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  1. Storms and Studies

    Woah since when did this game have fog? This is what I get for hiding under a rock for so long.
  2. (I think it was implemented, because in the team-deathmatch-capturetheflag event we did once I remember it being in, so it's probably in at this point.)
  3. Grave Intention

    Now y'all are gettin' lazy.
  4. This is me making a comment because I had to back-read this whole thing. Now NPCs would be great in the game, and they could possibly do it now sure, it's possible. However, this feature is minuscule in comparison to a much more desired and important part of the game, that I would argue ties into the core of survival and what this game is all about. This feature I speak of is obviously, the ability to place pots outside, and when it rains have them fill up with water. Truly a daunting game mechanic to implement and completely necessary for me to enjoy the game again. When I saw mention of this feature as an idea, years ago, I became super hyped. I consequently became super sad after realizing that, it wasn't coming anytime soon. Made me real sad I tell ya, so I sympathize with you. I'd also like to ask what kind of people you play multiplayer with that are burdens/drags or you form fragile troubled relationships. Are they like, stealing your kitchen supplies and all of your Cola's? Because you know at that point the correct course of action is to just shoot them and never let them back into your sky base. I'd be damn mad if some thief tried to take my collection of forks.
  5. Spiffospaced

    It is always a pleasure to know that the game is receiving constant love and attention and will soon have a feature I have wanted for a very long time, vehicles. I have recently recommended another friend to the game and I can see he is hooked (Possibly addicted?). Keep up the wonderful dates as always. Cheers, Q.G. (Side note: Seriously, what happened to Nasko???)
  6. Back in Bleak

    So are the vehicles not released to the public branch yet? I have been away for some time and I am uncertain whether they are still on IWUMBS or not.
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hyrdo what game don't you mod for?
  8. Slay Bells Ring

    Merry Christmas from Texas y'all, it's been a good year of Mondoids Thursdoids and builds. I can't wait to see what's Project Zomboid is going to have become by the end of 2018!
  9. Queen Glory's buildings thread!

    Ha ha ha lovely. I am no architectural mastermind, I have a friend who has a keen eye for that sort of thing much better than mine. Ever since I was a little boy I've loved building, I'd always get those Lego sets especially from Star Wars. (I'd also end of smashing them in epic space battles lol) so really if you start young and you don't have a natural affinity with it skill grows over time. I know I'm also my own worst critic whenever it comes to my capabilities. (I also don't mind that y'all derailed my thread, don't exactly post here much so it's not too big of a deal)
  10. WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    Wow, take your time man! These look amazing!
  11. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    I believe this is where you used to be able to find the internal room definitions. Who knows, they may not be needed anymore?
  12. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Any chance y'all could update this guide with working links? Thanks y'all.
  13. Muffled Scream

    *gasp* What have you done with Nasko you fiend!
  14. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    Well if it's not that I do believe somewhere they mentioned internal names effected zombie pathfinding? There's a reason they have the list of them I'll see if I can't find the reason why. Edit: It seem you're right as in internal names don't effect loot spawns, though I'm still confused because I swear there was a thread once that had all of the internal names on it and there's a reason that they had it.
  15. Muffled Scream

    Is something wrong with Nasko or did he quit or something? Why does Enigma write the Thursdoids now? (Still waiting for TIS to announce development of Nasko stripping simulator.)