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  1. Great Idea. Thing that should be kept in mind is that some chemical industries upstream of river might spillway with some deadly chemicals. Especially in a case of zombie apocalypse when these industries not controlled by human.
  2. I also use log wall. It takes some time to build but looks great and solid. I don't say about magic upgrade. You should take some materials, maybe new tools and do a hard work. Build a 'Monolith' house as well as 'Monolith' anything is a bad idea because lifetime of such item is limited by a lifetime of shortliving parts. Will you build new house once one of your floor plank break? Ofcource not. You'll take a hammer, nails and a new plank and replace broken one. If you are skilled in carpentry then you could improve it and make your floor much better. It's not a rocket engine. It's just
  3. The main idea is to reduce number of clicks you need to do, not to reduce tools runout. That's why I mentioned that such operation should not be free. It also should take some time and tools should lose some hp.
  4. Hi all Just reached lvl 4 in carpentry and noticed that things to build look much better than the same things on carpentry lvl 2. So, I just thought: Why do I need to destroy furniture an build it again(Double work!) when I'm so skilled in carpentry? I just want it to look better! Here is my suggestion: Add, please, an option to, lets say, "Renew" furniture, crates and wall sprites when your carpentery level allows it. For e.g. in a half cost rounded. For example Crate cost 1 nail and 1 wooden plank. Nails and planks are indivisible, so 0.5 nail and 0.5 plank should be rounded to 1 and 1
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