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  1. NPC's will probably be coming out around the same time as Star Citizen or Mount & Blade: Bannerlord.
  2. None, I don't play insane, because it makes it impossible for someone as bad as me to play. On insane I just enable ORGM, head to a police station, grab an lmg, and see how many bastards I can mow down. Not enough ammo in vanilla :/
  3. :0 that sounds like a lot of work.
  4. #bringbackthisthread @TheWraithPlayer
  5. Yeah because remember the video of the guy using the spear and he was one shotting zombies with it if i remember correctly, so possibly whenever the anims build comes it to play it will revamp the melee system as well.
  6. I dunno i was just wondering why Gifs/pictures had a max size because I tried changin' my picture to a gif but it's too big :/, if some smart cookie could answer this for me i'd be grateful.
  7. I can only imagine in how much high demand them spiffo suits will be in multiplayer. So many sociopath killers are gonna wanna get their hands on one...
  8. Good mondoid.
  9. Bro where did these go? I just realized it was over a year ago :0 wheres my plunger >:(
  10. :0 beautiful weapons. I want to slaughter zombies with a plunger.
  11. My collection of pillows...
  12. Neat.
  13. Nice, a gas mask would look cooler (In my opionion) on the hazmat suit but overall it's good to see that the game is still progressing.