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  1. it gets really strange when you run across the pickup truck servicing a manhole cover that the truck is almost completely destroyed
  2. well i found the devs joke of a house with well north of 200 rolls of toilet paper including 25 in the fridge
  3. On 2 i need to check if pulling the radio out and putting a fresh one in still gives the 10% as well
  4. Wasn't the bug of pulling lightbulbs out of lamps and porch light fixed last version? I just pulled 2 bulbs out and stuck it in my car and they were at 10% again.
  5. Thats due to speed demon also keeping the cars RPM up higher than if you had no talent or sunday driver. Higher RPM means more noise.
  6. Any news on when hypochondriac is making its comeback? I know it was removed very early on due to it outright killing people.
  7. Quick question for everyone. In the last version or two has anyone gotten infected by a scratch or laceration ? I've been getting multiple ones and I know my luck isn't that good to dodge infection each and everytime.
  8. I'm wondering if theirs a check to not grow on bald on character creation incase someone was rp'ing an old man but there is no check if it becomes that ingame to allow it to grow back.
  9. Might be a bit hard to see due to the color contrast but I just now noticed that its reading off the xp gain from shows to the smallest decimal atleast for my fast learner cook. XP gain from the ss incase it cant be read +107.9000024414065
  10. I was also wondering if there was any word on getting hypochondriac back into the game I know it was pulled in the early beta due to it outright killing you but I was wondering if that issue has been addressed yet so it can make its way back into the game in the near future.
  11. Meat cleaver still can't be put on the belt .
  12. Also wanted to note 2 things here since i do not believe they warrant a full blown bug report post. 1) the bread knife can't be used to slice bread or least for me when i tried it and it was unequiped in my inventory my character defaulted to grabbing the nearby butter knife. 2) since the belts got introduced the lone weapon I've found that would make sense to but is unable to be attached is the meat cleaver while every other bladed weapon can be.
  13. Think the thing people keep forgetting that just because up in the northern climates you can wear summer clothes in winter ( hell I do myself) that someone who lives in Kentucky may not be able to. Thats not to say its currently balanced but need alittle perspective on the biome differences.
  14. Myself and friends play this game in multiplayer with enforced rules that the only long range comms allowed for passing ingame info is over the handheld and ham radios and our biggest complaint is the need to have one in your sec or primary hand. Would it be possible when the multiplayer component is added or after it goes live that atleast the tactical and military radios be allowed to be clipped to the belt and usable from it ? Would make sense that the radios would have the mic and mic cable go up and be secured on the shoulder and free up the hands for some more useful items.
  15. I've been saying for awhile homes need a wall thermostat like we have light switches to adjust the heat and maybe an ac control for those houses if there the high end ones for climate control on them. Even easier to do now that they have the code with the cars that do the same thing.
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