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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Found this outside the burger place!
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Nevermind i found it! Good job on the map I'm liking this one better than the last map update!
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    can anyone point me to where to go for the country club?
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Ok hope it's soon I'm really excited for it =)
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    No new map?
  6. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    Well I won't be able to make this one but yeah my gf was a bit upset cause the time confusion!
  7. Eerie Country Beta

    Yes I cant wait for it to be on the workshop!
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Mine still says IWBUMS 38.5 =(
  9. I wanted to say thanks for uploading the new denver map on the site.Good job your the best!

  10. Thank you George Romero

    I was hoping the map would be build 38 =(
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    I was playing on this build in easy co cop and I was attacking zombies and they disappeared!
  12. Building Show Off

    What program to download if you just want to make bulidings?
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Will you guys be adding horns?
  14. Red Shore Island (PZ Map)

    Good luck on the map! Seeks like a big task.
  15. Very cool I'll be looking forward to this .Walmart will have everyhing you need one building =)