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  1. Hey, guys! I wanted to apologize for being less available to respond to questions and feedback lately. Things IRL have been busy and stressful lately and I've been using what little time I have to myself to relax and decompress. I am going to be doing some updates to RKF in the future but I haven't had as much time as usual to work on it as diligently right now as I have in the past. Once things calm down some I'll do my best to update RKF to comparability with IWBUMS Build 29. I'll make a spoiler below with a quick summary of my latest adventures, lol. Those of you who remember me tal
  2. If dogs ever do get added to the game, I will likely be dying even more quickly than I do already... I love animals. I've always said (and sadly I'm not exaggerating or trying to be humorous) that if I saw a man and a dog in the middle of a street with a semi-truck barreling down on them I wouldn't even have to think about my course of action. I'd dive in front of the truck in a second to push the dog to safety even if that meant near certain death for me thereafter. The human is on is own. You see, unlike a person, animals (especially pets) never judge you, never gossip about you behin
  3. I have plenty of ideas for new additions for the future. Most of my currently unimplimented concepts are held back by lack of programming knowledge/skill (I started RKF with what I would consider to barely be called "Novice" level of Javascript and I hadn't even heard of Lua. I'm still learning through improvisation, trial-and-error, and a lot of persistance) or lack of contemporary access to specific core methods (which Indie Stone regularly changes if enough interest from the mod community is shown for a specific type of action: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/567-lua-reque
  4. *Updated: Missed an experimental script change I was playing with in testing that made the Stevens Model 512 inoperable in v2.25. Hotfixed to v2.26! Sorry about that!
  5. At the moment I don't think this mod's working correctly. As has been mentioned it creates a winter environment no matter which month of the year it is. That could be fine though if you just set your game to start in a month where it snows though. I don't know about the rest of the features though, ie whether damage is added over time or flora grows, as I haven't had the mod installed long enough for these to take effect because that bug. With a bit of knowledge regarding Lua, you can actually find the variable that controls the starting month in the current release and set it to whatev
  6. *Updated to v2.25! Includes bug fixes, a new constructable, and an entirely reworked pack of sound effects created in collaberation with FLAKT! Well, honestly, if I'm understanding you correctly (meaning you only installed files to the C:/Users/%YOUR NAME%/Zomboid/mods directory and not any to the Steam directory) then you've done everything exactly as instructed. I do have some news that may pertain to your issue however. As I was finishing testing this mini-release on one occassion I stopped at a sink to fill my water containers but apparently walked away before the progress bar co
  7. I'm still not entirely sure why this behavior is occuring for some individuals. I'll keep looking for possible reasons and solutions in the meantime. Rest assured I'll post information regarding what I've found as soon as I discover something. Electrical tape should work much like duct tape in that both can be used to repair damaged items. The branch and algae are replacements for occassionally fishing up socks and shoes when a water area runs out of fish temporarily. I felt the "fishing up old shoes" gag, while classic, didn't quite fit the rest of the game's tendency to lean toward
  8. Yes this works with RKFmod just fine! In fact, I use the two together when I play sandbox games myself. I don't currently have any plans to integrate this into RKFmod fully. My last mod integration (my modified variant of RoboMat's Lockpicking Mod) has received some mixed reviews from players and I figure its easy enough for those who would enjoy both mods to simply download them seperately for now.
  9. Hmmm, I had another player recent report that they were experiencing some some strange errors with RKF when running it on a multiplayer server. To be honest, I don't know enough about PZ's multiplayer systems to offer proper advice at this time and I'm not entirely sure why some users would experience instability in these instances. I'll try to do some research on possible causes and get back to you as soon as I can find more information. My apologies for the inconvenience!
  10. Rofl, no I didn't touch the spawn rate of mice and rats. I literally laughed out loud reading this though (especially the part about if I did it to better reflect life in Kentucky). I'm afraid that's likely just the Random Number Generator triggering a positive value to spawn them frequently on your current playthrough. Thanks for making my day and bringing a smile to my face!
  11. Of course! Feel free to PM me anytime. Most of the sound effects I acquired for use in RKFmod are low quality samples from various repositories that I did some filtering and quality upscaling on using Adobe Audition. I'm little more than a novice when it comes to sound design/mixing/balancing/etc. but I enjoy the challenge of learning something new. It would be great to see the work of someone more experienced than I and I'd love if you could give me a few tips in the process!
  12. I don't know any "Vampyrelord," but I hear this guy on the Indie Stone forums named VamyreLord just wants someone to hold him after the tragic accident that took his face... What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  13. That particular error is due to an item spawning in a container (and subsequently attempting to add a weapon addonto itself) but not finding a table listing for the weapon addon. Usually this means I mispelled a varable when making changes/additions but, after checking the script again, I don't see any error in the code this time. Also, all the icons should show up for you if you installed the mod correctly and remembered to close then reopen your client before loading a game. Can you give me some more information as to what version of PZ you're using, version of RKFmod, where you installed
  14. One of my favorites that I like to listen to sometimes when I'm concentrating or simply quietly reflecting:
  15. It should but I haven't updated it directly in a little while now. I know the integrated version of it included in RKFmod works in Build 28 but I'll go back and recheck everything on this one just to be sure. * Edit: Everything looks like compatible for use in Build 28 but I went ahead and added the updates I made to the script when I integrated it with RKFmod just for consistency's sake.
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