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    question about server admin stuff

    This one has come up a lot of times (I raised this suggestion myself a couple of times), but it's the devs vision that you don't Play with your admin char. In client hosting they only changed it since you are not able to use more chars. I don't guess that they will Change it, so you have to use one char for admin stuff and one to play.
  2. Dr_Cox1911

    Advanced Zedonometry

    Really digging this thursdoid It's great to get more insight in the technical stuff that's needed in order to get the shiny things done. It's also good to highlight how much complex calculation is needed for Game logic.
  3. Dr_Cox1911

    AI driven map making

    Ah, thanks! Didn't look into the building link because I thought it only includes buildings, not tools. Will try it the next couple of days.
  4. Dr_Cox1911

    AI driven map making

    Can you post the link? Been looking through this thread but didn't find it (I might be blind though).
  5. Dr_Cox1911

    AI driven map making

    Sorry for taking so long, but here is the thread: Unfortunately the download link is dead and I can't find the file on my PC (think I have lost it one time I formatted my PC).
  6. Dr_Cox1911

    AI driven map making

    Back in the old days there already was a User who created a Google Maps converter. I'm on my Smartphone right now, but I can look for it when I'm home.
  7. Dr_Cox1911

    Error Log file location

    Do you know the Zomboid folder? The location of this folder ist different for each OS, for Windows it is in your User folder. In there you find a console.txt, in there are the errors.
  8. Dr_Cox1911

    Building Overhaul mod - Long-Term Crafting Projects (CrafTecs)

    Just stumbled upon this mod again, is this still something you are working on @blindcoder? I really like the mod idea and hope that TIS will revisit the whole crafting concept.
  9. Dr_Cox1911

    Transfer a variable from server to client

    I would suggest you use the luaNet functions (shipped with the game). The setup is quite complicated, but once you got the grips of it you quickly value the possibilities. As an example you can look at my mods (like CoxisReloadSync).
  10. Dr_Cox1911

    Autosave routine needs to be reworked

    They stated in a recent Thursdoid that one of the coders is currently investigating the car save bug and is making some progress (if I understood that correctly).
  11. Dr_Cox1911

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    I'm going with Inconspicuous, because as Fenris_Wolf said if you want to be stop making noise abruptly you just stop moving.
  12. Never really used ModData myself. As for your file problem: You can write files on the server, you just have to execute your write command in a function that is executed by the server. I only read on my mods on the server side, but you would just have to switch the read to a write. You can either look at my mod CoxisShop or CoxisReloadSync for this. CoxisShop uses my other mod CoxisUtil now to read the file.
  13. Dr_Cox1911

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    This map looks damn nice and will definitely play this one!
  14. Dr_Cox1911

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    I only take one of those if I play singleplayer. In mutiplayer both are kinda obstructive, because usually the one with a heavier backpack does the kiting of the horde while the other one loots. If the kiting one has those traits the zeds loose interest way too often.
  15. You could either use ModData (depending an the things you want to persist) or IMHO easier write a file, for example in Zomboid/Lua or your mod-folder.
  16. Dr_Cox1911

    Sunstar Snaps

    The link to the reddit is broken (there is a %20 before the https and the : after https is missing), besides that, awesome Thursdoid, especially the video showing of the ripped clothing.
  17. Dr_Cox1911


    Congrats Will! Hope that Nick is coming to life ingame as an NPC or as a medical zombie. Really looking forward to the anim update, but not only because of the new look/feel the game is getting because of them even more so because of the refining of more system further down the road once this big step is done.
  18. Dr_Cox1911

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    The new darkness is damn awesome! Really love the change and finally we need to use the flashlight. Hope that this will limit the situations where holding two bags is viable.
  19. Dr_Cox1911

    Client-Server Synchronization

    There are two ways to do this: Using LuaNet Using the (basic) sendServerCommand and sendClientCommand What you should use depends on the functionality you want. With LuaNet you can do more advanced stuff like sending packages to certain players. The initial setup is more complicated though. As an example you can look at my CoxisServerMessage mod. Pretty much all my mods use LuaNet. With number 2 you have a rather easy setup, but lose some functionality. To use it you have the commands "sendClientCommand" and "sendServerCommand". To catch the packages there are the events "OnServerCommand" and "OnClientCommand". "OnServerCommand" and "sendClientCommand" is used on the client, "OnClientCommand" and "sendServerCommand" on the server. Personally I would suggest the LuaNet approach, because if you need some of the advanced functionality down the line or for another mod you are set.
  20. You have seen the recent videos about the water they are working on? Or the animiationvideos they posted a while ago?
  21. Dr_Cox1911

    Waterway to Go

    The water looks damn nice, although it really does kinda look too good. It's still rather exciting and I'm curious what TIS will do with the land.
  22. Dr_Cox1911

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    @Necromancer had the same problem, Enigma told me to delete the media folder of the game and validate it again. TIS changed the names of the texture files for cars and Steam is not properly downloading the updates.
  23. Dr_Cox1911

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Cars are all black for me @ Ubuntu 18.04
  24. Dr_Cox1911

    Union City

    Why didn't I see this earlier! Unfortunately I can't help (no mapping/housing knowledge) but really hope this will see the light of the day.
  25. Dr_Cox1911

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Damn that looks nice! Hope it's out soon and I'm looking forward for more of your POIs