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Ghost Radios


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Existing Save

Unable to reproduce, seems to happen arbitrarily to different players.



Essentially, some H.A.M radios seem to 'exist' afterwards in the game after removal. Almost as a form of silent duplication. Efforts to remove or get rid of these radios have proved unsuccessful. I have attempted to delete them with brush tool (No option to click on them and remove them.) as well as remove the tile they sit on (Move the cabinet in an attempt to 'destroy' what was on top. They don't show up as an object I can pick up, but interestingly enough if I try to place a crate or any furniture on the tile they inhabit, the game does not let me. So in some capacity the game is aware that these exist.

In this you'll find my attached logs (Unsure how helpful they are, as I'm just an admin on this server.) If there is any form of remedy that's known for this issue I'd certainly appreciate it! 

(Note, there *are* indeed mods on this server. The collection of which can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3015479936. However I'm unsure if this is a mod issue, as we don't have any mods that effect in game radios.) 


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