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Found 16 results

  1. *Thanks to a generous offer of time and assistance from fellow forum-goer, LaDestitute, the last of the bugs have been worked out of this mod and I can now release it!* Rain Parka Mod Rain Parka Mod spawns custom rain parkas across the game world in all the available colors shirts can spawn as. The parkas *are wearable* and will replace your current vest, blouse, or sweater when worn. You will reach wetness level "Damp" when wearing a parka (they don't cover your whole body) but should not progress any past that as long as they are equipped to your torso slot. Thanks again to Suomiboi for letting me use his script as a basis for this mod! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tpb714w5d7vrgl6/RainParkaMod.rar *Updated to v1.1: Cleaned the code a bit and increased rarity for balance*
  2. By Pravus Hey guys! Here is my new mod package Realistic Kentucky Firearms! I personally live in Kentucky and have been to the real Muldraugh so I obviously love that Project Zomboid is set in Kentucky! While playing one evening I had the idea to make a mod that made PZ's Kentucky feel a bit more like home and this is the result. FEATURES The standard pistol, rifles, and shotgun (as well as their ammunition) have been removed from spawning in the game. In there place are the following new firearms, modeled after guns I know are commonly owned by my own family, friends, and neighbors: H&R Model 999 .22 LR RevolverRuger MKII .22 LR automaticWalther P22 .22 LR automaticS&W Model 39-2 9mm automaticBrowning Hi Power 9mm automaticGlock G17 9mm automaticTaurus Model 82 .38 Special RevolverS&W Model 637 .38 Special RevolverGlock 31 .357 SIG automaticColt Python .357 Magnum RevolverTaurus Model 608 .357 Magnum RevolverGlock 22 .40 S&W automaticHi-Point .40 S&W automaticSIG Sauer P226 .40 S&W automaticTaurus Model 444 Raging Bull .44 Magnum RevolverKimber 1911 .45 automaticHi-Point JHP .45 automaticRuger 10/22 RifleMarlin Model 795 .22 LR RifleSavage Mark II F .22 LR RifleBushmaster Carbon 15 .223 RifleSIG Sauer M400 .223 RifleColt AR15-A3 .223 RifleRuger Mini-14 .223 RifleMarlin Model 336W .30-30 RifleWeatherby Vanguard .30-06 RifleWinchester Model 70 .30-06 RifleRemington Model 770 .308 RifleNorinco SKS 7.62x39mm RifleYugoslavian Model 59/66 SKS 7.62x39mm RifleMossberg 500 JIC 12 GaugeIthica Model 37 12 GaugeBrowning BPS 12 GaugeH&R Tracker II 20 GaugeMossberg 505 Bantam 20 GaugeStevens Model 512 .410 Boreand more! Weapon Modifications are now available: -slings -adjustable stocks -scopes -high visibility sights -laser sights -shotgun chokes plenty more to discover! * Different firearm makes and models have different sized magazines/capacity compared to others of the same calibre * * All shotguns (with the exception of the Mossberg 500 JIC) can be sawn off * * 12 gauge shotguns fire buckshot while 20 gauge and 410 shoot birdshot. Birdshot will fire more projectiles but with less damage per hit than buckshot. * Miscellaneous Additions Include: * Zombies no longer carry firearms/ammunition in their inventories (Kentuckians don't usually walk around armed to the teeth, lol) * * Firearms can be repaired by using Bore Brush Sets, Gun Oil, or Gunsmith Kits. Each has a different rarity and amount of uses before they are used up. * Also, since most adult males I know who live in Kentucky carry a pocket knife (we take it for granted but almost everyone traditionally has one on them everywhere they go) for general tool use or protection, male zombies have a high chance to drop two new types of knife! The more common of the two is a standard Pocket Knife. It's damage and durability aren't great but it'll do in a pinch! The less common drop is a Lockblade Knife. Not as good as a hunting knife but its better than rotating through broken kitchen knives! Multitools can sometimes be found (if you're lucky) at hardware shops or department stores. They can function as a weak knife, can opener, and screwdriver in one! Bags of Charcoal have been added to spawn lists and contain "Charcoal Briquettes," a new fuel for grills. Firesteel and Magnesium Bar sets can be found as a rare spawn. Using a context menu on the item itself, you can produce "Magnesium Shavings" (a fire starting agent) then light a fire by sparking the firesteel to ignite the shavings! Using a knife on a wooden stick produces a "tinder bundle." These can be used in conjunction with lighters, matches, or firesteel to light a fire. **NEW**EXTENDED CARPENTRY SKILL: Now when carrying either a screwdriver or multitool you will gain access to a new carpentry skill based menu labeled, "Construct." Construction recipes mostly revolve around assembling things from screws and a few new, limited resources (ie. - "sheetmetal," "cinderblocks," etc.) Just like carpentry with a hammer, once adequate skill level, proper materials, and a tool capable of displaying the menu are obtained you can click a recipe to place your new construction in the world.Rain Parkas can occassionally be discovered. When worn in your torso slot (it *will* replace your current shirt, this is a Project Zomboid code limitation) it will protect you from progressing past "Damp" status when out in the rain! Even more rare are Ballistic Jerseys. These jackets are typically worn by motocross riders and have hardened plates integrated throughout their construction to provide impact protection. They won't do much good against a knife or a bullet but zombies occassionally have a hard time chewing through them... RoboMat's Lockpicking Mod has been integrated into RKF, but I've done some tinkering: Bobby pins are practically an anachronism in this day and age so they have been removed entirely.To replace lockpicking with bobby pins, you can now perform "lock bumping" (a more modern breaking and entering approach that requires less skill to learn and perform) once you acquire the correct equipment.In certain locations you can now occassionally find "blank keys" and "metal files." Once you have one of each you can file a "bump key."Keep the bump key in your inventory and you will get the option to "bump locks" when you encounter locked doors from then on!Occassionally a zombie may die with the shredded remains of the "bug out bag" they were carrying to survive before they died (the first time) still hanging off their back. Its unfortunate that these poor souls didn't make it but, if you're lucky, maybe some of their supplies did... Preppers who were killed in the first waves of the zombie apocalypse before making their way home to gear up may have left some decent gear up for grabs but don't expect to stumble upon such treasures frequently. *Note: due to changes in the PZ client's firearms coding, RKFmod currently requires Build 28 or higher to use* - updated to v2.26 - Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2pyasvbfftfvjdf/RKFmod.rar Download APOCALYPSE EDITION: *see post below for explanation* http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ilcoa19rim0cc7/RKFmodAE.rar MAKE SURE TO RESTART YOUR CLIENT AFTER ACTIVATING RKFMOD FOR THE FIRST TIME OR PZ WILL NOT PROPERLY LOAD THE CUSTOM ARTWORK UNTIL THE CLIENT HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN AND REOPENED WITH THE MOD ACTIVATED! MAY REQUIRE STARTING A NEW SAVE IN ORDER FOR ALL ADDITIONS/CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT PROPERLY! Hope you all enjoy the experience! Feel free to leave comments, questions, and/or feedback in this thread! *** BIG THANKS TO RoboMat, Stormy, FLAKT, and NCrawler! Particularly RoboMat, for giving me permission to include my modified variant of his RMLockpicking Mod as part of my mod package, NCrawler, because your advice and distribution script were instrumental in making this mod live up to my expectations, and FLAKT for his contribution to improving the mod's sound design! *** 2.0 Version History --------------------------------- 2.0 - Initial Release Much of the mod has been nearly completely rebalanced and/or rewritten Absolute overhaul of the distribution system. Firearm spawns are now balanced with the tone of the core game experience. Probably a lot more that I can't remember (I was working on this for a couple of weeks both before and after the PZ Build 28 update so I actually can't remember all of the balance changes and upgrades I made at this point, lol). 2.01 - Minor hotfix to correct a sound error caused by a typo I made on a lua variable (whoops!) Included a few code optimizations and clean ups as well 2.02 - Randomly stumbled upon a fix for the normal and hardcore difficulty reloading issue so another quick hotfix! 2.1 - Cleaned up the Construct menu's code as well as making several new additions. They include: a wall mounted metal shelf, a metal counter, a medicine cabinet, chainlink fencing, and concrete floors! Fixed distribution error preventing loose firearm addons from spawning in the gun store. Repaired the audio file for loading revolvers (there was a delay in the sound playing) and fixed the broken icons for the extended SKS and AR magazines. Repaired error keeping campfires and tents from placing correctly. 2.11 - Repaired remaining errors in Reloading scripts. Extended Magazines should apply bonus capacity correctly and firearms shouldn't click like machine guns when dry fired now. Removed Prescription Stimulants temporarily due to client code change complications. Corrected bug in Construct system code preventing creation of constructables under particular circumstances. 2.12 - Repaired distribution bug preventing proper spawning for certain items in the gunstore (thanks smite2001 for alerting me to this!) Hotfix applied to correct error preventing recipes from working following build 28 IWBUMS latest code changes. 2.2 - Further tuned the reloading system to be more stable across all difficulties (Normal and Hardcore reloading are now highly recommended for realism and extra challenge) Temporarily disabled all extended magazine firearm add-ons until the PZ dev team can get them to properly apply to firearms and removable magazines. Lock Bumping no longer requires a screwdriver to perform (I tested this irl and was able to bump a lock successfully using only the flat of my hand) Added several new custom sound effects to player actions to heighten immersion. Multitools now spawn folded (like pocket knives) and must be unfolded to use/allow them to act as screwdrivers and can openers. 2.25- Repaired scripting error that caused wall mounted wire shelves and the medicine cabinet to only display north and west sprites (thanks to gaunti12 for alerting me to this mistake!) Completely reworked sound effects. Now all sound effects are very high quality and better match PZ's existing ambience (HUGH THANK YOU TO FLAKT FOR HIS INVALUABLE CONTRIBUTION AND ADVICE!) Fixed reloading ammunition to magazines in Normal and Hardcore reload difficulties not awarding xp. Added option to create a log pile out of uncut logs. Works as a storage container but cosmetically just looks like stacked timber. 2.26- *Hotfix* I missed an experimental change I made during testing which left the Stevens Model 512 inoperable. Fix commited! Sorry about that!
  3. *** More than 140 new food items and dishes *** *** More than 120 Unique New Recipes *** *** The most comprehensive Food Mod thus far *** *** Merges the amazing work by Kinyoshi and Shivster with Community suggested and new items and recipes *** *** Simplified but believable recipes (No 5-step, 10 item recipes with exotic, single-use ingredients) *** *** All recipes organized into themed modules - You choose what you want to use [in final release]*** *** Disable or Enable any module without having to start a new save game [in final release]*** This Mod is currently in Open Beta and has been tested up to version 23.Recipes and items should all work by now, but there are still several balancing issues.If you are participating in the Beta, please provide feedback which item spawns needto be addressed or what new recipes an/or items you would like to see added.What's in CCCP?: New Recipes: BBQ: Bread and Sandwiches: Breakfast: Clean Dishes: Dried Food: Drinks: Jarred Fruit: Jelly: Jerky: Misc: Pasta and Pizza: Pickled Vegetables: Potato Flour: Rice and Soup: Sweets: Install: FAQ: Version History: Compatibility and Known Issues: Credits: Permission:
  4. Project Gutenboid Mod My second mod will show some love to the bibliophiles. Preview (Or How It Will Work In Theory)
  5. So this server has actually grown more then i thought it would, i can now hold 24 people. If you're looking for a good community to start RPing on, this is a good place to start. We have a great community and don't mind helping people out. Join the IP below and come have a good time
  6. I was playing around with the script in my "Trapping Books Mod" (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/9471-trapping-books-mod/) and I managed to throw together some new skill books for fun. For those who want to progress through their skill ranks faster or just want a larger library of collectable books: Additional Skill Books Mod New skill books have been created spanning from Beginner to Master for: TrappingAimingReloadingBladeBlunt They have all been added to the usual skill book spawn locations and should appear just like the vanilla skill books of the same level and rarity. Enjoy! v1.3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cgfb4qfgawh8ahl/Additional+Skill+Books.rar For those of you who would like your skill books a little less bland, there is also: Alternate v1.3 with renamed skill books! http://www.mediafire.com/download/9ktye9x6rny47en/Additional+Skill+Books+%5BBooks+Renamed+Edition%5D.rar
  7. Startsafe - Start Easy, Start safe So, what is this anyway? This simple mod allows you to spawn in a number of starting materials to make your early game easier. Each starter pack includes: A Fire Axe2 Packs of CrispsA piece of Beef JerkeyA sawA box of nails5 bandagesA bottle of vitamins Wait, isn't there already another mod that does this? Yes, there is. However, it hasn't been updated since October of last year, and no longer works with the current build. As mods go, this is about as basic as it gets. As of the present build(28) this mod still works fine. So, how do i use this? Enable the mod, load up the game and press insert. Done! Isn't this cheating? Yes, and no. I've used getModData to make sure this event can only be fired once per player, per world. I've found Axes to be next to impossible in the game to get, which is funny considering how common they actually are. Why don't you add a "weak durability" axe, just to get you through the early game? I've considered this solution, but I don't really want to add the item right yet. If there's interest, I'll add it, but hey, for now - free normal axe! No hammer? Yeah, you'll have to get that one on your own. They're common enough. Your code is terrible! Yeah... I don't like Lua. I'm primarily a PHP programmer, so the structure and syntax kinda bugs me. If you have any suggestions to improve this, I'd love to hear it. Installation: Unzip and drop into 'c:\users\YOURUSER\zombiod\mods'. Issues: I am unable to test this mod in a multiplayer environment. BE WARNED - I DO NOT KNOW HOW OR EVEN IF IT WILL FUNCTION IN MULTIPLAYER Startsafe.zip
  8. So I've been working (and mostly have working) doors that you can be 'latched' or locked from the inside. The major caveat is that they only work on building boundaries (much the same way current default locked doors work.) I'm also expanding it to allow for locking doors that can be locked/opened from the outside using keys. That's very much so WIP. The way I plan it to work is that keys will spawn in residential buildings (which works but needs loot balancing) and then the player will be able to knock out the building's doors for the doorknobs that those keys will work on. Keys will only work with doorknobs scavenged from the same building that they came from. I feel like this gives a good reason to go out and loot more interesting things rather then sit in place in base and craft up. And it's realistic. I'm not sure if I'll put a visual indicator or not for keys/doorknobs or if players will just have to guess what matches just like you have to in real life. I'm open to ideas there. If you want to see how I've done things or give what I currently have a spin you can find the code here: After getting keyed doors working well I might move on to trying locking containers. I dunno.
  9. ZimTown's Meat Curing Mod Vs 0.0.3 For Build 28 Hi guys my name is Zim or ZimTown if you like and this is my first mod for PZ and I would like to say yes there are mods that have similar functionality to this mod out there but from what I can see they weren't up to date so I decided to make my own version because my friends and I are having a lot of trouble with food spoiling. Also because I want to mod for PZ and a need for my self is a great place to start Current Features: It gives you the ability to salt and cure most of the meats in the vanilla game.Planned Features: more recipiesXP given for saling/curing in the cooking skillexpendable saltsbetter spawning for the salt (needs feedback if it seems ok now)extend to drying and pickling fruits and veggiesmake requirements like drying racks ect.more unique sprites and icons (only two so far for the salt, others are PZ icons) the foods you can salt or cure are as follows, NOTE: I know little to nothing about salting and as none of the tutorials were up to date my modding ability is still limited for PZ so you can rest assured that I intend to change and update things like curing styles and recipe results as I learn more Curable Meats These recipes mostly reduce the quality of the meat slightly and make you thirsty but some have positive bonuses other than hunger reduction and A big hint is that I made jerky the best but the longest to make all the recipes require a special curing salt that you can see in the pictures below and I have done my best to add it to the loot table. Currently I know very little about spawning so I took inspiration heavily from the lock pick mod to get it to spawn so you might notice the salt in some weird places, if anyone can point me to a list of map place names for loot spawning that would be great and I would be happy to receive both constructive suggestions on the mod content and help with the coding itself. Currently the Curing Salt never runs out so if you find one your set but I intend to make it expendable once I get the loot spawning ironed out. Now I would like to give credit to (please forgive me if I get these names wrong) RoboMat, Kinyoshi and Pravus as I used varios mods of theirs to work out how to complete this mod and as such some iterations of there code are present in mine. Thank You Guys! DOWNLOAD ZimTownsCuredMeats0.0.3.zip Version 0.0.3 Change Log: Version 0.0.2 Change Log: same as other mods you just extract the .zip file into your C:/users/"yourUserName"/Zombiod/mods folder then open the game and then click the mods button from the main screen and double click my mod to activate it and restart your PZ client and your good to go. If you want it to work in multiplayer both client and server need to have the mod active, PM me if you need help settings any of this up. BEFORE YOU RUN THIS MOD BACKUP YOUR SAVES! I have tested this without problems as much as I can but I am new to modding and I am not sure what effect it will have on a current play through, In existing saves curing salt will only spawn in unexplored areas or areas marked for loot re-spawn in multiplayer. OutDated Versions:
  10. Hello folks, This is part of the upcoming update (build 28), well, I don't ever say "no ETA" because I'm 100% sure someone will ask AND PLEASE, WE'RE AWARE SOME OF YOU WANT ASSAULT RIFLE, IT'S NOT FOR NOW, NO NEED TO ASK ! - Lovely Dev. TL;DR : A good Aiming skill will now be required for weapons, shotgun is great for begginers, not pistol, also a new weapons and weapons modifications. [Changes on Weapons] The ranged weapon have receive a bunch of fixes/changes, I tried to stick to the reality, even if I never fired a gun.. Meh. First thing, bullets don't really pierce zombies now, it mean if you shoot a zombie, and there's a zombie behind him, he won't die, but he could take slight damages from rest of bullets (even being knocked back/down and turn as a crawler, yay for crawlers !). So by knowing this, you already know the shotgun has been really nerfed ! The range of weapon has been slighty nerfed too, their angle too (mostly for the pistol), that mean you'll need to be at the right place to aim for a shot ! No more 45° kill with a pistol Guns have now a critical chance (modified by aiming skill, but more on that below ), understand it as a "head shot". For example a pistol can have a great chance of critical, while the shotgun will just blow up zombie chest (in a bloody glory moment !). Weapon also have a recoil delay, meaning you can't fire like an assault rifle with the shotgun. It also mean : no more taking a 300 zombies horde with 3 shotgun shells. So by now, I'm sure you understood that the shotgun is a good weapon to start, and the pistol will be more deadly at end level, because it have more clip, small recoil, less noisy and way better range/critical chance than the shotgun [Take your time !] Second thing I've changed, is the physical aiming and panic influence over guns, you'll now need to aim for a little moment to shot really efficiency, if you run then shot, your shot will likely be far away from your target, but again, aiming skill decrease this malus. Panic ! Yes, Panic can reduce the hit chance/damage done, panic usually mean trembling hands, so it'll take a good skill to bypass that and make a true shot while you're surrounded by zombies, again, it depend on weapon, a pistol will require concentration, while a shotgun will almost always hit his target(s). Just stand still, breathe, take your time, and blow that head up. Please. [The glorious Aiming skill] While making my changes to weapon, I saw that the aiming skill barely modify the hit chance, damage and stuff, well, that's the past. Aiming skill will now influence a LOT of things ! Here's a list : Hit chance ! Like really ? It require skill to aim correctly ? Jeeze Devs nowaday...Critical chance ! Yup, it's not a FPS : "aim for head = head shot", thanksfully we're in Isometric world, so I can add a skill modifier to this (remind Fallout ? )Range ! Range is now also influenced by aiming skill, at least for the pistol.Angle ! Well ok, that may sound weird, but because we're in an Isometric world, aiming can be hard, so now, with a better aiming skill, you won't have to be at the perfect angle for a straight shot (again, specially for the pistol).Recoil time ! Well, I'm still trying to know how the great shooter can shot faster than others (maybe it's a combinaison of aiming + strength ?)It mean that you can avoid being violently murdered by a guy with a pistol if he can't really aim with him, you could try to run toward him with an axe and take him down before he got you ! (With some luck tho... ) [i'm a blue officier] Ha-ha ! You didn't know I was a cop ? Well, me neither. So, the police officier profession will now have a bonus to all this aiming, range, critical hits thingy. Basically, a cop will be able to use a pistol even at Aiming level 0. [Weapons modifications !] You love tuning ? You love weapons ? You'll LOVE Weapons Tuning ! Erm, modifications.. So yeah, modifications, they come in various type, scope, sling (or ammo belt), laser, red dot, canon extension, fiberglass stock... You'll need a screwdriver to mount/unmount them, they'll increase or decrease some stats of your weapon, for example : - x6 scope : increase your max range, increase the min raneg needed to aim (that's a bad thing, with a scope you won't be able to shoot at close distance, well, you can with some luck..), increase weight and aiming time. Those modifications will come with some luck directly mounted on the rifle, or you can fine separated parts at a gunstore. I KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ! I have superpower.. Or something, but yeah, I read your mind : You want silencer ? Well, after many researches, silencer are really rare out there in Kentucky, they are expensive and need a ton of papers/registration, so everything is done for any modders to code them, once you have the sprite you'll just need a new items, check the current weapons modifications to understand, it's really easy. But trust me, you'll have fun with those weapons modifications (if you don't.. Well, you're not a funny guy. That's not my fault ) [WAIT RJ, YOU TOLD ME THERE'S A NEW WEAPON, GIMME MY AK47] Ah. Assault Rifle ? No way. Well, not now So, let's do a little scheme of the current ranged weapon (list will be huge, be careful) : Shotgun have small range, big angle, low critical chance.Pistol have better range, small angle, big critical chance (specially at high level)....Hey, you didn't write anything on top !I'm sure we need a huge range, huge critical chance gun !ANSWER !Yeaaah, calm down, so yeah, the new weapon is :...STAPH IT !IT'S A BOLT ACTION RIFLE ! Huge distance, huge critical chance, long recoil time, small clip, so yup, it'll need a lot of practices (understand aiming skill) to masterize that gun, but I swear with it, you can take down lot of danger from a long range ! There's 2 of them, one .223 and one .308 (this one is louder, but more range/damage)Oh also, we won't have new model/animation for it now, I'll re-use the shotgun one, but I'm sure Andy will be on it soon, aye Andy ? All this text for that ? Really RJ ?[And for the future ?] I definitely (jeeze, took 4 times to write that word) want to see a bow in game, crafting weapon, silent, powerfull, arrow piercing.. And require tons of skills to be masteized Also bear in mind that all this number will be balanced (you don't know it, but Chris have a rule for my stuff : take all calculs I do and multiply them by 20, because I suck at balancing things ) I may do an explanation video of it (but be honest here, I totally suck at video recording/editing), with different weapons/aiming skill to show you the difference between a Daryl and.. Well, me for example (oh wait, I had a pistol air gun in my childhood.. I'm sure I'm a beast with weapons !) And now let's have a ton of "I want crossbow/assault rifle/insert OP gun here" post
  11. !! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !! Hello there, just wanted to show off the first mod I'm working on: The Bookshop Adds various books to PZ, some with learning skills. In the WIP version you can press "B" to spawn all books in your inventory. Available books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Life the Universe and Everything So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Mostly Harmless And Another Thing...Various: Programming in Lua Second Edition Brave New World Roadside Picnic Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Gone With the Wind The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead The Great Gatsby 1984 The Catcher in the Rye For Whom the Bell Tolls A Clockwork Orange The Futurological Congress Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Lord of the Flies The Lord of the Rings A Brief History of Time Fahrenheit 451 Slaughterhouse-Five or The Childrens Crusade The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea The War of the Worlds Todo: Next step(s) will be to add spawn rates and some more books, some adjustments to weight and tweaking BoredomChange.!! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !!
  12. Craftable Molotov Cocktails by Giulianosse Molotov cocktails is a craftable weapon that was disabled in Build 26 for unknown reasons. This little mod simply re-adds the previously disabled recipe. In order to craft one, you'll need a gas can, empty whiskey bottle and a bandage. Equip the molotov in your primary slot and a lighter in the secondary slot. Works with Build 27 and the current Build 28 "IWBUMS" branch To install: Copy/Paste the main folder into the PZomboid mod directory (C:/Users/"NAME"/Zomboid/mods) Download link 1 (PZNexus) Download link 2 (PZ-mods) |ATTENTION| I'm simply re-adding the removed recipe. The molotov item is still acquirable in the game via server commands or item spawners, however, since Build 26 you can't craft them anymore. This mod simply re-adds the recipe needed to craft it. I've made this "mod" for personal use, but I decided to upload it in case anyone else was also interested in it. I've played with it for quite some time and didn't see any serious issues. I've no idea why the developers disabled it in the first place (save corruption, bugs), so creating a backup of your save before installing this mod is highly encouraged. I am not held responsible for anything bad that happens to your game. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  13. Hi, since the IWBUMS i get an error on the server's console and that error don't let me type on the console. One of the updates from the build 28 is that you can use the server's console to use admin commans, but i can't. The error is this: And my server bat is this I use de jre instead of jre64 because a friend who play with us, use the 32 bit version and can't join if i use the jre64 (in the jre64 happens the same error btw) Thanks for your time PD: I can play normaly in the server and my friends too but is a little annoy this error PD: Srry for my bad english
  14. Sweet and simple. This mod doesn't add any new guns. It simply takes the generic pistol, shotgun, sawn-off shotgun, hunting rifle, and varmint rifle and gives them real firearms names. They're the following: Beretta M9 Remington 870 12ga. Sawn-off Remington 870 12ga. Remington 700 .308 Remington 700 .233 Not that I'm in love with Remington firearms but that's actually what the devs based their guns off. Looking through the items script file, you can see the pistol was based off the Beretta 9mm handgun. In the forums they actually talked about the rifles being based off the Remington 700. And the shotgun, well not entirely sure about this one (if anyone can clarify, I can change it). But I just went based off the fact that a standard Remington 870 (besides being very popular) holds 6 rounds, just like our PZ shotgun. And for the most part the sprite looks like an 870. I might eventually change it just so that not every gun you pick up is basically a Remington I also changed the shotgun shells to 12ga Shells So there you go, this is for those of you would like to pretty much keep the game as is just with actual, non-generic firearm names. I figured since the other firearms mods add a whole arsenal of firearms, this would be a nice little treat for anyone looking to not stride off too far from what the devs. are doing with the game. DOWNLOAD >>HERE<<
  15. kerbholz

    Hot drinks

    !! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !! Inspired by the "Coffee suggestion" by CaptKaspar I'm trying my luck with a new mod "Hot Drinks" Hot Drinks adds recipes for a Cup of Tea and a Cup of Coffee and adding sugar/milk to those. New items: Cup of TeaCup of Tea with SugarCup of Tea with MilkCup of Tea with Sugar and MilkCup of CoffeeCup of Coffee with SugarCup of Coffee with MilkCup of Coffee with Sugar and MilkNew recipes: Make Cup of TeaAdd Sugar to TeaAdd Sugar to Tea with MilkAdd Milk to TeaAdd Milk to Tea with SugarMake Cup of CoffeeAdd Sugar to CoffeeAdd Sugar to Coffee with MilkAdd Milk to CoffeeAdd Milk to Coffee with Sugar !! THIS MOD IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED/AVAILABLE !!
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