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  1. Thanks for the answer ! I can't wait to see those in action
  2. This is doable Tiax. I do it very often in the mod I'm working on. You have to use ModData and item:setToolTip(). I can give you some code and/or help you if you want, just ping me on discord.
  3. This is nice ! Is it for real ? I mean, does the "cliffs" blocks passage ? Is it "real" height or optic illusion due to perspective and Isometric 3D ?
  4. In the Modding forums. I don't want to upload it on youtube because it's raw and only a demo clip of some WIP features for mods.
  5. You can use TileZed to look inside a .pack file. You can also use it to make your own .pack files. You can also exctract the pngs from a .pack file. But, you cannot modify a .pack file. It's in UI2.pack that you can find the cardashboard image.
  6. I think it's because there is a special state about that general electricity. getSandboxOptions():getElecShutModifier() then you can compare with getGameTime():getWorldAgeHours() You also could check in the Sewing Machine mod, there are some code that checks for power if I remember well.
  7. Hi, Sorry, I am struggling with forum tags. How can I insert a spoiler/hidden content ? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, I think what you are looking for is hidden in java code. Digging a little in the code, I found stuff in : zombie/iso/weather. For example, il zombie/iso/weather/ClimateManager.class I found this : (I don't know how to add a hidden/spoiler thing, sorry...) public float getAirMass() { return this.airMass; } public float getAirMassDaily() { return this.airMassDaily; } public float getAirMassTemperature() { return this.airMassTemperature; } public float getDayLightStrength() { return this.dayLightStrength.finalValue; }
  9. Hi, Would it be possible to have a function that return the full date without having to rebuild it from ground ? And also a function that calculate time past between 2 dates without having to rebuild the whole gregorian calendar functions ? Thanks a lot for the great job !
  10. Hi, I struggle to embed a video into a post on those forums. It's not a Youtube vidéo but a mp4 I uploaded and shared in google drive. I can have a html tag with <iframes></iframes> but it doesn't work at all. Any hint? Thanks a lot !
  11. Hi, I'm working on a set of functions that can generate Quests. For now it uses some RNG to generate random Quests. It's tweakable to build custom Quests with fixed values defined by the modders. My first iteration of this "Random Quest Generator" is running. Here is a little demo clip to see what it does for now (41Mb) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11uXFuHrCPEpgODd1QGSfo4AxYPlzNQy1/preview The first type of quest is "Kill X Zombies" to get a reward. I want to thanks a lot FueledByOCHD who helped me a lot to debug and code. I will accept any advice
  12. I think you also need to define how much quantity of your drainable you want to drain in the recipe itself. Example : recipe Make Cake Batter { Bowl, Flour=2, Butter;15, Sugar=3, Egg/WildEggs, Yeast, Milk, Result:CakeBatter, NeedToBeLearn:true, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } Sugar & Flour are drainables : item Sugar { Weight = 1, Type = Drainable, UseWhileEquipped
  13. Did you try to set the item type as "Drainable" in the item definition ? And add also Usedelta and set it up ? Like that : item CandleLit { LightDistance = 3, Weight = 0.2, Type = Drainable, TorchCone = FALSE, UseDelta = 0.003, LightStrength = 0.6, DisplayName = Lit Candle, ActivatedItem = TRUE, Icon = CandleLit, cantBeConsolided = TRUE, }
  14. Hi, It seems to me that you lack a map.info file at least (and maybe a spawnlocation.lua too). Dunno if it's the bug tho.
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