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  1. Playing coop with the lady and its showing the zombie invisble on my end when i kill them and it isnt for her im the host.
  2. Two problems I'm having when i try to do multiplayer through steam it crashes.And in single player it spawns no vehicles what so ever.
  3. Nevermind i found it! Good job on the map I'm liking this one better than the last map update!
  4. can anyone point me to where to go for the country club?
  5. Ok hope it's soon I'm really excited for it =)
  6. Well I won't be able to make this one but yeah my gf was a bit upset cause the time confusion!
  7. Yes I cant wait for it to be on the workshop!
  8. I wanted to say thanks for uploading the new denver map on the site.Good job your the best!

  9. I was hoping the map would be build 38 =(
  10. I was playing on this build in easy co cop and I was attacking zombies and they disappeared!
  11. What program to download if you just want to make bulidings?
  12. Good luck on the map! Seeks like a big task.
  13. Me and my girlfriend are a little over 2 hours away from there we mentioned going up there a road trip just for fun.Very cool pics!
  14. Very cool I'll be looking forward to this .Walmart will have everyhing you need one building =)
  15. Will you be updating new denver map anytime soon?
  16. OnceYouKillACow


    RJ I would like to suggest a even more rare items and food for experienced players!
  17. I'm hoping today for mondoid they release the car testing branch =) I'm so excited for it!
  18. When this week will be able to test the cars out?
  19. any idea when you will upload it on steam?
  20. do you have an estimated time this will be uploaded on to steam?
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