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  1. yes i have, still crashes though.
  2. not sure if bumping is aloud here...
  3. PLEASE NOTE I AM NOTE A CODER (I REALLY SUCK AT IT). This mod was also being tested in build 41 with other mods active. Mod was not tested in IWBUMS beta. THE PROBLEM I am currently in the process of reviving an old mod of mine that originally worked (well enough) in Build 31, though I've taken a look through some assets and files for the current build, I attempted to reformat the mod to meet the current build... Needless to say I don't I was successful as my mod seems the crash the game. What I'm trying to achieve: Add a ridiculous number of foods and recipes to make most vanilla food related foods, ingredients, and kitchen items actually useful Add foods which have nutritional values and effects happiness, fatigue, sickness recovery, raise or lower body temperature, etc. Some foods required to be FROZEN or cold Add MANY Evolving Recipes Specify which foods and ingredients can be used for different evolving recipes. Adding different files for each type of food (example, RAMEN based foods uses 1 script file for items, recipes, and evolving recipes (assuming this can be done)) Overwrite vanilla foods Use LUA to distribute food to various containers (stoves, microwaves, kitchen counters, outdoor grills, spiffo's, crepe, other restaurants, etc.) Add custom sprites Automatic mod compatibility (can use stuff from other mods automatically (especially Hydrocraft)) Recreate EFM thread for Build 41 (will make the old thread obsolete) Upload to Steam Workshop IWBUMS compatibility (eventually) My ACTIVE Modlist: (in order listed in Mod menu) Bef's Professions and Traits Christmas Food Craft Helper Mod (v1.1.2) for PZ 36.4 Crafted Baseball Bat Crafted weapons++ Crashed Cars Cremation - Corpse Disposal Filibuster Rhymes' Smaller Cars Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars Fine Vanilla Items HuntingMod Hydrocraft Improved Maps Katana Lockpicking. Just. Lockpicking. More Build More Watches v1.0 More Zombie Loot No More Hidden Zombies (x3) Radial Menu Fix Realistic Weapon Durabilities ToS Huge Backpacks blindcoders utility functions inSayne working movable furniture MOD DOWNLOAD: ExtendedFoodsMod.rar I have included in the mod only 1 food type in it (Ramen) to reduce code bloating. THE MOD TOPOLOGY: MOD PATH: C:\ > Users > "user" > Zomboid > mods > ExtendedFoodsMod ExtebdedFoodsMod (PARENT FOLDER ) > FOLDER - media | > FOLDER - lua | | > FOLDER - server | | | > FOLDER - items | | | | Extended_Foods_Base_Distribution.lua | | | | Extended_Foods_Distribution.lua | | | EFMRecipeFunctions.lua | | | Extended_Foods.lua | | | Extended_Foods_Textues.lua | > FOLDER - scripts | | | EF_ChickenRamen.txt | > FOLDER - textures | | | Item_EFM_Berry_Icecream.png | | | Item_EFM_BLANK.png | | | Item_EFM_BLT_Sandwhich.png | | | Item_EFM_ChocoChunk_Icecream.png | | | Item_EFM_FriedSteak.png | | | Item_EFM_Pizzacheeseslice.png | | | Item_EFM_PizzaHomemade.png | | | Item_EFM_Roasted_Steak.png | | | Item_EFM_Roasted_Steak_Combo.png | | | Item_EFM_Strawberry_Icecream.png | | | Item_EFM_Sugarcup.png | mod.info | EFM_BANNER.png THE CODE (for those who do not want to trust attached .RAR file) mod.info EFMRecipeFunctions.lua Extended_Foods.lua Extended_Foods_Textues.lua EF_ChickenRamen.txt Extended_Foods_Base_Distribution.lua Extended_Foods_Distribution.lua ANY AND ALL HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Those who help (fixing/providing code/assets) WILL BE CREDITED IN MOD AND PAGES! Here is a link to the original EXTENDED FOODS MOD thread (again, for the Build 41 mod, a new thread will be made).
  4. I'm looking to change my display to match my steam name but i cant seem to change it in account settings. Is there anyway I can change my display name or do I have to make a new account?
  5. So, so im trying to figure out how to spawn an item added by a mod directly into player inventory but whenever i use the associated recipe, the items needed gets used but the item doesn't spawn... Example: Item: module Extended_Foods{ imports { Base }item ChickenRamenPot_3_5 { HungerChange = -60, Type = Food, DisplayName = Pot of Chicken Flavoured Ramen, MinutesToCook = 30, Weight = 3, IsCookable = True, DaysTotallyRotten = 10, UnhappyChange = 90, FatigueChange = +80, StressChange = +70, MinutesToBurn = 30, Icon = EFM_BLANK, ReplaceOnUse = Pot, DaysFresh = 5, //BoredomChange = 30, DangerousUncooked = TRUE, }}Recipe: module Extended_Foods{ imports { Base }recipe Make ThreeFifths Pot of Ramen Chicken Flavor { ChickenRamenBowl=3, Pot, Result:Bowl=3, Time:20.0, }}3 Bowls Combined to make 3/5 of a Pot of Ramen: -- Recipe LUA-- Made by: Svarog-- (I added in this pot of ramen data)-- Pot of Ramen - B2P (3/5)function RecipeMake ThreeFifths Pot of Ramen Chicken Flavor_OnCreate(items, result, player) local inv = player:getInventory(); inv:AddItem("Extended_Foods.ChickenRamenPot");So every time i've made 3 Ramen Bowls and combined them, i'd get the 3 bowls back (so thats good), but no 3/5Ramen Pot... Could anyone please help me sort out how to get this properly working? Ive already have the codes for all ramen chicken "bowls -> pot", "pot -> bowls", and "pot -> pot" combinations done, i just need to get the Lua working. D:
  6. Longer experation dates are being made through packed meals and rations. Trying to figure out how to use lua to give more than 1 item when an item is used (i.e. when a packed meal is used, it may give 3 foods that were used to craft it)
  7. wow, out of all the desserts i had planned, brownies never occurred to me, These are great suggestions. as of build 31.2, french fries are already in the game, so yeah, happy meals are planned xD Ketchup and Mustard are also in game and i think meat patties are the ground beef equivalent. really liking the idea of Enchiladas, brownies and Quesadilla though i'll work on adding these when my next test is over (this coming friday)
  8. sorr, last 2 days i've been busy outside of home.... now spring break has ended which means back to labs ;__;
  9. THANKS MAN!!!! re-uploading a link with distribution values rebalanced to the intended values.
  10. Download of mod is available now, but mod needs some heaving fixing (which is why im releasing it now).
  11. some of these i didnt know were usable, like AlwaysWelcomeGift (need to get this implemented in my code) EnduranceChange (what exactly does this apply to?) AlcoholPower = 1 (HOLY CRAP i didnt know this was a thing!!! need to use) PoisonPower = 40 (didnt know this was a thing, should prob use this in conjunction with spicy foods) UseForPoison = 15, (I don't know what this does) EvolvedRecipe (i know how to use this, but since i've coded my items in a way to where some pieces are universal (such as batter and sandwhich fillings, i wont need this) PoisonDetectionLevel (i've seen this somewhere before, i think it may come in handy when NPCs are enabled) >:3 ReplaceOnUse = base.item (is the base.item part specifically needed? i know pre build 30 you just have the item tag alone to spawn it on use) So, this is pretty much what the first 40 items i have looks like: -- [ Script File]module Extended_Foods { imports { Base }item TasteyHamSandwich { HungerChange = -95, Type = Food, DisplayName = Ham Sandwich, IsCookable = FALSE, DaysTotallyRotten = 4, UnhappyChange = 35, FatigueChange = -5, StressChange = -3.0, Icon = Item_EFM_BLANK.png, DaysFresh = 2, } recipe Make Ham Sandwich { BreadSlices=2/Sandwich, HamSlices, SandwichFilling, Result:TasteyHamSandwich, Time:20.0, } recipe Make Ham Sandwich { HamSandwich, SandwichFilling, Result:TasteyHamSandwich, Time:20.0, }}-- [ LUA File ]require "Items/SuburbsDistributions";require "Items/Extended_Foods";require "Items/Extended_Foods_Medical";Extended_Foods = {}Extended_Foods.version = "1.0";Extended_Foods.author = "lance789";Extended_Foods.modName = "Extended Foods Mod";-- Tastey Ham Sandwichtable.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["stove"].items, "Base.TasteyHamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["stove"].items, 2);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["fridge"].items, "Base.HamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["fridge"].items, 1.0); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["grocery"]["counter"].items, "Base.TasteyHamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["grocery"]["counter"].items, 0.1);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["spiffoskitchen"]["counter"].items, "Base.TasteyHamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["spiffoskitchen"]["counter"].items, 0.5);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["kitchen_crepe"]["counter"].items, "Base.TasteyHamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["kitchen_crepe"]["counter"].items, 0.4);Events.OnGameBoot.Add(Extended_Foods.init);so this looks about right?
  12. forgot to mention, i remember seeing somewhere where functions like getStress() and changeStress() were among a list of all functions in game. is there anyway to alter the values of these functions without having them be permanent? like for example, using hot drink to push back the time required for sleep to be necessary?
  13. thank you very much, your code is exactly what i was trying to do!
  14. How do i distributed items to home refrigerators? Is it something like this: -- Ham Sandwichtable.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["stove"].items, "Base.HamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["stove"].items, 5.5);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["grocery"]["counter"].items, "Base.HamSandwich");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["grocery"]["counter"].items, 0.2);what do i put for home refrigerators?
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