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  1. Nvm I've been begging for this for too long, i cannot shirk a gift like this. PRAISE BE TO THE DEV GODS!
  2. Still sitting here, waiting for cars, to be added. Because once i heard they were coming i stopped playing until they are added, since I dont want to play cardio sim anymore D:.
  3. Is this a real question, it's the T man, big boss himself, Donald J Trump. God i hate his policies and his hipocrocy When was the last time you read a book longer than 600 pages?
  4. Ha i just realized i had a bunch of the trailers done sitting on my desktop because i didn't upload them R.I.P Also gotta fit in my daily of schedule of sleep-School-(Maybe here?)video games(Or over here?)-sleep (Get rid of this?)
  5. Like i said it just what a i gathered and came to THINK what happened, not what actually happened :/, since things like obviously creative, anims, ect it would appear in the mondoids (at least to me) that you were constantly shifting focus. If it's not the case then awesome, it was just what i was led to believe.
  6. Gone for Easter, I haven't made many buildings recently because of the sheer amount of them hitting the workshop and such, and there are people who are just plain better at it, but i'll see what i can do in the free time.
  7. From what I gathered what the devs did in 2016 was they did a lot, but their main problem was, they'd start one project (Anims for example) then move onto something else completely ditching the half worked project, which if you figure, doesn't put out a lot of content. But in 2017 they've chosen something and stuck, kinda turnin' over a new leaf.
  8. I've been getting into D&D recently with my friends but sorry I dont know enough yet to help :/
  9. Wait this shit actually works?
  10. The only thing I like is myself, my dog, and my computer
  11. Thats one thicc bridge brother
  12. Well were they default in America?
  13. Theres been subjects on hanging corpses and the whatnot which would be really cool but i think it was agreed it would be too edgy or something like that? Idk it's not like survival games have never done it like ZombieU, Sheltered, maybe dying light? But still more corpses in houses and stuff would be pretty dope.
  14. I want to do Art but I suck at it Have you ever dropped a piece of candy and it got hair on it, but you ate it anyway?
  15. I got my computer for 450 dollars, really nice I7 processor and whatnot, spent about another 400 on a really good graphics card, and I was able to run Ark: Survival evolved and other really hard to run games like a breeze, 900$ super Pc right there.