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  1. Broken stairs http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.4936651531269522,0.3327584217732223,128 climbing stairs you fall outside the building with a broken leg/foot clean install from Steam 3-4 days ago
  2. honestly .. this doesn't even have to generate a story that makes a huge amount of logical sense either ... just the fact that it created some sort of story based vaguely on what you did would be incredibly awesome if there are already player action tags you could use it would significantly reduce the workload a lot of the work is going to be creative, writing the "story snippets" that the code would piece together some of these tags have to already exist ... the game keeps track of how many zombies you killed and how many hours you lived but it doesn't track that you always remembered to pu
  3. regardless of what said activity is ... I love the idea of adding more activities that people WOULD do while panicked ... especially when said things would just get them killed there are fewer things more entertaining than allowing players to actually do all the stupid things that we think up the only thing better ... is being the guy that saw it .. not the guy that did it ... lol
  4. I had a lot to say about Hydro plants .... but it would just feed the trolls .. so I won't more importantly Muldraugh, KY has a Natural Gas plant Muldraugh Compressor Station which is actually well within the map area already created .... this would make a very fun PvP location to fight over .... that's not to say it would run forever ... but there would certainly be tools and parts on-hand to keep it going for a while
  5. OMG that would be the most awesome thing ..... a dog whose owner is a zombie ... dog doesn't want to leave his master ... but won't let him get too close either ... or maybe the zombie still recognizes his faithful companion ... you come around the corner and find the two of them sharing a fresh corpse ...
  6. I'm not sure I'm in with the idea of random injuries .... however .. here's what I do like ... Task Failure while Tired / Exhausted if you're too tired to be doing work .... it's very reasonably that you may fail to accomplish the task you were working on then you have to start over .... maybe you accidentally destroyed some crafting components
  7. I tend to keep the same game and just start new characters in the same world .... I had a giant fort mostly built around Twiggy's Bar, but had died and was just restarting .... made a female who was Lucky, Resilient, and Tough .... >snort< .. yah that worked out ... so with Sandbox set to Starter Pack .. AND >Lucky< .. I start with no water, no food, no weapon, no backpack, not even a shirt ... all I've got is pants and shoes in a fancy 2 story house that has nothing in it but books, and nails and a single orange in the fridge (ignoring the dead rotten rat and other rotten food) .
  8. am I the only one that uses log walls for everything ...... cause zed's not clawing his way through the whole tree
  9. I've been doing some of this already .... in the early game while water services are still on I fill anything I can find in every building I go to, cooking pots first ... and generally just leave the potted water there .. especially since I tend to play several characters through the same map instance ... so many of them start life with no water or electricity services at all
  10. I think .. building ... a cast iron wood burning stove is a bit beyond the scope of the game .... as I believe it is not truely intended for players to live more than at most a few months .... players will ... I don't think there has ever been a game where players didn't vastly exceed what developers expected .... but the requirements to liquefy enough iron to make a decent stove are vast I was pointing out there are several cast iron stoves visible already in various vanilla game buildings ... and it woud be awesome to be able to use them ... as for them "needing a con" .... well as oppos
  11. It would be calming when you're panicked, allieviate boredom.... if zombies walked through your pond maybe the water could get polluted and kill all the fish ... you could feed your fish worms, maybe even right-click on them and give them names ... this could be a great mini-game for people that have built the perfect base and have little to do except wait to die of ennui ..
  12. have had this mod on my 30.12 game for a while now .... unable to verify that rainparkas are spawning .. have never seen one ... have cleaned out 2 clothing stores, a sporting goods store and approx 300 zed .... still looking
  13. ok ... so you know those satellite dish looking neck rings the vet puts on cats after surgery ..... first you knock Zed down ..... then you quickly strap on a "safety collar" and maybe some industrial mittens ... then it's back inside and up to the safe balcony / viewing area of your safehouse with a bottle or whiskey or wine (your preference) open up the instant popcorn and enjoy the evenings entertainment !! or maybe you're a sports person ... a football helmet, some boxing gloves, a fresh skull from the newly deceaced ... and you've got a game! ... a little recruiting a lot more equipment
  14. Yeah .. it's interesting how we accidentally populate areas with new species all the time. A little over a decade ago here, a pet store had some sort of accident. I think they might have been moving the whole store to a new location ... I don't remember the specifics. However a large enough group of bright green parakeets escaped that we now have a stable population living along the river downtown. Popular pets and escape artists, snakes are a common "exotic" pet, especially constrictors. Snake eggs is something I can't believe didn't occur to me originally. Would also be interesting to add
  15. I see in some of the small cabins what looks like cast-iron wood burning stoves. I've not been able to get them to function as a wood burning stove however. Are they just cool looking normal stoves, or am I doing something wrong? ... and if they're just pretty normal stoves will they ever be altered to be actual wood burning stoves? That would make the cabins out in the woods much more awesome. Especially if they actually heated the cabin as well. A nice stove warmed winter cabin out in the woods amongst the trees and the snow.
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