed to a crawl . ps anyone that can give me the forum code to directly put the video here would be greatly appreciated. https://youtu.be/w7QhgdIaldM
  12. DumbBell also cannot be attached to the belt tho this one is prob as intended. Also anyone else find weapons that dont attach add your own screenshots of them so we can get an easy list for the devs to go through.
  13. Meat cleaver as well got a report up with it already and trying to locate more that wont attach edit: Found a hunting knife im able to put it on my belt slot.
  14. Now that you can wash yourself without soap can there be an option in the context menu to wash yourself without soap if theres any in your inventory to conserve it at the cost of it taking longer ? I'm having to pull my soap out and droping it on the ground so conserve it for clothes.
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