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  1. not sure if this is a bug but see attached picture was in a hardware store, found an item (picture was a padlock) name was "key 89486435" I assume its a name error no mods, latest IMBUMS
  2. not really a bug, more of an oversight but: Police Zombies don't have socks as part of loot table from what I've seen. (also separately, could be a good idea to have a high chance that they spawn with a clip of ammo/walkie talkie, or a low chance of a gun/ baton)
  3. oh also, the upper story of the two story windows had curtins on them as well...which were quite a chore to get down, and made no sense
  4. Had an instance of a building that was unfortified (no barricades, curtins etc), quitting and than when I reloaded the game, the entire building was partial barricaded with all windows having a curtin This happened at the giga mart building in rosewood (I assume it would happen elsewhere, but could just be this building if no one else has reported it) few things to note, the game was taking awhile to close so I had to force close it (after about 1-2 minutes, which may have had some impact) which cased the game to go back to a auto save, which was about 10-15mins from where I had been prior when I tried to quit, this could be the reason for the change some kind of corruption. I have no mods, and am on IMBUMS latest
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