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  1. alles klar dann hab ich es missverstanden sorry. Danke für den Hinweis.
  2. @MadDan2013I invite you to join my vanilla server and test it. There the mousetraps are still like a wall PS; I meant of course the latest version have only confused with the version number.
  3. not fixed it is still on collision on the vanilla version. 41.72
  4. Hello survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Is there any way to disable the mousetraps on a vanilla server? Because our vehicles are always destroyed by the mousetraps. The mousetraps are placed by other players, so you don't see the traps or you see them too late. PS: Can you finally fix the problem with the mousetrap. Because we have been waiting YEARS for this problem to be fixed. Because mousetraps have an invisible barrier and act like a WALL. Thank you @nasKo@lemmy101and I hope I do not have to wait again YEARS.... Deepl translated
  5. very sad... they would definitely have to add that.
  6. Is there a possibility that there is a setting to adjust the zombies to the 1% chance that one of them is a sprinter? OR has the ability to open doors? I run a vanilla server and was once asked if this could be introduced. Thanks for your reply. deepl translation
  7. do you happen to know if it is possible to provide *generated* furniture with item spawn settings or how to make items spawn into such *generated* furniture? thanks for your answer. translated with deepl
  8. I guess no one understands what I wrote. so once again. reinstall server, can not set itemspawn. Which file and which command is responsible for this? thanks for answering
  9. Hello all you lucky zombie survivors! I have a server where every time I reinstall (restart) I have the problem of not having settings of loot and zombie behavior and other settings that you can normally set individually in single player mode. I can't do that with my online server. Now my question to you guys. Can I still adjust the settings in a file after a restart? Is there a way to delete all items that are already spawned in crates (I mean then of course all items). Thanks a lot for your support. Translated with deepl. can not speak English.
  10. Hallo zusammen! Du suchst ein Server mit vielen Deutschsprachigen Spieler? Dann bist du hier GOLD richtig! Wir haben auf unserem Server viele Zocker die Deutsch sprechen, ja selbst im Discord Unser Server bietet: Spawnpunkt: Luisville Server-Event: Manchmal Server-Betreuung: Ja, auch mit Moderatoren Beginner-Friendly: Selbstverständlich Auch was für Hardcore spieler: Jub! PVP & PVE: Ja, weil es so realistisch wie möglich sein soll. Darum ist auch PVP aktiv. MODS: Nein, keine Mods. Servername: German | Deutsch | Vanilla | Mit Discord | EU Server Server IP: Port: 10020 Username und Password dafür erforderlich. Discord: https://discord.gg/5WaYNDVWAE Wir freuen uns dich auf unserem Discord Channel und auf dem Server willkommen heissen zu dürfen! Mitmachen lohnt sich! Wir sehen uns
  11. Too bad ... could not find the player in the mass of log.txt files. really difficult to figure out who always creates these hateful notes.
  12. does anyone know how I as admin can rotate objects like a burnt vehicle?
  13. hello @ all i want to give a warning point to someone who is currently offline. how does this work? thanks for answering
  14. Things keep getting destroyed on my server. and I just don't know who it is. How can I check where, who, what has destroyed? Thanks for answering
  15. Hello to all. First of all thanks to you guys for the great new update and the new features included in it. Now I wanted to ask you how I can rotate vehicles (and the burned), how does this work with the vehicles? Thanks a lot for your answer. deepl translation
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