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  1. Pitch Battle

    I think the whole thing with painting is not whole full on body painting but it would be better to paint symbols like you can on walls and signs. The basic skull, Cross, Star, etc would be better because it would be easier to identify cars that are yours, or if on multiplayer it possibly belonging to another clan!
  2. This might sound dumb but, eyes problem?

    Play with your eyes closed. Other than this I have no useful suggestions on the matter.
  3. This might sound dumb but, eyes problem?

    Probably just Obama's chemicals turning you gay, that's one of the known side effects. I for now would lay off the zombie survival genre for it will continue to do this until the conversion process is complete.
  4. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    If there was gravity he would be so boned.
  5. Less canned food at the kitchens

    If you walk into my pantry you'll find actually a majority of canned and boxed foods, the only place you might find fresh vegetables and fruits is in the fridge, or occasionally on the counter. The issue with fresh food is that it tends to spoil, something that canned foods don't do for a very long time! Because of this people tend to have mostly just canned and boxed foods so it makes sense that it's like that in the game.
  6. Well Fed

    Yeah when you finally finish eating those three deep dish pepperoni pizzas you tend to get a little bit of the snooze coming on.
  7. Actually all of those are WRONG except the last one! *dabs aggressively*
  8. Bob & S'Parks Bad Trip

    Good luck and nice to see your not dead Thutz!
  9. Can I get a pink furry suit so I can cosplay as a furry while shoting down hordes of zombies (and humans) as a pink wolf with a perpetual smile. *Blasts last zombie with a shotgun* "Pinkfur one, zombies zero, woof." (BTW THIS IS A JOKE)
  10. Grave Harvest

    Did someone say that the developers were adding a Trabant into the game? No one but me? Oh well, it's not like you can improve perfection.
  11. Union City

    If I wasn't so clogged up with other stuff all the time i'd try to help make some buildings.
  12. Grave Harvest

    *sigh* Thank's for the update.
  13. New Model

    Still waiting for bulldozer tank.
  14. On Build Stability Issues

    As of right now you can go into their test build and use cars, the next build will have cars in them on the public release. The only reason they don't have cars in right now is because they had two separate branches of the game, and whenever they combined them for the update it caused an earthquake of bugs and other coding errors. Build 39 we gettin' those cars! Can I start a hype train in here!
  15. Claiming a self built base as a safehouse

    Burn their house down in an attempt to rejoin East Mauldrough & West Mauldrough. Just go full communist revolutionary on their base and you can establish the 1st Soviet Regime of Kentucky. Nothing like that would happen under communism.