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  1. It's complicated at first, but once you get into the groove it gets easy.
  2. Welcom to vietnam motha foka!
  3. Good picture.
  4. Sit in my room all day on my computer while not talking to anyone. Whats the most Embarrassing thing you've ever done.
  5. God I loathe teamspeak, but i'm still forced to use it on a daily basis.
  6. This thang got a discord? @Element Gaming
  7. Ha i'm just an american, so i dont have these problems
  8. Wait, double post time, since when is there "Enigma Books" and a Dentistry?
  9. neat
  10. Neat
  11. I don't understand, they're making PZ more 3d, what do you mean by this.
  12. true true
  13. Been having a problem with hydrocraft to where it won't update saying it doesn't have file perms, then when i go to delete the hydrocraft folder, It doesn't allow me to delete it saying i need admin perms for that, when i'm the admin on my own computer. Even ran it as administrator and same error popped up, want to play on dead pixels and new dawn but i can't because of this tedious little thing. Don't know if it's hydrocraft, steam, or my computer but it's annoying.
  14. Question about zombies being attracted to the light in houses, on the first night they would walk over to houses with light in them, possibly bang in a couple doors and windows the upon not discovering anyone there, shuffle around the lighted area because the light keeps agroing them. Once it's daytime again they shuffle around some more and maybe spend all day going all of 40 ft from the house if they're lucky, then once night time rolls around again, wouldn't they just walk straight back to the house and repeat the cycle?