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Found 16 results

  1. *Thanks to a generous offer of time and assistance from fellow forum-goer, LaDestitute, the last of the bugs have been worked out of this mod and I can now release it!* Rain Parka Mod Rain Parka Mod spawns custom rain parkas across the game world in all the available colors shirts can spawn as. The parkas *are wearable* and will replace your current vest, blouse, or sweater when worn. You will reach wetness level "Damp" when wearing a parka (they don't cover your whole body) but should not progress any past that as long as they are equipped to your torso slot. Thanks again to Suo
  2. By Pravus Hey guys! Here is my new mod package Realistic Kentucky Firearms! I personally live in Kentucky and have been to the real Muldraugh so I obviously love that Project Zomboid is set in Kentucky! While playing one evening I had the idea to make a mod that made PZ's Kentucky feel a bit more like home and this is the result. FEATURES The standard pistol, rifles, and shotgun (as well as their ammunition) have been removed from spawning in the game. In there place are the following new firearms, modeled after guns I know are commonly owned by my own family, friends, and neighbors:
  3. *** More than 140 new food items and dishes *** *** More than 120 Unique New Recipes *** *** The most comprehensive Food Mod thus far *** *** Merges the amazing work by Kinyoshi and Shivster with Community suggested and new items and recipes *** *** Simplified but believable recipes (No 5-step, 10 item recipes with exotic, single-use ingredients) *** *** All recipes organized into themed modules - You choose what you want to use [in final release]*** *** Disable or Enable any module without having to start a new save game [in final release]*** This Mod is currently in Open Beta and has b
  4. Project Gutenboid Mod My second mod will show some love to the bibliophiles. Preview (Or How It Will Work In Theory)
  5. So this server has actually grown more then i thought it would, i can now hold 24 people. If you're looking for a good community to start RPing on, this is a good place to start. We have a great community and don't mind helping people out. Join the IP below and come have a good time
  6. I was playing around with the script in my "Trapping Books Mod" (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/9471-trapping-books-mod/) and I managed to throw together some new skill books for fun. For those who want to progress through their skill ranks faster or just want a larger library of collectable books: Additional Skill Books Mod New skill books have been created spanning from Beginner to Master for: TrappingAimingReloadingBladeBlunt They have all been added to the usual skill book spawn locations and should appear just like the vanilla skill books of the same level and
  7. Startsafe - Start Easy, Start safe So, what is this anyway? This simple mod allows you to spawn in a number of starting materials to make your early game easier. Each starter pack includes: A Fire Axe2 Packs of CrispsA piece of Beef JerkeyA sawA box of nails5 bandagesA bottle of vitamins Wait, isn't there already another mod that does this? Yes, there is. However, it hasn't been updated since October of last year, and no longer works with the current build. As mods go, this is about as basic as it gets. As of the present build(28) this mod still works fine. So, how do i use this?
  8. So I've been working (and mostly have working) doors that you can be 'latched' or locked from the inside. The major caveat is that they only work on building boundaries (much the same way current default locked doors work.) I'm also expanding it to allow for locking doors that can be locked/opened from the outside using keys. That's very much so WIP. The way I plan it to work is that keys will spawn in residential buildings (which works but needs loot balancing) and then the player will be able to knock out the building's doors for the doorknobs that those keys will work on. Keys will only
  9. ZimTown's Meat Curing Mod Vs 0.0.3 For Build 28 Hi guys my name is Zim or ZimTown if you like and this is my first mod for PZ and I would like to say yes there are mods that have similar functionality to this mod out there but from what I can see they weren't up to date so I decided to make my own version because my friends and I are having a lot of trouble with food spoiling. Also because I want to mod for PZ and a need for my self is a great place to start Current Features: It gives you the ability to salt and cure most of the meats in the vanilla game.Planned Features: more recipiesX
  10. Hello folks, This is part of the upcoming update (build 28), well, I don't ever say "no ETA" because I'm 100% sure someone will ask AND PLEASE, WE'RE AWARE SOME OF YOU WANT ASSAULT RIFLE, IT'S NOT FOR NOW, NO NEED TO ASK ! - Lovely Dev. TL;DR : A good Aiming skill will now be required for weapons, shotgun is great for begginers, not pistol, also a new weapons and weapons modifications. [Changes on Weapons] The ranged weapon have receive a bunch of fixes/changes, I tried to stick to the reality, even if I never fired a gun.. Meh. First thing, bullets don't really pierce zombies now,
  11. !! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !! Hello there, just wanted to show off the first mod I'm working on: The Bookshop Adds various books to PZ, some with learning skills. In the WIP version you can press "B" to spawn all books in your inventory. Available books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Life the Universe and Everything So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Mostly Harmless And Another Thing...Various: Programming in Lua Second Edition Brave New World Roadside Picnic Cunninghams
  12. Craftable Molotov Cocktails by Giulianosse Molotov cocktails is a craftable weapon that was disabled in Build 26 for unknown reasons. This little mod simply re-adds the previously disabled recipe. In order to craft one, you'll need a gas can, empty whiskey bottle and a bandage. Equip the molotov in your primary slot and a lighter in the secondary slot. Works with Build 27 and the current Build 28 "IWBUMS" branch To install: Copy/Paste the main folder into the PZomboid mod directory (C:/Users/"NAME"/Zomboid/mods) Download link 1 (PZNexus) Download link 2 (PZ-mods) |ATTENTION|
  13. Hi, since the IWBUMS i get an error on the server's console and that error don't let me type on the console. One of the updates from the build 28 is that you can use the server's console to use admin commans, but i can't. The error is this: And my server bat is this I use de jre instead of jre64 because a friend who play with us, use the 32 bit version and can't join if i use the jre64 (in the jre64 happens the same error btw) Thanks for your time PD: I can play normaly in the server and my friends too but is a little annoy this error PD: Srry for my bad english
  14. Sweet and simple. This mod doesn't add any new guns. It simply takes the generic pistol, shotgun, sawn-off shotgun, hunting rifle, and varmint rifle and gives them real firearms names. They're the following: Beretta M9 Remington 870 12ga. Sawn-off Remington 870 12ga. Remington 700 .308 Remington 700 .233 Not that I'm in love with Remington firearms but that's actually what the devs based their guns off. Looking through the items script file, you can see the pistol was based off the Beretta 9mm handgun. In the forums they actually talked about the rifles being based off the Remington 700. A
  15. kerbholz

    Hot drinks

    !! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !! Inspired by the "Coffee suggestion" by CaptKaspar I'm trying my luck with a new mod "Hot Drinks" Hot Drinks adds recipes for a Cup of Tea and a Cup of Coffee and adding sugar/milk to those. New items: Cup of TeaCup of Tea with SugarCup of Tea with MilkCup of Tea with Sugar and MilkCup of CoffeeCup of Coffee with SugarCup of Coffee with MilkCup of Coffee with Sugar and MilkNew recipes: Make Cup of TeaAdd Sugar to TeaAdd Sugar to Tea with MilkAdd Milk to TeaAdd Milk to Tea with SugarMake Cup of CoffeeAdd Sugar to CoffeeAdd Sugar to Coffee wi
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